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Uk visitor visa for thai girlfriend

Bringing your Thai girlfriend to the UK for a holiday to meet your family and friends is without a doubt a romantic prospect. However, even before imagining your excited girlfriend stepping into the plane bound for Birmingham, you need to be aware of the immigration hurdle which you and her need to overcome to successfully obtain a visitor visa to the UK. Good information is your key to obtaining a UK visitor visa for your Thai girlfriend with flying colors. Among the most important considerations which you need to keep in mind when applying a UK visitor visa for your Thai girlfriend are the circumstances of your girlfriend in Thailand and your relationship with each other.

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passport for thai girl friend - Pattaya Forum

By pr , May 4, in Visas and migration to other countries. Below I provide, in order: A my observations about the refusal, background and facts about our relationship and C the refusal letter. I hope someone in this forum can help me.

A Out of the 4 points raised by the officer: 1 This point concerns me. It is not clear what conclusion the officer made about her circumstances in Thailand. It seems to me that the officer is just explaining how it works, instead of detailing an issue.

Having said that, I have no idea how to fix it. One of the questions on the form was "How much money are you planning to spend on your visit to the UK? I assumed that was the cost of her trip, not a value that she would need to pay herself. In the form and in the invitation letter I said I was paying for absolutely everything, but if the question was meant to show money she needed to pay then I made a mistake.

Is that the case? One more thing in relation to "elaborate further" with regards to her savings: What else do they require? I filled in the form and did it all without explaining to her all details.

I never thought they would call my girlfriend. They called early morning and she was confused and ended up saying if the visa was for 6 months she would stay 6 months.

Also, she said the course could take 3 months. This I believe can be fixed by clarifying the details with my girlfriend and confirming the dates of her trip: flight dates, exact return date and dates of any English courses.

Anything else I should fix? Other things I think I missed, but were not mentioned by the officer: - I didn't explain where and how we met in a bar - Should I add a more detailed itinerary to the invitation letter, with dates and prices of train tickets, instead of just saying "we plan to visit cities A, B and C in the UK"?

I went back in April for 8 more days and this time stayed in Bangkok only. My GF doesn't work. She lives in a remote village in Thailand with relatives, doesn't have properties and I send money to her every month. I know that taking into account her financial situation none! In the last two opportunities I met several of her friends proved with photos. C Below is the refusal letter, with some personal information masked.

Please can anyone help me? I have refused your application for a visa because I am not satisfied that you meet the requirements of paragraph s V4. You have said on your visa form that you intend to stay in the UK for 30 days.

I acknowledge the letter of invitation, copy of your sponsors European Passport and evidence of his financial documents which you have submitted in support of your application, however I must take into account your own circumstances in Thailand as part of an overall assessment of your application and intentions in the UK. I am therefore not satisfied that you have access to these funds.

You stated during interview that you intended to stay 3 months in the UK and would take an English course. You were unsure how long the course would be and stated that you would stay longer if needed to finish. Whilst I appreciate that you mentioned in your application form that you may take a short English course but that this would be for weeks only. I further note that during interview you confirmed that if your visa was valid for 6 months you intended to stay for 6 months.

Your application is refused under paragraph V4. Many thanks in advance pr The main one throughout is failure to demonstrate reasons to return. No job but savings of XX without explanation of its source.

Applicant has to demonstrate affordability. If you are paying costs then this needs to be stated clearly and evidence provided that it is affordable. If you reapply it is going to be essential that these irregularities are sorted and this may be far from easy. Once doubts are raised regarding the reliability of an applicant things get much tougher! Might be an idea to get a copy of the transcript.

If it was in English then the defence of misunderstanding is a valid one. Less so if it was in Thai. Confusion and panic can be a partial defence also. It was in Thai, so only the "confusion and panic" point would apply, which is still a valid one as you said. I was wondering if, on re-applying, I should at all address the specific points reaised by the officer, such as the applicant Thai girlfriend saying 6 months when she shouldn't?

I thought I would re-apply as if it was a new chance and not mention any of the mistakes, just making sure we don't make them again?

I also provided all my statements which was acknowledged by the officer. You really dropped the ball on this. With an application where an ECO needs to clarify info, they can call a sponsor, employer or an applicant.

You should have primed your GF on the questions she might be asked and, at the very least, that she would confirm all you had said in your sponsor letter and her in her applicant letter. I have seen quite a few refusals in the last year where an applicant's financial situation lead directly to the refusal. A few of them by stuffing money into a GF's bank account and the applicant being unable to give a reasonable explanation for the money. It's a horrible mistake. I would consider writing a letter with a future application stating the applicant panicked and was not trying to confuse or mislead the interviewer!

She was unsure about the details but should not have been and apologises. It may help to explain that you helped with the application and have no previous experience therefore confused the applicant. Might be worth contacting the forum sponsors ThaiVisa Express to see if they can extricate you both from this mess! In fact they are in a much better position to remain in the UK, find work and finance setting up a new life here.

Essentially if you're wealthy you can be trusted and if you're poor you can not Interestingly countries that have the shengen visa don't suffer from herds of poor Thais coming to their countries and never returning. Plenty of wealthy Thai friends in the film industry but also plenty of Thai friends from poor backgrounds, I would say neither group are more inclined to leave Thailand, but also I come to the question without any deep rooted prejudices.

The fact remains wealth and education is considered more reliable than culture and family. The only Thais I have ever heard express a desire to leave Thailand have been the wealthy. I'm the opposite to you!

Most of my Thai or Lao friends are from the lower echelons of society you can't get much lower than being Lao in Thailand! I have lots of criticisms of UKVI decision making, but prejudice against people with less education or those with bar work on their CV, is not one of them.

This destroyed all her credibility in the eyes of the ECO. If she intended to stay for the full term of the visa, she should have said so in the first place. On the finances, as you are contributing towards the costs, then you need to provide evidence that you have the funds to so do.

But I will definitely take that into account and make sure all my finances are properly explained and supported by documents. It is clear to me now that in the next application I need to tackle the issue with the interview. The truth is that I did it all on my own and didn't explain anything to her. I just said we would apply for a visa. When she received the call she panicked and ended up saying what she said. She never left Asia and had no idea of the consequences of saying things like: "3 months English course", when the max is 30 days as a tourist, or "would stay 6 months if visa allowed".

These contradicted what I put in the application form. I understand from everyone's reply here that I must address the issues and mention the the refusal letter in the next application. I am thinking of putting the real reason as I explained above, which was that I didn't explain to her the process and left her in the dark.

It is interesting that I contacted two agencies and none replied after seeing the refusal letter. Definitely a tough challenge ahead, but since I have nothing to hide and she is a genuine visitor, I am hoping the next application will be accepted. The refusal was totally fair based on my mistakes, however I hope the next application, if done correctly, is accepted because if it's refused based on the officer's opinion that a poor Thai woman may never return to Thailand it will be devastating.

We can prove she is a genuine visitor, the challenge will be to prove she has a reason to return to Thailand, when these reasons may be personal and not available as documents such as land ownership or millions of bahts in a bank account. So many applicants request a couple of weeks but intend staying much longer. Did your GF really just state what you had both discussed? Not telling her that she might get call and not priming her for that call has done a lot of damage to any new application's credibility.

I wrote a list of bullet points for my wife to memorise, should she get a call but she never did on three visas.

I also got her to remember another list to use when she was quizzed at immigration at Heathrow. True to form they asked her about work which she knew to say that she would never work as it is against the rules on a VV. When my wife applied for her first visit visa she and a good solid letter from her employer stating that she had a job to return to when she returned and almost nothing else apart from photos of us with her family.

A few hotel bookings and a couple of internal flight bookings together. IMHO an employer letter is by far the best route and in your shoes I would encourage her to get a job and apply in a while. The only other option is a settlement visa where she would need no reason to return. Unfortunately she doesn't work, she doesn't own land, her parents passed away when she was young and she was raised by her grandmother. She doesn't even know the name of her parents.

I understand why immigration officers should follow strict rules to avoid mass illegal immigration to the UK. I don't dispute that.

UK Visitor Visa

You sure can bring your Thai girlfriend to the UK if you just follow a few simple steps and requirements to getting a tourist or visitor visa. We at Thai Visa World Travel can help you with that process. Yes you can sponsor your girlfriend to come to the UK, in fact it is the most reliable way to apply for her tourist visa. To sponsor your Thai girlfriend to come to the UK you will need to write a well written invitation letter of intent, also showing evidence of your relationship together, bank statements and other required documents.

This information is based on my personal experience and in no way guarantees that your Thai partner will be granted a visa to visit the UK. This is not true.

By pr , May 4, in Visas and migration to other countries. Below I provide, in order: A my observations about the refusal, background and facts about our relationship and C the refusal letter. I hope someone in this forum can help me. A Out of the 4 points raised by the officer: 1 This point concerns me.

How Can I Take My Thai Girlfriend to England

Any man who has spent any amount of time in Pattaya will have heard or more different stories about UK holidays visa for Thai girlfriend. The visa application is for the Thai girlfriend and not the British boyfriend. This is the most misunderstood area of the visa application and why most visas are refused. British men wrongly believe as they have a house, job and money that the embassy will issue the Thai girlfriend a visa, but this is inaccurate. The British boyfriend ie the sponsor is taken into account, but not to the degree most people in Pattaya would have you believe. A UK holiday visa is also known as a visitor visa or a UK tourist visa. The tourist visa is issued for a total of six months.

How to Get a UK Visitor Visa for Your Thai Partner [in 7 Steps]

Im thinking of treating my thai girlfriend to a holiday in england.. It's very unbureaucratic, only takes about 2 days, and costs about baht for a 32 page passport and for a 64 page document. Here's where she has to apply: www. The passport application process is quite straightforward.. I've accompanied several Thai nationals when applying in Bangkok before..

Uk visitors visa. If you live in Thailand or you are a frequent visitor, the chances are that you will have a Thai girlfriend.

Legal updates, insights, and opinions on laws and law suits in Thailand written by our lawyers. Visa is required for most foreign nationalities to travel and stay in Thailand for more than 30 days. Solemnized with or without a Betrothal Ceremony in ritual manner and also through court.

Facts about UK holiday visa for Thai girlfriend

You have to fill in your application online at visa4uk. Your girlfriend can also keep up with what she must do by going to homeoffice. You must apply online and at the end it will allow you to book an appointment - go to VFS Global to book an appointment.

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Entry clearance is necessary for Thai nationals for travel to the UK. The UK Visitor Visa for Thai nationals can be granted for visits of six month.








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