movie review

The Sessions(2012)

The Sessions Dir:Ben Lewin Mark O’Brien (John Hawkes) is completely paralyzed, his body was afflicted by severe  polio at a young age and he lives inside an iron lung that helps him breathe.However, he retains all his five senses, and… Read More ›

Cloud Atlas(2012)

Cloud Atlas(2012) Dir: Lana and Andy Wachowski ,Tom Tykwer An atlas is a human contrivance, inherently inaccurate and reinforcing an old lie, that the earth is flat.And an atlas does one more thing, it refuses to acknowledge that the earth… Read More ›


Inkaar(2013) Dir:Sudhir Mishra The most difficult films are the ones that look at the lives of the most representative elements of the audience and try to hold up a mirror.It cannot be pretty picture.After all its a “dog eat dog… Read More ›

Mama (2013)

Mama Dir:Andy Muschietti In the opening scene we see a car parked outside a house.The door is open and the car radio can be heard, which informs us that like the last financial crisis this time too (2008) there has… Read More ›

Rust And Bone

Rust and Bone(Original French Title : De rouille et d’os) Dir:Jacques Audiard Rust and Bone is gritty film mostly about “them”.I mean that vast swathe of humanity that we co-exist with without taking much notice.They exist to make the world… Read More ›