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How to make your gerbils more friendly

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By the end you should be better informed to make a decision about whether Mongolian gerbils are the right pets for your home…. In many ways they offer many of the benefits that hamsters offer, with quite a few additional plus points too…. Gerbils tend to be quite active animals, and can regularly be found digging, exploring, jumping around and looking for food. This therefore makes them fascinating pets to watch.

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How to Tame a Pet Gerbil

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The majority of people who get a pet choose ones that they can interact with in some way. For most, this means a pet that they can pick up, stroke, cuddle, and even play with, a pet that they can befriend. Do gerbils like to be held? Gerbils are an excellent choice of pet and enjoy being held. They love to be held, stroked, and played with, in fact, they adore attention all around. Holding your gerbil is also a great way for the two of you to bond, and can be, potentially, satisfying for you both.

However, how you pick them up and hold them is important to build trust between gerbil and owner. Gerbils like to be held purely because they are incredibly sociable animals that enjoy the company of others. It also does not matter to them whether that company is a gerbil or human.

They do, however, need to become accustomed to their owner before they will enjoy being handled. The reason for this is that gerbils, like most other rodents, are prey animals in their natural habitat. This means that it is their natural instinct to assume that anything bigger than them is a predator. Once trust is established, however, this will no longer be an issue, and your gerbil will enjoy their human contact.

Naturally, for the reason mentioned above, gerbils can be nervous of any human contact at first. You will, therefore, need both time and patience to get them past this, and comfortable in your hand. Step One — It is important to recognize that on first coming to your home your gerbil may be unsettled.

They will have moved from an environment they were comfortable in into a new unfamiliar one in your home. For this reason, you should allow your gerbil a few days to settle in before starting the bonding process. Step Two — Once your gerbil seems settled into their new home you can slowly introduce your hand into their cage.

Start slowly by placing your hand into their cage door and gradually move it further inside. Do not attempt to touch your gerbil at this point, but do let them sniff at your hand should they choose to.

Step Three — It is entirely possible that if you leave your palm facing upwards in the cage that your gerbil will walk on to it without encouragement. However, if this does not happen you can try placing a tasty treat in your palm to entice them.

You should still not attempt to stroke your gerbil at this point. Rather, you should simply let them walk on and off your hand and realize that you pose no threat. Step Four — Once your gerbil has become used to touching you with its paws, you can try gently stroking them. Make your hand movements towards them slowly and do not apply too much pressure.

When you have got your gerbil accustomed to being touched it is time to try picking them up. This should always be done carefully, and preferably using the scooping method. Take them to a seat or area where you can play and stroke them safely. This time, however, take your gerbil back to the cage instead of somewhere to play. This way your gerbil can simply walk off your hands and does not have to jump.

As well as following the guidelines above there are also several tips that will help you handle your gerbil safely. Though you may find at first that your gerbil is a little nervous around you, the more time you spend with them, the less nervous they will be. After all, gerbils are a sociable animal and want to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know them. This, however, can take a little time and you should be prepared to be patient with them.

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Tricks and Handling for Gerbils

I got my gerbils last week- rescued them from a woman who wanted hamsters instead as she freaked out by the way gerbils move. They were timid little things as she hadn't handled them! I left them for a full day to settle into their gerbilarium, it took them 2 days to go down into the bottom! Everytime I put food in their bowl, I took out all the sunflower seeds first. Then I put my hand in their cage with a few of the seeds on and waited.

Whether you adopt a pair of female gerbils or a pair of male gerbils is up to you, and although there are trends in behaviour between the genders, they are just that - trends. There are no guarantees that your gerbils will follow them, and so by and large the decision is down to personal preference.

The majority of people who get a pet choose ones that they can interact with in some way. For most, this means a pet that they can pick up, stroke, cuddle, and even play with, a pet that they can befriend. Do gerbils like to be held? Gerbils are an excellent choice of pet and enjoy being held. They love to be held, stroked, and played with, in fact, they adore attention all around.

A suitable environment for gerbils

Gerbils are generally diurnal animals active during the day , constructing deep, dark, underground burrows. Gerbils may live for up to years, although some may live longer. Take a look at our pet search page to find gerbils up for rehoming. Gerbils are often kept by young children, because they have a great deal of character. However, their needs are actually very complex and owning one is a big responsibility. If you own or are responsible for gerbils, even on a temporary basis, you are required under the Animal Welfare Act to care for them properly. There is no one 'perfect' way to care for all gerbils because every gerbil and every situation is different. It is up to you how you look after your gerbils but you must take reasonable steps to ensure that you meet all their needs. Read our expert reviewed pet care information to find out more about the needs of gerbils: Environment , Diet , Behaviour , Company , and Health and welfare.

Should I Get A Male Or Female Gerbil?

Gerbils are shy, inquisitive, and affectionate members of the rodent family that live throughout the world. To tame your gerbil, start by putting your hand in its cage and allowing it to sniff you, which will allow it to get used to your smell. You can also put a few seeds in your hand so that your gerbil associates you with positive things. Then, speak to it calmly and give it a treat, such as seeds or fruit, whenever it performs a positive behavior. For more advice from our Veterinary co-author, including how to get your gerbil used to other people, keep reading.

Gerbils might not seem like the type of animal that needs to be tamed, but it really just refers to training the gerbil to come to you without being afraid.

As spunky and intelligent creatures, gerbils can be taught to perform tricks. You must first learn the proper way to handle the rodent and earn his trust before attempting further training. This does not mean that all gerbils possess circus-worthy talent, but with repetition, your pet will become acquainted with your voice and can even recognize his name.

How to make your gerbils feel at home

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Gerbils and hamsters are different species, and although some aspects of their care are similar, others vary quite a bit. Both are desert species, but have been bred in captivity for a long time and so would really struggle to live in those same conditions today. Both need lots of well-formulated dry food, but would appreciate a little bit of fresh food for variety. They are complex animals and can become easily stressed and unhappy, so the responsibility for their care always falls with the adult. Unlike some hamsters such as those of the Syrian species , gerbils cannot be kept alone.

Gerbils as Pets

Gerbils make great companions and are easier to care for and cheaper than many other types of pets. They can entertain each other for hours, and you too! Whether you are a first-time owner or want to bond more with the gerbils you have, bonding with your gerbils is easy as long as you follow general guidelines. To play with your gerbil, create a fun tunnel for it to run through using an empty toilet paper roll. If you want to get creative, stick multiple rolls together and put some treats inside for your gerbil to find!

This video is about Taming Gerbils Sorry I haven't been very consistent with uploading. This video is just a Aug 8, - Uploaded by Erin's Ark.

Gerbils spend much of their time underground or busy digging tunnels and foraging for food. They are designed to dig, so floor space is more important than height and shelves. Suitable gerbil housing available to purchase is very limited.

Do Gerbils Like To Be Held? Tips On How To Hold Your Gerbil Safely

Gerbils often communicate with each other and with their owners using non-verbal signs. Look for positive and negative body language in your gerbil so you can better care for it and respond to its needs. Random Article.

Do Male or Female Gerbils Make Better Pets?

Males are bigger than females, and can be smellier. Females are more excitable and enjoy playing more. Males and females have similar life spans and health issues.



Should I Get A Gerbil Or A Hamster?



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