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Meet the 'real' mums The UAE has no dearth of products and services aimed at easing the life of a new mum. There's subscription boxes aimed at new mothers, fresh baby food meal providers and even a number of e-commerce websites that deliver everything from toys to diapers. But, as they say, it takes a village to raise a child, and, sometimes, what mothers in the region need most is support and judgement-free advice from other mums - which is what led Holly Bennie and Megan Al Marzooqi to create online community Real Mums of Dubai. Turns out, she likes cake as much as I do and a friendship began.


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Looking to Make Friends groups in Dubai

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As I turned on the mobile network one morning last week, my cellphone beeped continuously. The same day, on Facebook, a friend from school asked if I had changed my WhatsApp number after moving to Dubai. Later, I questioned myself. If I could stay connected with him on Facebook, why was I hesitant to share my number? Yes, he was a close friend from school, but we had grown apart.

It seemed forced to reconnect at such a personal level after so many years. A phone number, to my mind, is still more intimate than being tenuously connected on social networks. Staying in and watching new shows on Netflix is all very well, but as weeks pass, you crave connection. The irony is, while I run away from past connections, I struggle to make new ones. Rebecca G. Adams, a professor of sociology and gerontology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in an article in The New York Times said that many people meet their lifelong friends in college.

All self-help articles hint at the fact that friendships need to be fostered rather than setting out with a candle in search of a BFF. When I arrived in Dubai two years ago, I pushed myself to go out and socialise. The longest two hours of my life were spent at an upmarket restaurant in Downtown Dubai one Friday afternoon at a brunch that was supposed to be an opportunity for newbies to network.

Throughout those two hours, I cursed myself for paying Dh to attend this event. It bothered me that people at that brunch — who were all strangers to each other — were already making plans for the next meet-up without digesting their impressions of each other, and without properly trying to get to know the people at that meet-up we were already at.

Friendships, like all relationships, develop organically. You have to give them time to grow. Maybe I was socially awkward too. But at the end of that brunch, I decided to rest my networking efforts for a while.

Recently, I was on a voice call with a friend from India, one of the few I still talk to from school, and I was telling her about the difficulty I was facing making new friends. She suggested that I get out of my comfort zone, a phrase often heard. So I tried. I met an enthusiastic fitness freak in the gym in my building. Schedules of running and pilates were updated regularly. They were a motivational bunch to be around.

But the constant buzzing of the phone with their gym updates was annoying. One day, I exited the group, changed my gym timings, and pretended to be busy or unwell when called. The calls gradually stopped. As for befriending colleagues, well, the majority of my adult friendships have begun at work.

But I am wary of confiding too much in colleagues for fear of it skewing the balance between personal and professional. But while making friends one-on-one is difficult enough, finding a couple that both you and your spouse are at ease with is more challenging. You try to find common ground with the other two.

You might even grow to like them. If not, you learn to bear them for the sake of your friend. But who wants to spend time making weekend plans with people you might not want to meet again? A slew of brain-dead questions will be exchanged before real conversations begin. And my mantra should be to let more people into my life rather than being choosy and judgmental. Some people might just tune in to my bandwidth. Your email address will not be published. Previous Post Have you ever seen a funeral live on social media?

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Seven ways to make friends and meet new people after moving to the UAE

Hello there. Are you still interested? Watch the full Dubai expat life vlog on Youtube. We arrived too late for brunch so instead sat at the bar watching all the beautiful people totter about in their heels while we milked weird guys for drinks.

It got me inspired to write this post as I have made many friends in this country who I consider to be as dear to me as family. Making those friendships did not come easy, and like anything of value, it took time! I digress.

It is natural to feel intimidated when striking out on your own in a new place. You will encounter social norms that are different from yours, and this is the result of living in a multicultural environment. Dubai is a fantastic place to broaden your horizons, but you may feel that positive relationships are hard to find in Dubai. You are not alone — many people experience feelings of isolation and anxiety when they move to Dubai, and many are just as anxious to find real friendship.

Making friends in Dubai – an update on expat life

Kids are friends due to circumstance. Making friends as an adult seems to be an issue for many. Many people are here away from their families. Strong relationships are at the core of a happy life. Never stop trying to find human connections. Here are great tips on how adults can tackle friendship and make lasting impressions on others as told my UAE residents who were in the exact same situations when they moved here. Social media is a great tool to take you from follower to friend. Find a photo or a story that interests you and make a smart yet friendly comment to someone you feel like you have things in common with. Some of my own friendships have started via social media.

4 UAE groups you can join to meet people

As I turned on the mobile network one morning last week, my cellphone beeped continuously. The same day, on Facebook, a friend from school asked if I had changed my WhatsApp number after moving to Dubai. Later, I questioned myself. If I could stay connected with him on Facebook, why was I hesitant to share my number?

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Moving to a new country can be a difficult time. Meeting new people and making friends is the best way to start feeling at home in your new country, but this can often take time. The good news is, if you are an expat moving to Dubai, that there are many ways and means to find like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions. Dubai is a big melting pot of so many different cultures and nationalities, that in the end you will make friends with a diverse group of people.

How to make friends in Dubai

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New to Dubai-Looking for female friends 18-25!!


Dec 2, - [math]How do I make friends in Dubai?[/math] Probably in a similar way, that You make friends everywhere in the world. By going to social gatherings, attempting  How to find friends in Dubai.








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