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How to find someone in london england

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Several websites provide free searches for people in England which can return their phone numbers and local addresses. The typical 'free-people-search-engine' strategy is to return a limited amount of information on Englanders found as a way of teasing site visitors into paying for more detailed results. Such sites might also make money by displaying ads including those annoying pop-up ads or linking to other sites that pay a commission for referring a buyer. No record for a person can appear in an Internet database without their information having been placed there or where databases draw their data, either by himself or herself or by another. A likely place to find Englanders is in the UK electoral roll which has recorded information about people who are registered to vote in the United Kingdom.

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Tracking down one specific person in London can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. It's a huge city, densely populated with millions of people, so the task of finding one friend might seem daunting at first.

However, there are several ways to go about doing it. Make sure you have the full name of the person for whom you are searching. Check that it's spelled correctly.

For example, clarify whether it is Davies, Davy or Davis. Common spelling errors will put you off-track straight away. Ideally, a name comprises first name, middle name, and surname. If the person you're trying to locate is female, it's helpful to know their surname before and after marriage. Obtain the person's last known address es. Partial addresses, such as London street names, names of houses they lived in or general areas e. London boroughs, like Walthamstow or Haringey where they resided, can be useful.

If you are unsure of spellings, but know what the areas sound like, write this down. If you visit, local people will help you match correct names. Begin online research into the person while you are still at home. Make sure to incorporate social media into your online searches, as well. Scour Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see if you can find a profile for the person in question.

Their profile might off you further contact information or details on their neighborhood or workplace. Or visit the on-line UK telephone book, Deposit funds to obtain search credits. If the person for whom you're looking is a director of a business you can search under their business trading name. If you cannot find the person on If the person has an unusual surname, and the search has not revealed your friend but has revealed other people with that same name who are also in the London area, you might try calling some of those to see if they are related.

Think of interests and hobbies your friend enjoyed, and search for her against those hobbies in the London area. If she enjoyed photography, run a Google search against her name and London photographic societies. Consider whether it is appropriate to commission a professional search agency to carry out a thorough search. By: Cheryl-Anne Jenkinson. Resources Warnings When you make house calls, be careful not to cause anxiety.

Do not knock on doors after dusk. It may be more courteous to leave a note and allow people to contact you. If you feel someone knows your friend but prefers not to give you information, do not press the point or visit again. Photo Credits london bridge at night image by Jens Hilberger from Fotolia.

UK Directory Enquiries - Phone Numbers

Tracking down one specific person in London can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. It's a huge city, densely populated with millions of people, so the task of finding one friend might seem daunting at first. However, there are several ways to go about doing it.

Silversurfers Local Community is the best way to stay informed about what's going on in your local neighbourhood. If you wish you can add other members to your chat for a lively discussion amongst the safe environment of the Silversurfers community. From search engines to social networks, the web is an incredibly useful tool when you want to find someone, and many people are able to reconnect with their friends and family members simply by searching for their name online and finding a few essential details or a social profile they can contact with.

We noticed that JavaScript is disabled in your web browser. Some features of this website won't work properly without it so we recommend turning it back on. Here's how. Find UK residential and business phone numbers listed by name with our easy to use online telephone directory service.

England & Wales Births 1837-2006

Basic Electoral Role data available free, other services require payment. Individuals can opt not to appear on it. Find People UK Do you need to find someone, such as a missing person or birth parents? We provide a low cost, but professional, people finding service. People Trace Big enough to ensure that all activities are undertaken legally and small enough to care about individual customer service and value for money. Records Finder Doing a missing person or classmate search today! Have instant access to friends, family members, neighbours, potential dates, and fellow employees.

How to find anyone online

Birth records are a key source for your family tree. In each you record, you will find a transcript and for those records before , you can also view the original index. The birth, marriage and death records from onwards were recorded in a computer database only so there is no original image for records post Each transcript will include. Since 1 July , civil registration of births has been a legal requirement of all citizens of England and Wales.

Many of us only discover the practical procedures that are necessary after someone dies when we need to carry them out for someone we ourselves have loved and are grieving for.

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Searching & Finding People, Friends, Ancestors UK

This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. To hunt a con-artist, catch a debtor or find an old pal, you could do worse than enlist Leon Hart. The year-old, who used to investigate fraud for a large department store, runs Intime, a private-detective agency in Mayfair that offers "tracing" services intimeinvestigations.

The wonders of the web could help you find a friend from yesteryear. Why not give these sites a go? But thankfully the internet has made the process a lot simpler — if you know where to look. More of us are connected to social networks, such as Facebook, than ever before — which is a great way to find people. But there are other online databases that can help you find someone.

How to Find a Person in the UK

When you need to find a person in the UK, a variety of resources are at your disposal. Internet users leave a trail as they surf from one website to another. You may be able to follow this trail to find someone. Even if a person never browses the Web, you still have a shot at finding him using resources such as online phone directories and the electoral roll search. Each tool provides data that you can use in your search. If the person is found, his phone number will be displayed.

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