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A window-lit portrait in the beautiful library of Aldrich Mansion! The day of their wedding at Aldrich Mansion , the two had a traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony in Massachusetts in the morning. As soon as they arrived at Aldrich Mansion, they were ready to get their incredibly elegant day started. Aldrich Manor has a stunning chapel on the grounds, which is where their second wedding ceremony took place. During the ceremony, they had St. Following the ceremony, cocktail hour began.

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Note : The documents in this file are offered solely for educational purposes. Should any reader wish to quote or reproduce these documents for sale, the original publisher should be contacted and permission requested.

Last March, after nine years of litigation, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence refused to settle more than three dozen sexual-abuse civil lawsuits, saying: "Do you want us to sell Bishop Hendricken High School? But as the 38 lawsuits move toward trial, the plaintiffs' lawyers say that the diocese is wealthier, and more of a sophisticated business, than it portrays itself.

And on Warwick Neck, the diocese owns the Aldrich Mansion, a room house on 75 acres, bought in from the family of U. Nelson W. The Italian-marble floors shine, the manicured lawns slope to Narragansett Bay -- the ambience evokes fairy tales. Hollywood producers filmed the movie Meet Joe Black there because, they said, it resembles the French residences of the late Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Yet most of the wealth of the Rhode Island Catholic Church is not so apparent.

Constitutional laws separating church and state mean that U. And Rhode Island maintains an unusual law that since has allowed the local Roman Catholic bishop to hold an unlimited amount of land tax-free, in a company under his name only, with virtually no reporting requirements to the state. Journal File Photo]. It has seven bedrooms, sculpted hedges, and a lawn that stretches to the beach. To try to analyze the holdings of the Catholic Church is to wade into a morass, says Dean R.

The IRS doesn't know. There's no reporting of any kind. Shielded holdings are only part of the challenge of looking into the church's finances. The Diocese of Providence may argue to Rhode Island judges, in its quest to keep its internal governance private, that the church is not a corporation but, rather, a hierarchy, ruled by centuries-old Canon Law -- yet its structure is modern and secular.

The diocese consists, in fact, of corporations: charities, schools, parishes, and investment funds, each listed as a separate company. Since the sexual-abuse lawsuits began in Rhode Island, in , the diocese has added nine new corporations. Patrick Schiltz, dean of the University of St.

Thomas Law School, in Minnesota, and a lawyer who has represented the church in sexual-abuse cases, says: "The simple reason [for the corporations] is so that when someone who works for one part of the operation does something that creates a lot of liability, it doesn't pull down the whole operation -- if a jury goes off the deep end and awards millions, schools and parishes all over the diocese don't have to shut down.

Robert W. Tuttle, a professor at George Washington Law School, says that lawyers for the church are saying there's "no need to leave our chest exposed, so they can stab us. Lawyers for Roman Catholic dioceses in the United States have discussed ways to shield assets from lawsuits since , according to minutes from that year's National Meeting of Diocesan Attorneys, attended by William T. Murphy, the lawyer for the Providence diocese.

A moderator at the meeting said that the Archdiocese of Dubuque, for instance, had more than corporations, and that the advantage of being organized this way was that "problems at the parish level will not get into the diocesan coffers. The Providence diocese had already, since the early to mids, incorporated most of its parishes. Stanislas Kostka Church, of Woonsocket? A corporation. The bishop, currently Robert E. Mulvee, is the president of each corporation. Since , with the first lawsuits alleging that the diocese had covered up sexual abuse from the s into the '90s, the diocese has created nine more corporations.

The corporations are not physical entities; the address for each is that of Murphy, the diocesan lawyer. William G. Halpin, spokesman for the diocese, says that the corporations were formed for a variety of reasons. Some of them were formed to restrict the use of donations to specific charities. Others have been formed to "maximize the return on investments. That does not imply any illegal or improper use of corporate structure. The diocese has placed its most valuable property, such as the Watch Hill and Aldrich mansions, in a corporation entitled the Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence, a Corporation Sole.

This is what the Rhode Island General Assembly approved in , and in it amended the law to allow the bishop to hold unlimited tax-free land in his name. Unlike a nonprofit corporation, he is not required to file detailed reports, or list directors, for this corporation. Fewer than half the states recognize corporations sole, which are typically used as land-holding entities by such proprietors as the Queen of England and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Halpin, the diocesan spokesman, will not confirm that valuation: "We do not have current appraisals to give you an accurate figure. Keough, has seven bedrooms, sculpted hedges, and a lawn that stretches to the beach. It is a part-time summer home for bishops, who also invite other high-ranking members of the clergy to stay there, says Halpin. The star of the Warwick holdings is, of course, the Aldrich estate. In Sen. Aldrich imported artisans from Italy and France to create the mansion.

In teak and mahogany, woodcarvers sculpted acorns, fruits, and wreathed dancing figures. Gold leaf surrounds the painting on the foyer's ceiling. The estate consists of the mansion, a caretaker's cottage, and a boat house -- itself a mini-mansion, designed to remind Aldrich of the steamships upon which he had journeyed to Europe. Theodore Roosevelt stayed in the house, as did William H. Aldrich's daughter Abby married John D. Rockefeller Jr. The diocese built a seminary on the property, but closed it in the '80s; it now leases part of the property to the Legionaires of Christ, a religious order that runs Overbook Academy, a girls' school.

The Aldrich mansion is best known now as a posh banquet hall. Halpin, the diocesan spokesman, declines to specify how much the diocese makes each year by renting out the mansion, or how much the diocese was paid for the six weeks of filming Meet Joe Black, the movie starring Brad Pitt. But, says Halpin, by the time the diocese pays for the upkeep, the mansion is "typically a break even proposition or a slight deficit. Along with the Aldrich and Watch Hill mansions, the Roman Catholic bishop corporation owns at least two retreat properties.

The retreat is home to two priests and a nun, and it's where the diocese holds a "variety of spiritual-enrichment programs," says spokesman Halpin. The bishop corporation's other major retreat is the St.

Standing on 13 acres of former farmland donated to the diocese, the center is open for retreats and meetings, says Halpin. No one lives there. In addition to these establishments, the bishop corporation owns stretches of open land, in such towns as Foster, Exeter, Smithfield, Middletown, Portsmouth, Westerly, and Cumberland.

And the Cumberland acres lie in the desirable Diamond Hill area. Meanwhile, there are the bishop corporation's 22 acres in Newport, off Ocean Drive: a school sits on some of them, while across the street 10 nuns live in a house on eight acres.

Fifteen nuns live and hold retreats on this property near the Bay. Some affordable-housing advocates criticized the diocese, noting that Stella Maris had been left to the diocese, in a parishioner's will, as a retirement home.

Phyllis Hutnak is suing the Providence diocese over alleged sexual abuse by the late Monsignor Louis W. Dunn, convicted three years ago of raping a different woman in She has visited most of the state's town and city halls to research the Catholic Church's property and sales.

Hutnak, who is 51 and lives in Charlestown, says that she is looking into the church's assets because the church, while portraying those who are suing it as greedy, is not being open about its wealth. When the diocese rejected a settlement offer last March, it said that its money was tied up in charitable causes that could not, under state law, be taken away and in real estate that is not easily liquidated.

To which one of the plaintiff lawyers, Carl P. DeLuca, responded that the diocese "has many assets they can liquidate, or pledge as security for a loan, in order to compensate victims of sexual abuse. DeLuca added: "It is commendable that the diocese wishes to be able to continue supporting the charitable works it has traditionally supported.

However, the Providence diocese must realize that charity begins at home, particularly when the need that exists was created by their own conduct. Where does the money generated by such diocesan corporations as the Roman Catholic Bishop go?

The diocese says that the money goes to education, summer camps, schools, and other charitable organizations that it runs. None of the diocese's money has gone to the people who are now demanding restitution for having suffered at the hands of the Rhode Island Catholic Church. The diocese has argued successfully in Rhode Island courts that despite the church's corporate structure, its bishops are not CEOs, its internal investigations are not civil inquiries, and its property is not available to satisfy civil lawsuits.

James T. Murphy, the other main diocesan lawyer -- along with William T. Murphy -- in this case, explained recently: "The problem is that the church, any church, is not like any corporation. That opinion is sounded from as high as the Vatican. Scoka, the Vatican's financial officer, said: "We are not a business, nor a corporation. Israel refused to force the diocese to open its personnel files, to show how higher-ups had handled complaints of sexual abuse.

Israel wrote: "Inquiry into such matters would plainly take this court into religious questions beyond its jurisdictions. Needham said that the corporation that holds church property could not legally be sued by a parishioner abused by the late Father William C.

O'Connell, a convicted sexual abuser. Needham said that the state law that established the Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence, a Sole Corporation, defines the corporation as a property-holding entity: therefore, the corporation has no role in supervising priests. In the state Supreme Court dismissed an attempt by a dozen people to have the bishop corporation found liable for alleged abuse at the former St.

Aloysius Home, in Smithfield. Justice Robert G. Flanders wrote: "Just as all cows are mammals but not all mammals are cows, the mere fact that Bishop [Louis E. The lawyers for the plaintiffs now believe that the courts are shifting in their favor. Superior Court Judge Robert D. Krause, now overseeing the litigation, ruled last month that the diocese must open its records regarding what it knew and what it did about priests accused of sexual abuse.

Nate and Sally’s Aldrich Mansion Wedding | Warwick, Rhode Island

Location 2: The accident. Location 3: Penthouse. This movie remains one of my all-time favorites, largely due to its elegant sets and locations.

Aldrich Mansion is elegance redefined. Located on the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, this majestic seventy five acre estate has been a tower of grace for over years.

Aldrich Mansion knows how to host a Christmas party. Kevin's school choir in the background. WARNING: the photos below contain images of Christmas trees, lights, presents and more, and may release your inner Christmas fanatic you know, that side of yourself who plays Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" on repeat in their office while chugging hot chocolate and hanging up string lights. Don't say we didn't warn you. Gazerro says they usually get visitors during the open house, so make sure you grab some cookies when you first arrive.

Wedding Photographers RI, MA, CT: Anh-Thu and Danh’s Aldrich Mansion Wedding

What to Wear for Your Portrait Session Mini Sessions with Sara Zarrella Photography GEt What ya need. Get started. Search for:. Hi there! When Noelia and Andrew went on their first date, Andrew had instantly known where the quote was from. Sooner than expected, August 28th approached and the day started with a bang. At the end of the ceremony, doves were released into the sky, something I have never seen at a wedding before. Not only were doves released, but they also decorated the top of Noelia and Andrews cake.

Celebrate Christmas at Aldrich Mansion

Little Rhodey is highly sought after amongst Hollywood filmmakers. Not only does the Ocean State provide stunning beaches, seaside cliffs and classic New England lighthouses, it also offers well preserved historical landmarks and breathtaking Gilded Age mansions. The city of Providence has been featured in several movies and television series. The box office flop, R. Much of the movie was filmed in Portsmouth, although it is Newport that the characters visit in the book.

Note : The documents in this file are offered solely for educational purposes.

That driveway leads to a huge, beautiful structure known as the Aldrich Mansion. US Senator Nelson W. Aldrich hired skilled craftsmen that travelled from Europe to begin building the mansion in

Aldrich Mansion

Overlooking beautiful Narragansett Bay, the seventy-room, French chateau hosts a unique blend of European artistry and craftsmanship reflecting an era of yesteryear. Located just north of Newport, RI and situated on seventy acres, The Aldrich Mansion is the perfect setting for a wedding reception, social event, private party, a corporate event or meeting. The estate provides a private, comfortable, and stately setting.

Aldrich Mansion is a late 19th-century property owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence since The estate was originally built and owned by Senator Nelson W. Aldrich of Rhode Island and consisted of over acres. The construction of the estate began in and was completed some 16 years later. In , his daughter, Abby Aldrich , married John D.

10 Rhode Island Spots That Served As Backdrops For Movies


Meet Joe Black () Filming Locations. Location #1: William's mansion. Aldrich Mansion, Warwick Neck Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island, United States.


Aldrich Mansion & Estate







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