Timeless Cinema

Music can illuminate a life.


Amour(Love) Dir:Michael Haneke Winner: Plame d’Or,Cannes Film Festival 2012, Winner Best Actor,Best Actress,Best Director-European Film Awards 2012 Nominated: Golden Globe-Best Foreign Picture,Austrias Official Entry to the Oscars 2013 I visited my grandmother recently.She lives in Kolkata, staying in rotation with… Read More ›

A starving Jutika watched stale food being fed to birds

Neem Annapurna(1979)

Neem Annapurna(1979) Bengali, B&W,90 mins. dir. Buddhadeb Dasgupta Both films have sequences of a child stealing food. In the first, a teenage girl steals a guava from an orchard that has been taken from her family and in the other,a… Read More ›


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