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They are not playing Funny Games!

Funny Games(1997)

Dir.: Micheal Haneke Funny Games is the most horrifying film I have seen.There is nothing funny about it.When it was made it angered a lot of people.Some thought it was a cheap gimmick , others took it as a personal… Read More ›

Enlightenment about oneself is tough to come by!

Venus in Fur(2013)

Dir.:Roman Polanski Closing film – Cannes Film Festival Compared to Venus in Fur, Polaski’s own life is far more dramatic.In fact if he faithfully filmed his own autobiography the audience may balk at the madness of his existence.His long pending… Read More ›

Heaven and Earth!

Elysium (2013)

Dir.:Niel Blomkamp Elysium looks like a pretty straight forward action sci fi caper in which Matt “Jason Bourne” Damon realizes the dream of an egalitarian society, fitted out in an exo-skeleton.But hold on, why did I think I was watching… Read More ›

An innocent but uncomfortable walk.

The Hunt (Denmark,2012)

Dir.:Thomas Vinterberg There is a lot of evil in the world and nothing gets people more upset and mad than sexual abuse of children.Capturing the Friedmans, a 2003 documentary by Andrew Jarecki was a film which looked at a well… Read More ›

The Wolfpack

Hangover Part III (2013)

Dir.:Todd Phillips They should have left the Wolfpack alone! But they did not and we have this positive spoiler of an outrageously funny first film. Everybody is a victim here, the cast, the director and most of all the audience.But… Read More ›

Francisco Goya's Witches in Air, 1798 Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

Trance (2013)

Dir.:Danny Boyle Rembrandt’s Sea of Galilee, Caravaggio’s Nativity, Vermeer’s The Concert,Modigliani’s Woman with a Fan.What do these famous paintings have in common? They were all stolen and are out of sight but their beauty is still with us and fans… Read More ›

The manic Mandarin.

Iron Man 3

Dir.:Shane Black Tony Stark is the kind of billionaire inventor playboy genius that must make Richard Branson and Larry Ellison feel like under achievers or worse-downright wimpish. “I’m Tony Stark. I build neat stuff, got a great girl, and occasionally… Read More ›


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