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(2013, Marathi with English Subtitles) Dir.: Nagraj Manjule The title of this film means “pig” in Marathi. Jabya (Somnath Awghade), the young protagonist, comes from the lowest of the lowly classes – the untouchables, people who live not on the… Read More ›

Original Poster of 27 Down

27 Down (1972)

Dir.: Awtar Krishna Kaul 27 Down is as beautiful, truthful and evocative as the trains of the Indian railways which serve as its almost constant backdrop. And it induces the same yearning, for that forgotten taste of tea in a… Read More ›

No its not a gun, its his beloved Ah Tiong( pssst!!)

Unlucky Plaza(2015)

Dir.:Ken Kwek “You have a gun?!But this is Singapore!!How can you have a gun?! “This line is repeated quite a few times in Unlucky Plaza. I have been living here nearly 3 years and have never had a brush with… Read More ›