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How to find out if a person in jail

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In criminal law, jail is imposed at sentencing for a municipal, county or state criminal offense. Generally speaking, county sheriffs are the caretakers of incarcerated people. Which means, if you want to know where a person served jail time, it's key to know within which county a person committed the crime or was incarcerated. In addition, there are some websites that provide incarceration records for selected regions.


Remand in custody

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Finding a prisoner

Learn more. You can phone or email us to find out the location of someone in a watch house or a prison in Queensland. There is also an online map displaying the location and details of all prisons across the state. When the police arrest and charge someone with a criminal offence they may be held in the local watch house before appearing in court.

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Be sure and call the facility before attempting to visit. Searching for an inmate is easy and simple if you know how to do it. There are databases that are freely available online to anyone, if you know where to find them. Usually the database will only show people who are currently in custody, but some states do give you access to past and current records, allowing you to see people who were at one time in custody and have since been released.

Jail and Custody Related Questions

People are arrested everyday. Even too many parking tickets can lead to incarceration. There are steps you can take, depending on the situation. Finding a prisoner is different than running a criminal background check. This is a time when you need to know your terminology. Someone who has been convicted of a crime and given a sentence is not in the same place as someone who was arrested last night. The more information you have on the person, the better. Law enforcement gathers a lot of information on the people they take in. Although, you should only need some basic information to locate someone. Both state and federal prisons have online search tools used to locate inmates.

Locating a prisoner

What is the procedure for posting bail? Bail may be posted in:. What are the hours of operation for LAPD jails? Where and when will an arrestee go to court? Please call the concerned jail facility for more information.

Please enable JavaScript in your web browser; otherwise some parts of this site might not work properly. You can look up inmates in two ways:.

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Who’s In Jail? How To Find Out If Someone Is In Jail

Prisoners may be transferred from one prison to another for a number of reasons. For example:. No — the Prison Act says they can be held in any prison. Usually, it is up to the governor whether they are transferred, except for Category A prisoners or people serving a life sentence, in which case Prison Headquarters makes the decision.

How to find out who is in jail is common question. In many cases, a person is taken to jail immediately after being arrested. That person will typically remain in jail at least until their arraignment. Unless the person is released on his or her own recognizance or posts bail, he or she will remain in jail throughout the duration of any hearing. If found guilty, the judge will determine exactly how long the person must remain in jail.

Transfer of prisoners

When a person is remanded in custody it means that they will be detained in a prison until a later date when a trial or sentencing hearing will take place. The majority of prisoners on remand have not been convicted of a criminal offence and are awaiting trial following a not guilty plea. A person who is on remanded in a prison is not treated as a convicted prisoner, as they have not yet been found guilty of any offence. The time also spent on remand, could be taken off by the judge at sentencing should the individual be found guilty at trial. This time will be taken into consideration by the judge once they pass sentence. A prisoner may be held in custody leading up to a trial vary for a variety of reasons. The prosecution can indicate one or more of the following as reasons a person should not be released on bail :.

Mar 8, - If you're having trouble locating a loved one, checking the local jails is a natural step in the search process. People are arrested everyday.

Finding out whether a friend or relative is in jail or whether someone who has recently been arrested is still in jail may seem daunting, but it can usually be done with a bit of time and patience. To find out if someone is in jail there are a number of resources you can use. You will need to gather some information about the person and do some searching, either online or over the telephone, but you will probably be able find the person you are looking for in the end.

Online Public District & County Criminal Records Inquiry

The Harris County Sheriff's Office, founded in , is the largest sheriff's office in Texas and the third largest in the United States. The HCSO has over employees and reservists dedicated to ensuring the safety of over 4. Harris County encompasses square miles land and includes forty-one incorporated municipalities. Embrace and deliver professional service.

How to Find Out Who is In Jail




Prisons and Prisoners



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