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Finding the perfect baby girl name is hard, but for a Disney fan, there are dozens of magical options one has probably never considered. The old standbys such as Belle and Aurora are likely familiar -- but what about the characters that aren't princesses? The Pixar stars? And the lesser-known faves that complete the beloved classics? For the true Disney devotee, all of these amazing female characters are fair game as inspiration for enchanting baby names.

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Baby names inspired by Disney characters

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Finding the perfect baby girl name is hard, but for a Disney fan, there are dozens of magical options one has probably never considered.

The old standbys such as Belle and Aurora are likely familiar -- but what about the characters that aren't princesses? The Pixar stars? And the lesser-known faves that complete the beloved classics? For the true Disney devotee, all of these amazing female characters are fair game as inspiration for enchanting baby names. Why do fans love Disney so much? From the storytelling, to the humor, to the life lessons, and to the company's latest move to create more dynamic female characters, fans have grown with these characters that warm their hearts.

That's why we wanted to dig deep and find the best baby names for the Disney or Pixar lover. With the help of BabyNameWizard , we compiled some of the prettiest and most iconic Disney baby girl names from characters that don't quite make the A-list of Disney stars.

There are sure to be new names ripe for baby name discovery! So grab a tiara, a little bit of pixie dust, and make a wish upon a star, and join us in the Never Neverland of baby girl names! But that's not all this gorgeous name has to offer. Though it has dipped in popularity in the US in recent years, we think Flora deserves a comeback! Donald's glamorous gal pal, Daisy Duck, is fun-loving, fashionable, and a true friend!

As a name, Daisy is also the name of the daisy flower, which means "days eye" like the sun in Old English. The name dipped in popularity in the '80s and '90s, but it's making a comeback, thanks in part to celebs such as Olivia Wilde, who named her daughter Daisy last year. Curiouser and curiouser! The next name on our list is Alice, the brave protagonist of Alice in Wonderland. Can we say that about a Disney character? Strong-willed but kind, Colette works hard to compete with the men who work in the kitchen and wants to be considered the best at what she does.

The name Colette is actually the French version of the name Nicole and means "victorious people. Not only does Jasmine get to be the female lead in Aladdin, but she also gets to have a pet tiger! Jasmine is clever, principled, and knows right from wrong. The name Jasmine is also the name of a fragrant flower used in teas and perfumes.

But you can't forget their owners, Roger and Anita. Anita is a Spanish pet name for Ana meaning full of grace but in the US it's often used on its own as a first name. And, because it's been steadily declining in popularity since the '50s, it's the perfect strong, unique title to bring back for a revival.

Celia , which comes from the Latin caelum heaven , is a name that is bold, feminine, and will never go out of style. She also has a beautiful, floral name perfect for a baby girl!

The name Violet only became popular in the middle of the 19th century, when naming girls after flowers suddenly became trendy. But this name has serious staying power and is the chosen title for many celebrity babies, including one of Jennifer Garner's three girls. No need to be a shrinking violet about our feelings for this name. We love it! There is nothing to fear about this next name! Merida is also the Latin name for Mary, which loosely means "rebellion. She possesses a unique charm and ability to inspire those around her.

Esmeralda comes from the Spanish word for emerald and has actually spiked in popularity in recent years, probably thanks to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, who named their daughter Esmeralda in The name Wendy was actually created by the author of Peter Pan J.

Barrie got the name from his friend's 5-year-old daughter, who called Barrie her " fwendy - wendy, " and Barrie liked the term so much he shortened it to Wendy and made it the name of a character in his book. Such a cool backstory for a unique baby name! But when she meets Hercules, his determination, strength, and heart of gold change her mind. Megara is a unique spin on the popular name Megan. As the love interest of Tarzan, Jane is smart, kind, and a little offbeat, just like her father.

Giselle comes from the German word gisil meaning "to owe" or "to pledge. Giselle remains an extremely popular name and sits at number on the US top baby names list. How sweet! In Italian, Bianca means "white" or "fair. In Chinese, Mulan means magnolia, which doesn't seem fitting for this tough cookie! Determined to fight in the army for her father's honor, Mulan goes undercover as a man and battles against the evil Shan Yu. In real life, Mulan is the perfect name for a tough spirit and a brave adventurer!

In turn, she became one of the most powerful sorceresses in fairy tale history. Despite its dark meaning, this name is really synonymous with power, and that makes it pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves. Grandmother Willow is a ancient and wise weeping willow that advises Pocahontas.

She's a little sassy and helps Pocahontas get in touch with her true purpose. The name Willow comes from the Middle English wilwe meaing "willow tree. Boo from Monsters, Inc. Her real name is not Boo sorry -- it's actually Mary Gibbs.

But we think Boo is a far more charming option that's as unique as it is lovable. Though she's uber-popular in her own right, she's not the first character you think of when you think about Disney's leading ladies, and that's why she made the list.

Minnie is sweet, caring, and kind to all. She's also quite the fashionista in her signature red and white polka-dot dress. As a name, Minnie is a nickname for Miryam, a Hebrew name meaning "lady of the sea," proving this name has more depth than you realized! Brave, strong-willed Tiger Lily isn't just a friend to Peter Pan, she's also the inspiration for a truly fearless baby name.

Lily is a more current adaptation of the name and comes from the trumpet-shaped flowers often regarded as symbols of purity and perfection. No matter what the little one is named, however, we think she'll be perfect. We know, we know. Technically, Anastasia is one of Cinderella's two evil stepsisters and that doesn't seem like a good place to pluck a baby name from.

But we promise there's more than meets the eye. Anastasia is the female form of the Greek male name Anastasios, which means "of the resurrection. The Red Rose is one of the flowers that meets Alice as she wanders through Wonderland.

Still, Rose is a pretty name for any lucky girl. The goose with the blue bonnet from The Aristocats, Amelia Gabble is the inspiration for our next baby name. Unsurprisingly, Amelia has English roots and is the variant of an older Germanic name that means "work. Sweet little Abby. The twin of Amelia Gabble, we were inspired by her sister in the pretty pink hat.

Abigail has always proven itself to be a name that evokes a sense of sweetness and youthfulness. It actually comes from the Hebrew name, Avigayil, and means "father is rejoicing. Whoever gets this name is going to have a big personality -- and hopefully, their own beautiful voice.

It probably isn't well known that Laverne is both a boy and girl's name. Yep, it's true. That's why one of the three gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame serves as an inspiration for this name. Laverne comes from the Latin word for " belonging to spring ," and the name was typically given during the springtime. Although she's often remembered for her more purple counter part, Vanessa is the human that Ursula turns into to try and steal Prince Eric away from Ariel.

As a baby name, Vanessa hit its peak in the '80s, but has still remained pretty popular. But we think the name is short, spunky, and sounds playful. It's a peppy name that will go swimmingly with any child. A sophisticated name for a new pup, Georgette was admittedly not the kindest character in Oliver and Company. But hey, she was voiced by Bette Midler, which we think has a certain je ne sais quoi, yes?

All in all, we say that this name's due for a comeback. As a baby name, Penny is a pet name for Penelope, which was so popular that it become a name in its own right. And that's the spirit that any little girl should have. Genny Glassman Nov 17, Pregnancy.

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100+ Disney-Inspired Baby Girl Names

Wife, Oregonian, coffee lover, chronic illness warrior and entrepreneur. Selecting a perfect name for your precious baby girl is no small task. Luckily, there is no shortage of baby name suggestion websites. But what about baby girl names for the ultimate Disney fan families?

Are you a Disney fanatic? Do you still spend every weekend watching Disney movies? Great idea, right?

Do I have to send my child back to school when they reopen or will I get fined? Having a baby is one of the most magical feelings in the entire world but picking your little one's name can be pretty stressful. So we've rounded up 35 names for baby girls inspired by fearless characters and don't worry, if you're due to welcome a little boy into the world fear not because we've also got a list of the top Disney baby boy names. The sweet-natured and loyal little sister of Frozen's Elsa, Anna proved to be a hero in her own right - and was willing to give up everything for the person she loved most. The little girl who tumbled into Disney's Wonderland is curious, clever, and fiercely independent; perfect for your little lady, wouldn't you say?

1,000 Most Popular Girl Names

Baby names from Disney films can summon up positive memories. If you were inspired by Disney movies growing up, you might consider the name of a Disney character for your child. These Disney character baby names come from classic films as well as more recent movies. Some names, like Mowgli or Vanellope, have strong ties to their Disney character, while others are less likely to have an immediate association. For more Disney-related baby names, check out our lists of Pixar baby names and Disney Channel baby names. No longer tied to the hapless Ace Ventura, this jaunty, high-flying nickname name is starting to take flight among celebrity and other parents, with its countless positive references to doing well Adelaide is now heading straight uphill on the coattails of such newly popular sisters as Ava, Ada, and Audrey, and in the company of Adeline and Amelia.

Girl names inspired by Disney

Trying to pick a name for your future daughter? Look no further. Read More. Long considered a bit of an old-fashioned name, Abigail is coming back with the retro-cool vengence of other "vintage" names

With over 90 years of history, Walt Disney has played a big part in many of our childhoods. As well as the classics, our list includes a few favourite names that you might have forgotten about:.


32 Enchanting Baby Girl Names Inspired by Forgotten Disney Characters



Top 50 Dreamy and Mystical Disney Girl Names For Your Baby


We love these Disney-inspired baby girl names and their magical meanings from Frozen, Moana, and all the princess films. Read more on Closer.








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