The Railway Man(2013)

Dir.:Jonathan Teplitzky Eric Lomax( Colin Firth) loves trains.He knows the timetables of trains in England verbatim.If you have missed your train he can guide you faster than Google and in any case in 1980 there was no Google.One day he… Read More ›

My Mandela

It was October 1990.Still hot and muggy in Kolkata even at 9 am in the morning.Perhaps it was a holiday or I would have been in school.I was exactly 14 years old then.My house was on the way to the… Read More ›

Pacific Rim (2013)

Dir.:Guillermo del Toro Guillermo del Toro does things his own way, takes his own risks and dreams his own dreams.Sometimes the result can be an all time great film like Pan’s Labyrinth and sometimes it can be as clunky and… Read More ›

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Dir.:J.J.Abrams JJ Abrams had wisely declined to direct this film initially, having delivered a critically acclaimed blockbuster reboot of the hallowed franchise in 2009.He however relented and we have on our hands another edition of the series which already appears… Read More ›