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When Casey Maldonado and Death hitch a desperate ride away from one disaster, they throw themselves right into the middle of another. The semi in which they are traveling crashes. Before the Grim Reaper takes Evan the Trucker away, Evan whispers to Casey about a stash hidden in the truck that she should keep away from them. Them turns out to be a band of men who want that package no matter what it takes, and they believe Casey knows where—and what—it is. Alone and injured, with neither money nor identification, Casey escapes from the ER doctors and her pursuers and hides out in the cornfields of Kansas.

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Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ Gets Covered by ‘Family Guy’ Characters (Video)

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Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy is That's a hell of a lot of giggity's, Buzz Killingtons and Conway Twittys. Not bad for a show that was actually cancelled and taken off the air for three years. Like fellow cartoons The Simpsons and South Park before it, we can't help but binge on the residents of Quahog whenever we get the chance.

But what are the particularly best episodes ever made? We've selected our ultimate favourites, so find out if yours made the list below:. Best line: Peter: "Sorry but I don't take coupons from giant chickens, not after last time. Early Family Guy might be rather dated and tough to watch nowadays, but there are still some gems, and this was one of the first to move out of the normal sitcom conventions that it pretty much totally ignores today.

Airing in late , it showed what Quahog looked like after the Y2K bug broke the world. Stewie became a radioactive squid, Randy Newman was found in the wastelands, and there was even a strange live-action sequence involving Victoria Principal and Patrick Duffy spoofing the "Who Shot JR?

Classic bonkers Family Guy. And of course, it launched the epic rivalry between Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken that has returned many times since.

This was potentially the first time fans realised this wasn't just a Simpsons ripoff. Best line: Brian: "Wow. Son of a bitch. Any episode that features time travel is usually a winner there's several in this list.

Using the classic Christmas Carol trope, Death shows Peter what his life would be like if he did things differently. He and Brian travel back to for a day, but this time he drops Lois at their prom, and the future is changed. Al Gore is President and shock horror: Lois and Quagmire are married. And the kids all have his chin. The best thing about this episode is that it turns into a brilliant parody of Back to the Future , and was an example of Family Guy 's amazing "Road to Best line: Quagmire: "Can't we all just be happy she's dead?

For the season 9 hour-long premiere, Family Guy went full murder mystery spoof, because why not? Regular guest star James Woods invited every major character to his seaside manor for a Clue -style dinner party. After Woods is 'killed', the guests start a search to find the killer. This was a rare episode which didn't rely too much on cutaway gags, and contained so many recurring characters who would normally never interact.

We never thought we'd see Jillian's boyfriend Derek hanging out with Seamus the sea captain. Most shocking was that several characters actually died and stayed dead — including Muriel Goodman and Diane Simmons.

That's one way to cut some dead wood. Best line: Stewie: "Oh God, you're not coming out of the closet are you? Ugh, why does everyone always come out to me? The first of several of the epic Brian and Stewie "Road to In this one, Brian picks Stewie up from his grandparents' house but they soon get lost after their plane tickets are stolen.

And so begins an amazing road trip as they attempt to go back to Quahog before Lois finds out. Not only was it hilarious, but it didn't shy away from being ultra emotional either. Brian visited the puppy house where he was born, stealing his late mother's taxidermied body in the process. One of the rare emotionally-charged moments in the show.

Best line: Stewie: "He was gonna call the cops, man, you can't call the cops on Santa. Another Stewie and Brian journey saw them travel to the North Pole in order to kill Santa Claus, but all they discovered was a wrecked and polluted factory full of diseased elves and feral reindeer.

The pair help Mr Claus by attempting to deliver gifts around the world, but this of course just leads to disaster. And a family's Christmas being utterly ruined. There are so many moments which are Christmas comedy gold, from the epic 'Christmastime is Killing Us' song to the Aurora Boreanaz cameo.

Best line: Peter: "Then I guess we'll take our millions of dongs elsewhere This was one of the best Peter-being-stupid episodes. Here, he decides to grow a moustache, but after he fails to do so he eats his weight in McBurgertown burgers, leading to a massive stroke and leaving the left side of his body paralysed. So yep, Family Guy went there and somehow made strokes funny. He eventually gets instantly cured by stem cells, and met a talking cow at the McBurgertown factory, who Peter and Brian set free via a Monkees-style chase.

A farce of an episode, but in a good way. Best line: Brian: "Hey As Brian went from sensible Joe to womanizing jerk, it also meant that we got to enjoy plenty of Brian vs Quagmire battles. The best of which, was when Brian accidentally shagged his dad. As Dan Quagmire arrived on the scene, his creepy son was shocked to find that he'd transitioned, becoming Ida. And for Family Guy standards, it was surprisingly kind to the transgender community.

Sort of. Brian has a one-night stand with Ida, and when he discovers who she really is, he barfs all over the place just like in the amazing ipecac incident in season 4. Quagmire proceeds to beat the crap out of him, only for Brian to utter: "Hey Best line: "Sir, our maths shows that the bird is equal to, or greater than the word.

AKA the 'Bird is the Word' episode. Here, Peter actually finds Jesus. He's working at a record shop. Peter convinces him to reveal himself to the world, taking down President George W Bush in the process. But the main reason the episode is so great is the aforementioned 'Surfin' Bird' running gag, in which Peter annoys the hell out of everyone by continuously finding ways to shoehorn in the catchy s Trashmen tune.

Even now, you never know when it might strike again. Best line: FCC officer: "His chin looks like balls. You want me to cover that, too? Family Guy often pushes things as far as possible, so we're guessing the writers have a bit of a frosty relationship with the censors.

This episode was their way of aiming all their anger at the agencies who get in the way. And then they started censoring real life too. The family then journey to Washington to set everything right again.

It was one of those episodes where all the jokes worked, and it featured one of the show's first over-the-top song numbers, and it wasn't just to pad for time. Best line: Stewie: "You give my life purpose, and maybe, maybe that's enough. Because that's just about the greatest gift one friend can give another.

We've already made it clear how much we love Brian and Stewie episodes, and the title alone makes it obvious why we love this one. The two find themselves accidentally trapped inside a bank vault all weekend, and soon they are forced to reveal their true feelings about each other, and question their existence and purpose in life.

While it's awesome to see these two together, this episode was particularly great because it is the only one ever not to use any cutaway gags at all, and they're the only characters on show. Not even Peter appears. Clearly, the writers know exactly what the fans want. Best line: Lois as Leia: "I love you". The second of the show's Star Wars parodies was almost as good as the first, but much better than the third. So, almost like the actual Star Wars films. You kinda have to be a Star Wars fan to get all the jokes, and the whole exercise is a bit bizarre on paper, but it works.

Though, we disagree with Peter. We prefer the Robot Chicken specials. Best line: Stewie: "Chris, whatever happened to Geena Davis? She used to be in movies, but she's not in movies anymore. She's attractive enough but when she smiles you see too much gum. Not a good tooth-to-gum ratio Ah, I'll tell you in the morning. Another Peter going crazy episode, and one of the very best.

He wins a Trivial Pursuit game, and instantly thinks he's a genius. After being challenged to apply for a MacArthur Genius Grant, he's actually labelled as being mentally retarded.

In time, Peter is exploiting his diagnosis, and manages to even lose custody of his children to Cleveland. Tackling a sensitive subject, it didn't go down all that well at the time with censors and charity groups. But if you like your offensive humour, this was one of the best episodes ever. Best line: Cleveland: "Hey, Quagmire, is that a banana in your pocket or an erection in your pocket?

Quagmire is one dirty dog. He's borderline insane and should probably be in jail. But he's still utterly hilarious. This was one of the first episodes to showcase just how ridiculously awful he could be.

‘Family Guy’: Top 40 greatest episodes ranked worst to best

Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy is That's a hell of a lot of giggity's, Buzz Killingtons and Conway Twittys. Not bad for a show that was actually cancelled and taken off the air for three years. Like fellow cartoons The Simpsons and South Park before it, we can't help but binge on the residents of Quahog whenever we get the chance.

Click through our photo gallery above and see if your favorite episode made the list. The characters of Larry and Steve eventually morphed into Peter and Brian. It premiered after the Super Bowl in to 22 million viewers.

It originally aired on Fox in the United States on January 28, The episode follows Brian after he inadvertently sells Stewie 's teddy bear, Rupert, during a yard sale. In an attempt to retrieve him, Stewie and Brian travel across the United States, eventually discovering he is with a child living in Aspen, Colorado. Meanwhile, Peter has his driving license revoked for careless driving and is forced to be driven around by Meg , which annoys him. The episode was written by Patrick Meighan and directed by Dan Povenmire.

‘The Simpsons,’ ‘South Park’ and ‘Family Guy’ teach viewers about Latter-day Saints — sort of

Family Guy 's ninth season first aired on the Fox network in eighteen episodes from September 26, to May 22, before being released as two DVD box sets and in syndication. Family Guy follows the dysfunctional Griffin family —father Peter , mother Lois , daughter Meg , son Chris , baby Stewie and dog Brian , all of whom reside in their hometown of Quahog. The season's showrunners were Hentemann and Callaghan. Three of the eighteen episodes are included in the volume. These repeated the Saturday after, although re-runs of the series continue to be shown on the channel nightly. Production for the ninth season began in , during the airing of the eighth season. The showrunners for the ninth season were Hentemann and Callaghan, [12] who oversaw the series's transition into p high definition in the premiere of the ninth-season episode "And Then There Were Fewer". Series executive producer David A.

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From cartoons. Your perception of the faith and its members might be considerably different. Here are 16 things TV viewers have learned about Latter-day Saints by watching animated shows:. Some children there are diverted to a secret room with a statue of the Angel Moroni , from Latter-day Saint scripture.

Kevin John White now admits he was a hard-core rebel for 45 years.

Meg Griffin : Oh my God! I'm missing the news! But Huey Lewis needs time to create, we have to learn to be patient.

Road to Rupert

One of his hands slides along the side of my face, fingers tangling in my hair as he holds me against him, taking his time and savoring my mouth like he did at the masquerade party. It turns me on, the way he moves, slow and confident like he's got all the time in the world. Out here, in the gentle violence of the waves, my body shaking from the cold, it feels like we should rush our way through this—whatever this is. But we don't.

I was intrigued. The end. Let alone deal with the topic in a funny—and more importantly, truthful—way. Imagine my surprise when Family Guy managed to come through with a pretty on-point analysis! The episode starts out with Stewie getting prescribed Adderall.

What ‘Family Guy’ Got Right in its Anti-Adderall Premiere


Mar 11, - Stewie on Family Guy may be the gayest character on television, which is particularly interesting given the fact that he's one year old. For more.


Meg Griffin of ‘Family Guy’ is headed to this New England college







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