movie review

Venus in Fur(2013)

Dir.:Roman Polanski Closing film – Cannes Film Festival Compared to Venus in Fur, Polaski‚Äôs own life is far more dramatic.In fact if he faithfully filmed his own autobiography the audience may balk at the madness of his existence.His long pending… Read More ›

Jobs (2013)

Dir.:Joshua Michael Stern If he could, he would turn in his grave.If he could, he would call it as utterly tasteless as a Microsoft product.If he could, he would have redesigned the fonts of the credits, for starters.And once he… Read More ›

D-Day (2013)

Dir.:Nikhil Advani Dawood Ibrahim is a like a ghost who refuses to go away.Every terrorist act in India must have his name involved as the logistics provider and possible perpetrator.However the act for which he is directly involved, the 1993… Read More ›

The Lone Ranger (2013)

Dir.:Gore Verbinski Johnny Depp directed a film once.It was called The Brave and co-starred Marlon Brando along with Depp who played an impoverished American Indian, who agrees to make a snuff movie in exchange for money which will help his… Read More ›

White House Down(2013)

Dir.:Roland Emmerich Now Barrack Obama and family can watch the double bill in their personal movie theatre: Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down, back to back.Two films within a span of 2 months about a deadly attack on the… Read More ›

Raanjhanaa (2013)

Dir.:Aanand Rai During intermission as I sauntered out to take a leak and grab a drink, I was thinking of calling my father in Kolkata to check out this film.When Suniel Shetty made an appearance as an actor my father… Read More ›