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How to look good for your man everyday

This is simply a common situation that most couples find themselves in after being together for a few years. You might begin to take each other for granted. Small, unprocessed arguments start to stack up and resentment quietly builds, like a subtle din in your partnership. Like anything worth having, getting the spark back is going to require a bit of effort. Effort that is well worth it. Spiderman said that.

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What your husband wishes you knew… about the way you look.

However open and honest we might want to be in our marriages, there are still some things we wish our spouses knew without us having to tell them. I wanted him to notice me and to be attracted to me. Thankfully, he did and he was. Understanding the ways that guys are visually stimulated worked to my advantage in those days.

I understood it and I leaned into it. I made an effort to look good because I cared about the way he thought about me. I never got mad at him or felt resentful when I was looking for the perfect jeans so that he might take a glance as I walked away. I wanted him to be drawn to me. As women, we want to be pursued by those thoughtful little details like we were in the beginning of the relationship. Just like we might miss the flowers and the love notes, he might miss seeing you in something other than yoga pants, a baggy shirt, and a top knot.

Up until very recently, I spent a lot of time moping around the house feeling frumpy and frustrated with the way I look. After giving birth to three beautiful babies and a couple of serious depressive breakdowns , I am a far cry from the cute little thing that used to strut her stuff to get noticed by the guy she had a crush on. I much more closely resemble a little teapot… short and stout… than the girl with the curves in just the right places. I started to see that my attitude about my appearance was taking a toll on my relationship with my husband.

While I am starting to feel much better, I certainly have a long way to go before what I look like on the outside might match how much healthier I already feel on the inside. Do you want to know what I did? What I realized, however, is that when it came to the way I look and feel about myself, I often treat my girlfriends much better than I treat myself! Are you treating yourself like crap because of the way that you look?

I was. Before I could feel better, I had to acknowledge that I do not look the same as I once did and that I could still be beautiful.

The lightbulb went on when a friend of mine was feeling frustrated about how she looks and the encouragement just poured out of me like a welcome cup of warm coffee. I need to stop being such a jerk to myself. I need to treat myself at least as kindly as I treat my friends when they are unhappy about the way they look.

Yes, this was a practical move, but it was also emotionally and physically uplifting… if ya know what I mean. Boy have things changed! I went into Soma , which is the same place I went over five years ago to get fitted. I remembered how kind they were and how many sizes and options they had. I walked out feeling instantly taller and prettier. A new bra is a wonderful thing!

Having a proper fitting bra is important for your posture, back pain, and even alleviating the amount of pressure you might be putting on your joints. The right bra will also make a great difference in the way your clothes look and feel. Your cute outfit will look way cuter when you are wearing the right bra. Heck, even your sweatshirts look better with the right bra underneath! A few months ago I hired an esthetician to come over to my house to shape my eyebrows and make me over for a special occasion.

It was a treat for sure, but what I learned that day lasted much longer than the makeup itself. She made me feel like I was already beautiful. She doted on me about my eyes, and my lips, and I could have cried hearing the sweet way she described that all she was doing was enhancing how naturally gorgeous I am.

She made me feel precious and cared for, not like I was a shack that really just needed to be torn down and rebuilt. I needed her kindness more than I realized, but I also needed some practical tips, which she generously offered. She is delightful and professional. She has a tranquil space where she can treat you in downtown Bellevue, but if three small babies or a really demanding schedule are keeping you from getting out of the house, she comes to YOU!

If you are not fortunate enough to have a Cecilia nearby, you can go to my other personal makeup artist: MaskCara. She is sweet and funny and oh so easy to learn from! This video made me believe I really could enjoy putting makeup on every single day. If I can do it, you can do it, too! When I feel better, I am kinder. Your husband does not need you to be a size 2, unless you already are naturally a size 2. What he needs is for you to know that he thinks you ARE gorgeous and he wants you to love yourself enough to take good care of yourself.

He would love for you to put in at least as much effort to look your best for him as you do when you get ready to go out with your girlfriends. Still, we have to be careful with this topic. As I mentioned before, we are constantly bombarded with images of seemingly perfect women and pressure comes at us from all sides to measure up to unrealistic standards. Your husband can be good and trustworthy and faithful and still want you to look good and take care of yourself.

What if, instead of making our husbands feel like jerks for caring about the way we look, we could remember how much we wanted to look good for them when we were first together? They just want us to know that they are delighted when we thoughtfully make an effort to care about our own appearance the same way we are delighted when they thoughtfully bring home fresh flowers.

Your husband does care about the way you look, but not more than he cares about you and wants to staymarried. New to staymarried? Much respect for taking the actions needed to turn things around with your marriage! Very few women take this responsibility unfortunately. Second, I Got a New Bra. Third, I Took a Makeup Lesson.

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Beauty is Fleeting: Looking Good For Your Husband

After all, one of the most important aspects of a relationship is the ability for both partners to look for new ways to keep each other happy all the time. If you want to know how to make your boyfriend happy everyday in little ways that can help him realize how special and wonderful you are, use these 25 ways. Enhance that.

However open and honest we might want to be in our marriages, there are still some things we wish our spouses knew without us having to tell them. I wanted him to notice me and to be attracted to me. Thankfully, he did and he was.

He comes closer to you. Gives a naughty look, and then pulling you nearer to his masculine body, makes you feel wanted. Slowly he starts kissing your neck and just when you get into the mood, you hear the doorbell ring. Then you wake up, realizing that it was a dream. Your sex life takes a back seat.

10 Simple Ways To Immediately Be More Attractive To Your Man

Updated: January 13, References. Do you want your boyfriend or any man to want you more? Sexiness can be planned. It's not true that you either have it or you don't. There are proven ways you can look hotter for your boyfriend. So ramp up your hotness overnight. If you want to look hot for your boyfriend, groom yourself well and focus on being funny and confident, which is a turn on! The next time you get ready, put on a little makeup to make yourself more enticing. Try playing up your lips with a shimmer lip balm or clear gloss, which will make him think about kissing you!

Seduce Your Boyfriend with These Beauty Moves

Updated: April 1, Reader-Approved References. However, you may be in the mood to spice up your look and just to try something different to make your special man see your beauty in a new light. If you want to look beautiful for your boyfriend, then you have to take care of your outward appearance as well as your attitude. Not quite! The trouble with using lip balm right before a kiss is that it might make your lips unpleasantly wet.

Updated: September 6, References. Keeping your look fresh all day will help you look attractive to guys.

It's a sad truth that the thrill of primping for date night tends to wear off when you're in a serious relationship. But, if you want to bring back that early excitement when you first started dating and couldn't keep your hands off each other, it's important to pull out all the beauty stops once in awhile. And what better excuse than Valentine's Day to do it up? Here, tricks that'll totally turn on the man who's seen you naked a zillion times.

25 Tips on How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy Every Day

As an Amazon Associate, as well as an affiliate of other programs, this means if you purchase something using these links, I will receive a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you! Hello, Friends! I know, in advance, that this post may ruffle some feathers.


How To Impress Your Husband: 12 Tricks To Attract Him All Again


Wanting to make your boyfriend happy is very sweet of you. And you'll know just how to do that right here. But always remember the one thing that makes love so.








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