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What to get your muslim friend for her birthday

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A woman is the best companion of man through every thick and thin. She loves you unconditionally and gives her heart out to make you feel happy. So it is a necessity to take care of your wife and make her feel special. Try hard to please your wife in order to become the best believer. However, it is very complicated for a man to decide which gift is best for her. Here are some of the best Islamic gifts ideas that would be loved by your woman.


81 Best Gift Ideas for Your Muslim Friends 2020

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If you are not familiar with the Islamic way of life, picking gifts for a Muslim girl can be difficult as you do not want to inadvertently offend her. The BP Guide helps you understand the dos and don'ts of buying gifts for Muslim girls, the occasions on which to give a gift and lists 12 great gift ideas too. What is the occasion for which you are giving her a gift? The kind of present you buy will be determined by whether it is her birthday, or a more formal event like an engagement or wedding.

Gifts given for Eid will also be entirely different. For birthdays and other casual gift giving occasions you can buy presents that you would give any girl or friend; these can small treats and everyday items that she can use daily, such as a bag, jewellery, a coffee mug, etc. Formal occasions like her engagement require etiquette suitable to those occasions.

Religious festivals like Eid require more care and thought as you want to give her things that are more suited to the occasion, traditional gift items that keep her religious sentiments in mind.

Just like certain items are suited to giving during Diwali or Christmas, similar rules apply here as well. All things aside, at the end of the day she is just another girl who enjoys doing girly things! It is important to keep her religious restrictions in mind and buy things she will be able to use but she enjoys dressing up, makeup, jewellery and other pretty things like any other girl.

So unless it is a formal event, look for things that girls like and buy your gift based on her interests, hobbies, related to her work, things she can use in college, or would like to have.

Some girls hold their faith dearer than others so if she is a deeply religious girl, nothing will please her more than gifts she can use when she prays or which appeal to her spiritual side. Think of it as anything that she is passionate about - some girls are obsessed with fitness, others devote all their energy to their work, a few pour their heart into artistic pursuits such as photography, and some have a deep connection with spirituality. If she is one of those girls, she will be thrilled to receive something related to it and be pleased you understand and care for her feelings.

Girls tend to be quite vocal about their likes and interests. If she is a wife or girlfriend she may drop open hints about things she wants. Even if that is not the case, girls are more open than men about things they like, would like to have, if they saw something interesting. It is also likely she isn't telling you about her interests so you get her a gift, they simply like to share, be it their thoughts, emotions, or their love.

So pay a little attention and you may not have to do any great amount of searching or thinking to get her a gift she will cherish.

Jewellery is a hot favourite amongst girls, no matter how many trinkets they have, they are always pleased to have a few more. A girl has tastes! Keep an eye out for what kind she favours - be it earrings, rings, pendants, or accessories to be worn on the arm.

Does she only wear small studs, or she is fond of bigger earrings? Coloured stones, rhinestones or intricate metallic designs; shiny gold and silver or oxidized metal? The selection is huge when you list it like this but if you pay a little attention to what she wears, the answers will be very simple.

We suggest these traditional, green, jhumki style, polki earrings by MuchMore brand. They are beautiful to look at, lightweight yet with an intricate design and of a good quality. Made with a copper alloy coated to give a yellow gold finish, with imitation pearls and polki, and semi precious stones onyx , they are perfect for days she wants to dress up. She can pair them with western style clothes for an interesting look, or wear with traditional outfits with which they match perfectly.

They are also ideal for special occasions to add a touch of glamour. Buy them for Rs. Muslims avoid perfumes with alcohol because alcohol is forbidden in Islam but if your thoughts are starting to veer towards ittar then stop! There is nothing wrong with ittar but there are many more options for perfumes that do not contain alcohol.

Girls love wearing fragrances but look for modern and fresh scents that will appeal to her sensibilities. As wonderful as traditional perfumes like ittars are, they do not inspire a lot of enthusiasm among the young who view them as something the older generations use. Try the specially formulated perfume that features jasmine.

This is pure perfume is one that she will love to wear. Not only is it free of alcohol, the perfrume brings to life the eternal fragrance of mogra! Priced at Rs. Adorning herself with makeup is high on the list of priorities of every girl.

Buying her makeup though can be slightly tricky unless you know her well and are aware of the brands she uses. They have individual preferences such as focussing on their eyes, or preferring to use lipstick or having their own unique approach to makeup.

Even within these categories there are several brands and kind of makeup available. Buy her something she can use to apply her makeup.

Brushes are wonderful gifts as they have an endless range of application. This set of 12 makeup brushes by Urban Decay comes with a storage case. Made of acrylic fiber, these brushes are silky soft to the touch and make application a breeze. They are well made and the tightly packed bristles do not shed.

The 12 brushes cover every kind of makeup application and are even suitable for professional use. Buy the set for Rs. A shoulder bag or sling bag is extremely useful as girls like to carry a number of things with them.

A purse is also an important part of their style statement. A lightweight bag that is suitable for daily use is a very practical gift for a Muslim girl. When buying bags for a Muslim girl, especially those with leather components, make sure no part has been crafted with pig skin. Since pork and beef are taboo for large sections of Indians, such material is not commonly found in our markets, but when you are buying a gift for someone it is best to check and make sure.

A good option would be to avoid leather altogether since there is such a wide availability of very good products made with synthetic material. This solid blue shoulder bag by DressBerry is a very nice bag for daily use. It is lightweight, made of PU polyurethane , fairly sturdy, and comes with a main compartment with an inner pocket.

It has two handles in brown that compliment the blue nicely. Buy is for Rs. Every girl should have a collection of a few but beautiful silk dupattas that can be paired with a number of outfits.

Dupattas are very versatile as they can be worn with ethnic outfits, draped around the neck like a scarf, and used for protection from the sun and wind when she goes out. We recommend this AKS beige dupatta in silk with a khari print.

The silk material gives it a lovely sheen which makes it ideal to be used on special occasions as well, and the subtle yet beautiful khari print gives it an elegant and rich look. Made with synthetic silk, it has the rich look of silk yet is easy to maintain as it is machine washable. She can wrap it around her neck like a scarf, use it as a head covering if she wishes, and pair it with her salwar kameez as well.

Buy it for Rs. This premium looking smartwatch from Timex is not only a stylish addition to her wardrobe but will also help her lead a more healthy life. Featuring a rectangular dial, the smartwatch offers three interchangeable straps - one mesh, one leather and one silicone, so she can remain in style regardless. This latest version of the watch combines a great selection of features - activity tracking, heart rate monitor, call function, GPS tracking and pedometer are just a few of them.

Girls like to decorate their homes and their rooms with beautiful art, and for a spiritually inclined Muslim girl, a piece of Islamic art will be a truly valuable gift, something she will cherish always. It can be an engraving, a wall art, candlestick or a plate. Such gifts are suitable for all occasions as a piece of art with prayers and blessings are always welcome at an important celebration. The square shaped frame is made of mdf and has a canvas wrap; it comes assembled and is ready to hang.

Buy it on Amazon for Rs. These are among the religious gifts exchanged during auspicious religious occasions, such as by people returning from Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage. She will value it for the rest of her life. Seeing as such a gift has the potential to serve her for years to come, look for unique tasbih; they are available in a variety of material such as plastic, glass, semi precious stones, even pearls. This tasbih made of natural turquoise caught our eye for its sheer beauty.

So pretty it is that the 99 bead tasbih can even be worn as a necklace. Made in Turkey, it has 8mm round turquoise beads, gold plated imame and chain tassel with tiny Ottoman coin charms. Buy it on Etsy for Rs. Alternatively, these personalized gemstone prayer beads can be a fantastic choice.

You can choose from a wide range of gemstones available at the store - from red ruby to jade, and also add her name onto the tassel. Buy it on Etsy for around Rs. It is a must in every Muslim household, so giving her a beautiful box to keep it in would be a treasured gift. This gift is suitable for any kind of occasion, be it a religious event, or a wedding. Items with such importance religious significance should be bought with care, as the receiver holds them in high regard and will use it for years.

She may like this handmade wooden box by Lavender Craft which also serves as stand. Made with Indian oakwood, it is covered with a thick aluminium sheet bearing beautiful religious design in colourful meenakari. The inside is lined with red fabric to provide a safe storage space for the holy book. The lid is fitted with a collapsible stand on which she can place it while reading from it. Highly rated on Amazon , buy it for Rs. A portable Quran speaker is not only an invaluable gift for a Muslim girl, it combines faith with the cool convenience of technology.

A religious girl likes to recite or read from the Quran everyday if not as often as she can. A portable speaker allows her to listen to her favourite verses even when she is travelling or when it is impractical to carry the holy book with her. This Hitopin Portable Quran Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker with high quality recitations in 35 voices with translations in 30 languages including English and Urdu.

It includes a FM radio, voice recording, mp3 player and a remote control for fast surah selection.

50+ Islamic Gift Ideas for a Muslim Woman

Marriage Articles Ramadhan Articles. Why is gift-giving so hard for men? Maybe it's a part of the mystery that women represent to us. We don't always understand how they think, or what moves them.

If you are not familiar with the Islamic way of life, picking gifts for a Muslim girl can be difficult as you do not want to inadvertently offend her. The BP Guide helps you understand the dos and don'ts of buying gifts for Muslim girls, the occasions on which to give a gift and lists 12 great gift ideas too.

If you are unsure what gifts for Muslims to get, then you need the help you can get. You have a lot of gift options to choose from; several traditional ones will call to their religious Islamic beliefs and traditions, something sweet, and unique unlike other. If you think trying to look for the best gifts for Muslims is a little hard and tricky, then you are not wrong. However, it will be so much easier for you to find what gift will perfectly fit someone you are trying to give it to with this list of amazing and thoughtful gifts for Muslims we have carefully curated for your convenience. Your favorite list is empty.

20 gift ideas for a Muslim woman

According to Islam, marriage is a blessing of Allah. Anything a spouse does to make his family life better is a way to please Allah. Gifts and attention enhances marital relations and improves a family life. Yet, men tend to find it quite hard to find a proper present for their wife. Our advice would be very easy: just listen to your wife. It is natural for women to say what they want. Try to remember what your wife says as far as her desires are concerned. This way, your gift will be admired. However, there are some things that are very likely to make her happy. Beautiful dress or any other piece of clothing.

Top 15 Gifts to Give to an Indian Muslim Girl in 2019







I have a muslim friend that I want to buy a birthday present but I have no idea got more expensive things like an iPod from her other friend and a MacBook pro.








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