Film Diary.

Very often I am asked,”So seen anything interesting lately?” to which I try my best to recount my impression of films I have seen recently.Since I have cut down on the volume of reviews and essays I produce, to focus on my film projects, I think it would be a good idea to keep documenting films I see with nutshell reviews to keep the readers of updated on what I am watching and what I think of the films.Going to the cinema is a passion,an addiction and a habit but I cannot control what’s showing, I just choose the path of least resistance or maximum excitement as the case may be, depending on the economics of running a multiplex.I am also blessed with access to a public library well stocked with the greatest films of all time.

Do not expect in-depth reviews, although I will keep them coming, with a new focus cinema that “has artistic merit or aspirations” and concentrating on the Cinema of India, but hope to find pointers on what to watch, what to avoid and all the stuff in between.And of course what to watch despite my good counsel!

Cinema is like that, always worth arguing over.Watch this space!!

Love to hear from you....

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