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What to get a 16 yo girl for her birthday

It happens once in a lifetime: the Sweet The ceremonies that mark the transformation of a girl into a young woman vary from culture to culture, from elaborate Quincenearas to debutante balls to candle ceremonies to Daddy-daughter dances. Promise Ring. A promise ring from a father to a daughter symbolizes a lifelong commitment. Whatever life throws your way, you can lean on me.

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37 Sweet 16 Gift Ideas That Don’t Involve Keys

It happens once in a lifetime: the Sweet The ceremonies that mark the transformation of a girl into a young woman vary from culture to culture, from elaborate Quincenearas to debutante balls to candle ceremonies to Daddy-daughter dances.

Promise Ring. A promise ring from a father to a daughter symbolizes a lifelong commitment. Whatever life throws your way, you can lean on me. Birthday Roses. Girls love getting flowers, no matter what the occasion. This sweet 16 gift might be the first real bouquet of flowers she receives. So make it mean something. Make it classy. Vanity Set.

Infinity Earrings. Infinity is defined as the largest number you can conceive. These silver infinity earrings are set with a scapolite stone, which signifies inner peace and commitment to be yourself. Get her this sweet 16 gift to let her know you want her to grow, thrive, and be true to herself.

Prices Vary. Gourmet Cookie Bouquet. This sweet 16 cookie bouquet is as sweet as can be. Personalize it with your choice of colors, size, and design. The center cookie can be decorated with a message of up to twenty-five characters. Luxury Princess Canopy Bed. Mind: Blown. Your princess will sleep like royalty every night, dreaming of glamorous evening gowns, court dances, and princes lining up to ask for the next dance.

Glass slippers not included. Personalized Messenger Bag. This bag combines a classic monogram with cute design motifs to make a perfect sweet 16 gift. Princess Canopy Screen. You guffawed, chortled, snickered, and spit out your coffee when you say the price of the princess canopy bed. Hermes Bag. Fashion forward, high class socialites rejoice! Graduation day his here!

Handbag graduation, that is. Mark her transformation from girl to young lady with a gift that will make her swoon: a genuine leather purse from Hermes. Her friends will be jealous, and your cred will be in the black for years.

Customized Bangle. Get this personalized bangle for your girl for her Sweet 16 and seal the deal. Let her parents and relatives get all the expensive stuff: you can swing this one with just one or two babysitting gigs. The latest greatest iPhone, of course.

The iPhone 6s has a great screen, a top-quality camera, and video apps she can use to edit videos. Buy this gift and guarantee a happy Sweet 16 birthday. Memory Chalkboard. This chalkboard can be a standalone gift, and accent to her birthday bash, or part of a full room makeover. Design, wording, and colors are all fully customizable.

Contact the artist and make it perfect. Prada Heels. Her father awaits with tears of pride in his eyes. She slips out of the flats and he helps her into her first official pair of high heels. The Angel wears Prada! Fender Stratocaster. She thinks Sweet 16 is synonymous with gender oppression. What to do? Get her an electric guitar: the Stratocaster has been the preferred axe of guitar gods…er, goddesses for half a century.

Peace, Love, and Sweet 16! Kanji Charm. This sterling silver kanji charm comes as a bracelet, necklace charm, or pendant. Fixie Bike. Look Daddy, no carbon footprint!

Steel frame, one gear, no brakes. Get your tradition-bucking, eco-conscious Sweet 16 the hipster equivalent of a car. Sixteen Years of Awesome. Made in —the year that gave us the first wave of 21st century babies, aka millennials. This Sweet 16 gift is perfect to get for a friend, or for parents to get as an add-on to the big time gifts they have planned to knock her socks off. Trucker Hat. Take it back to the boondocks with this Sweet 16 gift for country girls.

Or hip girls who like to sport a cap low over their eyes at a rakish angle. We have a feeling this will be her go-to lid all the way to college. Retro Ball Gown. Princesses, prom queens, aspiring homecoming court girls—this is a Sweet 16 gift made in heaven for young women who love all the trappings of tradition. Get the hankies ready. The little girl is growing up. MacBook Pro. This top of the line laptop from Apple has all the power she needs to crank out her papers and work her spreadsheet magic.

If she treats it right, it will last her all the way through college. The parent who gives this gift is a smart one, indeed. Sweet 16 Birthday Basket. She and all her besties can snack on these treats all night long during her final slumber party as a young girl.

Personalized Leather Journal. You have an artistic, reflective, deep thinker on your hands. Canon Power Shot. Give her the best: the Power Shot is tricked out with the best optics for still photos and p HD video capture. Teen dream: it has an on-board Wi-Fi system that lets you upload images to social networking sites directly from the camera.

Sweet 16 Magazine Cover. Every girl dreams of seeing their name in lights and making the cover of the latest celebrity magazine. Make her dreams come true with this professional-looking magazine cover you can customize for your special girl. Personalized Bobblehead.

Freeze this moment in time forever: your Sweet 16, just like she looks right now. Send in photos of the birthday girl, and the makers will work with you to customize the clay figurine from head to toe.

Sweet 16 Jammies. She may be growing up, but she still needs cute pajamas to cuddle up in when she goes to sleep at night. Choose from flannel color combinations for the bottoms, from girly pink to grunge-style red and black lumberjack. GoPro Camera. If your Sweet 16 is a thrill seeker, she can relive the best moments of her adrenaline charged adventures with a GoPro Action camera. Or she can use it to record the shenanigans that go down at her birthday bash, and watch them all later—after editing out the embarrassing moments, of course.

Sweet 16 Tote. Tennis anyone? For the country club set or the up and coming sorority girl, this Sweet 16 tote is all the way cute. Memory Book. This large format memory book gives everyone a chance to write down a special note during her Sweet 16 birthday bash. The bound spine is built to last, and the pages are lined to make it easier for friends and loved ones to jot down a few lines.

Birthday Gifts for 16 Year Old Girls

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Teenage girls are notoriously hard to shop for. Picking the right gift is even harder now than ever before thanks to trends that shift at lightning speed and the influence of social-media stars who most people of legal drinking age have never heard of.

Sweet sixteens are exciting celebrations, marking one year closer to adulthood. On her birthday card , you want to congratulate the birthday girl on all her accomplishments over the last 16 years while celebrating all to come.

Little girls wait forever for this day — her Sweet 16 Birthday. What are the best gifts for a 16 year old girl? Of course, she wants a car, but most 16 year old girls also love clothes, makeup, jewelry, and hanging out with friends. Look for special gifts that are symbolic with meaning. A special Birthday deserves a special gift.

Gifts For 16 Year Old Girls 2020 – Best Gift Ideas

This birthday marks the transition of a young girl into womanhood. In various cultures and countries, this transition in age is a big celebration. For example in America, it is often celebrated by gifting the girl a car or other expensive gift item. Turning 16 is considered when a girl comes of age because it is on this day that she is treated as an adult for the very first time. At this stage, she is considered mature enough to get a job or even own a car. Of course, not all girls would love to receive a car on their 16 th birthday. There are various other gifts she might be interested in.

21 Best Gifts For 16 Year Old Girl

Birthday Gifts for 16 Year Old Girls Celebrate her sweet 16 in style when you browse our collection of personalized 16th birthday gifts. From sparkling jewelry to pampering spa kits, your not-so-little girl will feel extra special on this momentous day. Related Categories. Channel Birthstone Bracelet.

We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it.

Choose from some of these birthday gift ideas , which range from trendy to unique. Mobile chargers are a great gift for that person who spends so much time on their phone or tablet, running out of battery long before making it home to plug back in. Mobile chargers, also known as portable chargers or battery packs, are compact battery devices that can recharge your device on the go. Any gift that relates to this life event is likely to be well received.

Gift Ideas for a 16th Birthday



The 35 Best Gifts for Teenage Girls, According to Teenagers


Feb 12, - It's the birthday every girl looks forward to—her sweet 16th. Here are 10 favorite sweet 16 birthday gift ideas that your teen girl will love.


16 Sweet 16 Gift Ideas For a Perfect Birthday







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