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Ex girlfriend wants me to meet new boyfriend

Hi all. So interesting thing.. Met her once and it was Epic. Things fell apart, she needed time, etc. Hooked up with someone else My guess she moved on so quickly cause never thought I'd actually be moving out to same state.. Anyway, as my months went by, I got a job offer for not only the same state, but same town.

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Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Even if She has Moved on to a New Boyfriend (Without Looking Desperate)

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Exes and D'ohs. So what? We were going to a bar to meet some friends. It was expected that he'd be there too. We got there and the table was full. She started catching up with him, at which point the two other friends that came in with us went and found somewhere else to sit.

My girlfriend wanted to introduce us but apparently I left for the other table before she had the chance. I told her that's okay, I wasn't too excited about meeting him anyway.

I tried to leave it at that. She says we'd probably like one another. That might be true. I've got nothing personal against this guy, still I feel like I don't want to meet him. Why should I? It might be relevant that she left him to be with me last June. I suspect you are being tested for your reaction. I just don't think it's normal for someone to desire their currents and exes to be pals. Unless you are misremembering the speed with which you left the table? She's pushing your buttons.

Don't play into it. Be courteous, and that's it. If she keeps pulling this sort of crap tell her you don't appreciate her using either of you as leverage against the other one. A larger social situation is fine, but if she keeps setting up small-group encounters for the two of you to meet it is typical manipulation.

You have your own friends, you enjoy their company, you are not obliged to play along. Gadget at PM on March 28, [ 6 favorites ]. I agree with Inspector. However, given that you were at the bar and he was there, it would have been nice to say hello briefly, then go hang out with your other friends.

My rule of thumb is to keep different relationships separate. I don't like thinking about my SO's past relationships, so I don't bring up my own previous relationships, and I certainly don't introduce my current girlfriend to any previous ones. That is a sure recipe for jealousy. Was he a big part of her life? Is he still part of her life? She probably just wants to share that part of herself with you. If your relationship is serious, and their relationship was serious, I don't think it is at all unreasonable for her to wonder what you'd think of each other.

Her comment about you probably liking one another is sort of irrelevant; I doubt she actually WANTS you two to be friends. Would you want her to be friends with your ex? She just wants him to know that she has moved on to dating a great guy, and she wants to hear from you that you at least mildly agree with her-- that the ex was an OK guy. If she actually wants you two to be friends, that's weird. But otherwise, I think you should act nice for one evening, make small talk with the guy, and forget about him.

I agree with samthemander. Some people like to continue friendships with people they have broken up with. She probably just wants everybody to be okay with each other.

Don't assume bad faith on her part. Also, your discomfort with meeting him suggests discomfort or insecurity about your relationship.

I think you should put on your big-boy pants and just treat it like meeting another of her acquaintances. Another possibility is that since she still moves in social circles that include him, she doesn't want things to get weird, and introducing you two means there is no-longer any tension for her about the unresolved social wildcard of a night out being complicated by X meeting Y. An example, an ex of mine tried to introduce her new boyfriend to me, he didn't want to meet me.

Soon, it was awkward if she wanted to be at a gathering where I would be, because she either had to ditch him, or get him to meet me as he avoided anything where I would be. In order to avoid the arguing that would ensue, she was soon contriving excuses to go out with people without him if I might be there, which he in turn decided was evidence that she was cheating on him with me, and it all got very sour.

You don't sound like that kind of insecure moron, but your girlfriend might still want you two to do the rites that allow you and him to coexist at social outings without her being stuck as the go-between. She might be trying to push your buttons, true. If she has tendencies toward being manipulative it's a definite possibility. But I agree with the opinion that she just wants everyone to get along. Both of you are still part of her life, though to different extents, and she probably wants you both to decide for yourselves that this is okay.

She's trying to extend an olive branch to you both and you're not taking it. You might not be thrilled to make his acquaintance, but it certainly doesn't sound like there's any concrete reason for you to hate him or feel threatened by him. It's one thing to not want to go out of your way to meet someone, but if someone is already there, it's considered courteous for a person to introduce two people that she knows who do not know each other.

If your girlfriend had acted differently, I can imagine the exact same situation creating a different AskMe: "I went out to dinner with my girlfriend, and her ex-boyfriend showed up. She spent the night talking to him and never once tried to introduce us. What the hell? At least in your situation, it's all out in the open. If you don't want to hang out with the guy, that makes perfect sense. But c'mon, you gotta at least get introduced the next time that you are both at the same place at the same time.

Otherwise you run the risk of becoming some weird paranoid guy. After you've been introduced you're under no obligation to become friends, acquaintances, or anything else. If your girlfriend and the ex run in the same social circles it's inevitable that you two will be bumping into each other from time to time. She's probably hoping that she could introduce you and that you would at least be comfortable around each other when you bump into each other.

I don't think she's trying to push your buttons or make him jealous. I think she's just trying to be an adult about the situation and handle things up front and with maturity. My husband is friends with some of my exes and vice versa. We're adults in a committed, stable relationship. I don't see what's so odd about being friendly with people that we both know and bump into from time to time.

However, since you have absolutely no desire to meet him then you shouldn't feel that you are obligated to act overly friendly towards him.

The best way for you to handle this is just meet him, be civil and then go about your business. It was expected that he'd be there too So, he's apparently part of her shared circle of friends. This means you're probably going to be bumping into him again and it sounds like she's trying to keep the peace between everyone.

I don't see what's so wrong about that and it certainly doesn't necessarily mean that she's "pushing your buttons. Is this all she said? Or did she make a big scene and start a fight with you over it? If she tried to start an argument then I agree you might have an issue to deal with but if it was just, "I think you guys would like each other," and then everybody moved on I think you're being a little bit childish about the whole situation.

Just explain to her that you don't feel comfortable hanging out with guy and then let it go. If she refuses to respect your feelings, then maybe you should have a more serious talk about boundaries and manipulation. But examine your own insecurites first and make sure you're not making this into a bigger deal than it needs to be.

Agreed, this sounds like no big deal. Just be civil and move on. All you had to do was say "hi. Unwillingness to just say hello makes you antisocial at best, some sort of unpleasant at worst. Why shouldn't you? Don't make drama where none need exist. She might interpret this as you saying that you're uncomfortable with a part of her life. In other words, this might be about her more that it's about him. Jesus, I'm sorry, but she is being totally inconsiderate here. I would just explain it this way - "Well, see, that guy?

He had his penis in your vagina. Me, I'm presently placing my penis in your vagina. That guy? I don't want to meet someone else and be friends with a guy who had his penis in your vagina.

Maybe it's just me. Please respect that.

When Should Divorced Dads Introduce The New Girlfriend?

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By Tara Lynne Groth. Divorce is the end of a relationship, but how soon should divorced dads introduce the next relationship to their children?

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WHY does ex want me to meet new boyfriend?

Thanks just kinda found out today that her boyfriend may have dumped, or ditched her or she's acting like it, I'm just gonna stay away from her and all of it like you said. That's not my problem anymore. She was the one that wanted to play games and be mean, so her loss. I just wanted to say thankyou so much for your well thought out reply it means a lot to me. You said some things that truly hit home with me in your response for instance the fact that I feel like I'd need to be armed around them should tell me something. I have no trust. Why is that? I think it's in due reason, and thankyou for helping me see things I overlooked do to being so emotionally hurt etc. Thankyou for your logic, it is valued greatly.

I Think My Ex Wants Me Back, But She Has a Boyfriend

This article will answer your questions. The questions that have been plaguing you until you found your way to this page. I have been helping people with breakups and getting their ex back for the past five years. And I can tell you, with almost certainty, that there is still hope provided the following conditions are met.

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags.

If you can make her feel more attracted to you than the new guy, she will consider breaking up with him and getting back with you. When a woman hooks up with a new man, he will usually be very different to her ex, because she will be looking for someone who can fill in the gaps that were missing in her previous relationship. If her ex treated her more like a friend, her new relationship will usually be based on animal attraction and lots of sex i.

Ex girlfriend wants me to hangout with her and new boyfriend.



Ex from 2 years ago wants me to meet her current BF.


What if she wants me to fight for her? If your ex is dating Part 5: Strategies to get her to meet you and leave her new boyfriend. Getting her to meet you. Getting.








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