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What female superhero do i look like

Right now, it seems you can barely move without seeing a comic book movie heading to the big screen or a new superhero show making its way to the small screen. Make no mistake about it, we're well and truly slap-bang in the middle of a superhero boom - a boom that doesn't look like coming to an end any time soon. Whether it's in movie form, TV form, or even in the wonderful medium of comic books, there have been a whole plethora of women who many can only dream of somehow going on a date with. Y'know, because these are essentially fictional characters. But we digress What we're going to do here - because we're kind souls here at TheQuiz.

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Which Female Superhero Are You?

Let's delve into your collective unconscious and pull out a totem. From the following greatest movie mash-up ever, which character would you like to be? Faster, Stronger, Better. You do it all with a smile. But you are more than a pretty face and amazing powers, you are an icon--a living symbol. People look up to you. You have the ability to inspire, just as you take inspiration from your fellow man.

Some may say that "money is the best superpower," but they don't get it. Lots of guys have money and butlers , but your power isn't from your vast reserves of wealth, it's from yourself.

You've trained and honed your skills and you even have all the most wonderful toys. Look, the gadgets make the man, and you've made the gadgets, so you're really a self made man or woman. Although the butler does help. Haters gonna hate. You got more important things going on-- Like saving the day from evil-doers or saving the night at a swinging club for socialites.

So don your protective armor and let the hits keep on coming, you got this! Genre-Savvy Note: Hey, sorry about your parents. That's rough. Strange, etc. Out of the pages of myth and legend, you step-nay-stride with a bold and unconquerable spirit. You need no introduction, you're the one they call when the chips are down and they need a miracle.

You put the "Deus Ex" in "Deus ex Machina. Beware deviations from your true quest, you were born for higher things and cannot suffer yourself to get entangled with the temptations of a prodigal mortal life.

Genre Savvy Hint: When consorting with mortals, try and speak to them in their own language, in terms they can understand. I know it's tempting to be intimidating and impressive, but trust me, you already are. Sometimes it's important just to be relatable too. Quote: "Verily". You not only have vast mental powers over your own mind, but also can likely affect the minds of others--please use your gifts responsibly!

Your supernatural gifts are likely augmented by sheer intelligence, yet despite your seeming superiority to all those around you, you find yourself fascinated by other people.

What makes them tick? Who are these other less talented beings you are surrounded by? How do they live without knowing what's going to happen 5 minutes into the future, and why do they always seem so annoyed when I tell them? These are questions you may find yourself perpetually investigating.

Best of luck in your explorations of the rich and fertile mindscape and "stay outta my head! Get away from all the "bustling booming confusion" of a million voices pounding in your head constantly--we wouldn't want you to go crazy!

Seriously, we really don't want you to go crazy. ULS Classification: E-5 Label: Elementalist Powerset: Element water, wind, earth, fire manipulation; communication with animals, nature empathy, animalistic characteristics specific or general Notable Members: Storm.

Iceman, The Human Torch, Aquaman, Animal Man, As an elementalist, you are the most centered of the superheroes--whether you talk to animals, commune with nature, command the waves and the winds, or simply turn into a beast, you have an inner nature that is in touch with meaningful connections around you.

Some might think you're quiet, but they would not do well to underestimate you, nor the awesome power of the untamed heart that beats just below the surface. Genre-Savvy Hint: In civilized society, we wear clothes. And shoes. Like all the time. I know communing with the woodland creatures you might prefer to be au naturale, but in the realm of men, it's 'no shoes, no service. While not always as flashy as the big hulking smashers of brick walls, it's no exaggeration to say that you just very well might be the most powerful member of your superteam.

Watch out for the quiet one indeed! Your particular skill set also means you have likely had to spend more time learning and developing your powers--yours are not the sort of abilities that any idiot can wield like a blunt instrument--You have power, but it requires Genre-Savvy Tip: As you walk through walls of life, remember, some borders and barriers are there for a reason!

But that's so mundane now. You've been places, seen things, that no human has ever seen before-transcendent vistas and unspeakable terrors-and you are forever changed. Phenomenal cosmic power and all eternity as your living space, you search for meaning and purpose among the stars. Few have been entrusted with such great power, but your noble and unconquerable spirit, your unquestioned integrity, suggested that the powers that be have made a good choice in vouchsafing the power cosmic within you.

Genre-savvy hint: as your free spirit soars the cosmos, don't forget your humanity. You can go with the flow and adapt to almost any situation you find yourself in. Because the world around you is always changing, but no matter what comes and goes, you'll still be here.

Despite your capacity for versatility, you are actually astonishingly reliable. You put on a good show when you're around others, but you have a strong independent streak. Some of your loud and flashiness is just a cover--inside you hide a world beyond what anyone from the outside would guess. Keep on doing your part even if that part is always changing and you'll do all right. Genre-Savvy Advice: You may find yourself often in the role of jester or trickster on your team, but you may want to be careful to not over-do it--It may also be helpful to know a little bit about your hidden depths.

A psychologist was caught in a lab accident that melded his comic book collection with a tome on Jungian archetypes and this quiz was born! What Is Your Superhero Archetype? Created by Avander Promentory. Ultimately, you put your faith and trust in Squishy things.

A higher power. Good people. What's your favorite fairy tale? Beauty And The Beast. Sleeping Beauty. Little Red Riding Hood. Snow White. The Little Mermaid. Alice in Wonderland. Wizard Of Oz. Which is most essential? To be grounded. To broaden your horizons. Ultimately, your living soul is primarily Team player or lone wolf? I can handle things on my own. If my life is of no use to my friends, it is of no use to me. Mysteriously transported to the future, you Catch up on what's happened in your favorite comics.

Mourn the years you've missed with friends and loved ones. Grab some of this awesome tech while you can! Get a cheeseburger at your favorite floating diner; you've been to the future lots of times. Settle into your new comfy future home and enjoy the ride.

Attempt to find a way back to the past. You "need to know. Herr Schoedinger--you have ways of making him talk. The lab at the university. An ancient secret text of forbidden knowledge. Yourself-a beacon of knowledge. A living planet older than your home galaxy. The lab at your place. A library-beacon of knowledge. Your animal sidekick! Harry Potter sorting:.

I'm the chosen one Just a smidge.

Personality Quiz: Which Superhero Would You Be a Sidekick For?

Skip to main content. Every superhero needs a sidekick in the fight against evil. Find out who you'd team up with in this epic quiz!

Storm is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Cockrum's original concept for a character with the power of weather control was of a male.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! The super powers, superhero battles, and high-flying antics of the movie are great special effects, but the nature of that simple, treasured ring has a special effect on the viewer's heart. Spiderman - that webslinging superhero from the Marvel universe is a Halloween staple and with many versions to choose from, you too can live out your super hero fantasies by doning one of several spandex Spiderman costumes. When all the questions have been answered successfully, the child can ask an adult for help to print off a Hero Certificate indicating that they helped the Internet superhero save the town.

Which Superhero Costume Fits You The Best?

Lifestyle clothes , fashion , shopping , Style. Take the quiz, open your closet, and be prepared to be savaged by the critics! Lifestyle clothes , fashion , outfit. You can tell a lot about a lady by what dress she wears. So what type of dress best fits your unique personality? Take our quiz and find out! Superheroes are defined almost as much by what they wear as what they do! So, which Superhero costume fits you best? Try on a codpiece and take our quiz to find out! Please enter a valid email address.

24 Superhero Costumes For Women That Will Save Halloween

It may not surprise you to learn that essentially all of the original superheroines dreamt up during the '40s and '50s—including characters that would later become icons like Wonder Woman and Supergirl—were created by male writers and artists for a primarily male audience. And as with all art, since comics are a reflection of the time in which they are made, this occasionally led to some not-so-flattering portrayals. In the '60s and '70s, though, thanks to second-wave feminism, we began to see some improvements to women's representation on the page. There was Marvel Girl's transformation into Phoenix from the weakest to the strongest member of the X-Men and founding Avengers member Wasp's sudden intellectual prowess. And despite the overwhelming lack of female creators and a perceived disinterest in comics from female readers, over time we've seen all kinds of inspiring female superheroes grace our comics, from disco queen Dazzler to former Wakandan Queen Storm.

It seems like movie producers have finally caught on to the times and are bringing our favorite female superheroes to life on the big screen.

But that seemed cynical, so I decided to consult the experts: I went to see the movie with a bunch of ten-year-old boys, and then read the comic book with two of them. Captain Comics is in the fourth grade and knows more about Marvel than Stan Lee. I believe these involved the thing borne out of a cradle, about two thirds of the way through the movie.

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Let's delve into your collective unconscious and pull out a totem. From the following greatest movie mash-up ever, which character would you like to be? Faster, Stronger, Better. You do it all with a smile. But you are more than a pretty face and amazing powers, you are an icon--a living symbol.

A Feminist Ranking of Female Superheroes

The stories will highlight modern life in Pakistan through the representation of communities not as visible in mainstream public life. Khan hopes this approach will break stereotypes and encourage inclusion about communities across the country. Pakistan Legion features 12 characters from 12 different parts of Pakistan and each with unique superpowers, stories, struggles, and enemies. A child born after generations with wind control abilities in the family, Samaa is an engineer who is burdened by expectations of her people. After years of reluctance, she has finally given herself wings and is ready to carry the legacy of her tribe. A healer and a poet, Aazam had spent his life being despised and called a freak by the natives of the forest until a catastrophe occured. Using his abilities he must now help the land and his people in dire need of healing.

May 25, - A psychologist was caught in a lab accident that melded his comic book collection with a tome on Jungian archetypes and this quiz was born!

Are you more like Superman or Spiderman? Wolverine or Batman? Take the Ravenweb Superhero Survey to find out which superhero you most resemble.

Looking at Female Superheroes with Ten-Year-Old Boys


How These 19 Stars Transformed Into Movie Heroes and Villains




Which Superhero Do You Most Resemble?



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