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Sketch of girl and boy holding hands

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Pencil Sketch Girl And Boy Holding Hands Drawing Easy

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This step by step in tutorial shows how to draw anime, manga or comic book style hands holding various objects. The examples include hands holding a knife, sword, shopping bag, phone, gun and pen or pencil. These examples can also be applied to drawing real hands. Drawing hands on their own can be quite complicated. Drawing hands that are holding something can be even more tricky as parts of the hand can be covered by the object making it even more difficult to get the correct placement and proportions of different parts of the hand.

To help you this tutorial shows some examples of drawing objects that you are very likely to see in an anime, manga or comic books. Start drawing by getting the overall proportions of the major parts of the hand. When the fingers are together you can draw them as one big shape before drawing each finger individually.

Draw the base of the thumb and then the thumb itself. The different shapes can overlap each other but you can erase the overlapping lines as you continue drawing so that your sketch wont get too cluttered. After you have the rough shape of the hand this can be a very rough sketch draw in the actual object that the hand will be holding in this case the knife. Draw in the details of the hand and knife. You can also go over the drawing with darker cleaner lines. You can also apply the same view of the hand and the same steps when drawing it holding other type of of objects and you can flip the object to point upwards instead of downwards.

For example you can also draw a club or a sword. You can also rotate the hand and draw it holding on to something like a handrail. Because in this case we will have the index finger pointing slightly away from the other fingers we will draw it separately. You can start drawing the rest of the fingers as one big shape same as in the first example. After you have the major proportions draw in the sword. Draw out the individual fingers afterwards. Just as the previous example you can also use this view and position of the hand to show it holding other objects or holding on to things in a more relaxed manner.

How to Draw a Katana Step by Step. Draw in the overall shape of the fingers and then draw the thumb base followed by the thumb itself. Draw the bag after you have the rough sketch of the hand draw and each individual finger afterwards.

Although later on most of the hand will be covered b the phone you should again draw the major shapes of the hand same as in previous examples to avoid making mistakes later on.

Draw a rough shape to indicate the outer shape of the fingers you can also skip this for this particular view and start drawing each finger individually. Next draw the thumb. Clean up your drawing. You can erase the invisible part of the hand if you have not done so in the previous step and draw in the details. Draw the index finger separate from the other fingers it will be on the trigger and draw the overall shape of the other fingers combined.

Get the overall proportions of the the hand. It can be a little more difficult to draw the palm part of the hand in this view.

Since the other fingers are not fully visible in this view it can be difficult to draw them in the correct position and proportions. Therefore it is a good idea to fully draw out each finger from the base to the tip with light lines you can erase the invisible parts later. For the sake of the tutorial some parts of the hand are shown as see through to make it easier to see other parts.

As already mentioned you can use the examples in this tutorial to draw the hands holding other objects. You can also draw the hands in other views using the same principles by starting with a rough sketch, drawing the major parts of the hand first and working your way down to the details. Always be sure to compare the different proportions of the hand to one another to help avoid mistakes.

Keep practicing. Skip to content.

Pencil Sketch Boy And Girl Holding Hands Drawing

Post a Comment. Boy And Girl Holding Hands Anime Sketch - Hello friends, loyal visitors Drawing Tutorial Easy , On this occasion we will provide information on the latest collection of easy drawing tutorials that are about Boy And Girl Holding Hands Anime Sketch, previously we have prepared this information well for you to see and also take the information in it. Hopefully the information that has been published is in the post Article boy and girl holding hands anime sketch , what we have written can be useful for all of you and an inspiration for all of you.

This step by step in tutorial shows how to draw anime, manga or comic book style hands holding various objects. The examples include hands holding a knife, sword, shopping bag, phone, gun and pen or pencil.

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