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How to find a nice woman

Are you single and looking for love? Are you finding it hard to meet the right person? Life as a single person offers many rewards, such as being free to pursue your own hobbies and interests, learning how to enjoy your own company, and appreciating the quiet moments of solitude. For many of us, our emotional baggage can make finding the right romantic partner a difficult journey. Perhaps you grew up in a household where there was no role model of a solid, healthy relationship and you doubt that such a thing even exists. You could be attracted to the wrong type of person or keep making the same bad choices over and over, due to an unresolved issue from your past.

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Time and time again I've seen nice guys pass up nice women and end up with women that aren't nice at all; in fact they've been quite the opposite.

They end up with women that are unappreciative, ungrateful, drama queens, nags, demanding and high maintenance, rude, selfish, unfaithful and just downright mean spirited. What makes her think she knows so much?

I may not be an expert on men or even an expert on dating, but there are two things I am an expert on: observation and women. If you need women decoded, look no further. I will even teach you how to classify and categorize women by type— and how to avoid common traps and pitfalls that some women set in place. So, if you are serious minded and want to find a nice woman to settle down with, to have a long-term monogamous relationship with, and you are having trouble finding one, this hub is for you.

You can find someone who is both compatible with you and physically attractive to you, without having to settle for less than what you deserve and condemning yourself to years of misery or a messy divorce. First of all, you are not going to find a quality woman at a bar or a club.

Those places are meat markets and draw people that aren't looking for high quality or long lasting relationships. There may be the occasional "nice girl" that gets dragged along with a group of friends, but they are few and far between.

Finding your future "soul mate" at a bar or club is like winning the lottery: possible but not very likely. It would be much wiser to go places that you like to frequent or that involve your interests and hobbies.

Are you an avid book reader? Try to strike up conversations with women at book stores and libraries, or join a book club. Are you an animal lover? Frequent pet shelters or volunteer at one to meet other female animal lovers. Go to places that nice women go to; nice women volunteer a lot or are active in their community. Nice women work at day cares or visit the elderly at rest homes or work at one.

The idea here is, whatever your interests or hobbies are, I can guarantee that there are women that share those same interests. This accomplishes two things at once: it's a great way to break the ice and it increases the likelihood that you will impress them, because you already have a known common interest. You certainly don't have to have everything in common with a woman to have a successful relationship, but having at least a few things in common helps.

If you are total opposites, you will grow too far apart in the long run. Having some shared interests are good building blocks for a long lasting relationship. To be blunt--real women want real men, not boys.

Women want men who are confident and sure of themselves and who don't back down from a challenge. The main reason why many women end up with "jerks" or "bad boys" is because they often exude confidence and know what they want.

It's not because women like being mistreated or disrespected for the most part; I'm sure there are some that do but they have some serious issues , but they are willing to settle for that if they can't find a nice guy that is willing to "man up" and take charge in life. At the end of the day, most women prefer a "jerk" over having to be someone's "mommy.

The man in the following video has some pretty practical advice for men and says it better than I ever could. I apologize for his use of profanity but it's actually the tamest of all the videos I looked through and also the most relevant.

Generally, women fall into one category or another although sometimes they are in multiple categories. Men will often confuse one species of woman for another, or be blind to what they truly are. You should try to avoid these types at all costs, and to help you do so I have classified them by type using my own system of taxonomy. The worst mistake you can make in any relationship is jumping the gun. It's so important to take the time to really get to know her before you make a huge commitment.

The time frame it takes to really get to know someone varies, but generally I recommend at least a year longer if you don't see each other regularly. Although I know in many cases it's not the primary cause, every failed marriage I've ever witnessed had a common thread: they got married after only knowing one another for 6 months or less.

Finally, you have to realize that no matter what, when you enter into a relationship with a woman you are taking a risk. You could follow all of my advice, take every precaution, know a woman for years and the relationship could still fail. Every situation is different, because at the end of the day we are all complex individuals who can't always be generalized or are exceptions to the norm.

What works for every couple is different, based on their wants and needs. It also takes two to tango; you can do everything in your power to make it work, but if she doesn't put forth the same effort, recognize that there are problems and work with you to solve them, there is nothing else you can do. Don't kick yourself for it--just learn from your mistakes and walk away knowing you gave it your best effort. It just wasn't meant to be. If you keep trying and don't give up, eventually your persistence will pay off and you will find the right woman.

Author's Note : I hope you have gotten something out of reading this Hub even if it was just a good laugh , and I wish luck to all the "nice guys" out there. Feel free to leave comments, thoughts, insights or suggestions. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. When I was 12 was the only time and last time. She was Ok when I was 21 I was asking a 19 old girl out 3 times she only wanted to be friends. How to get out of the friends zone. Now last year I got close to a co worker. I found out she was leaving so I made a going away gift. I already made a animated strip of shark coming out of water and going back in water. So I made zoetrope out of ice cream container and magic marker stand so it can spin.

I brought it up to her and she thought i was showing it to my boss for show and told her she can keep it that when I found out she was staying. That's when she walked over to me and I hugged her for 10 seconds. Now sept she called and gave me 2 hour notice so I talked with her she was married before for 15 years she walked out on her own. So I walked out with her and hugged her for 5 seconds and told her I'm going to miss you that was during the hug and that's when she started moving.

She called a month later to find out how I was doing and I asked her the same thing. I still text her now and then and this year I text her on Easter and she sent a updated photo and I did the same. She's 50 and I'm She moved down south. How's the best way to get notice. My brother is married and I helped him out this year.

We were in bar. The lady was more focus on my brother then me and later on I had to turn keys back to her and she gave me her number to give to my brother and like I wasn't their. My brother hads dirty blond hair and asked him what's your secret and he said it's the shorts.

The company that I'm at been loyal for 26 years and wear two different uniforms and she was only their 1 year 1 month. Are you ready to be loved a Million Ways! I like to open doors and hold hands while walking down the street.

I enjoy surprising a lady. I am loyal, patient, respectful, considerate, sociable, honest and romantic. I am a cuddly Teddy Bear with a great sense of humor. The person I hope to meet would be spontaneous, honest and open minded; someone who likes to communicate, is kind, warm, intelligent, and confident.

Vincent - You are welcome, thank you for the comment. You just made my day. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. While there are lots of superficial gals that are drawn to muscle types, or what not, you don't want that kind of woman anywyay, so who cares its their loss.

Instead, find the one who will appricate your skills and labor. Thank you so much. Out of all the things I have reviewed on the internet, this hits home with me.

I think I know someone who will benefit greatly from this, so I' sending him the link. Practical and truthful. I have to say, I was considered a bad risk by my mother in law, who thought I was a gold-digger or worse. Over time, I have been the best wife for my husband; I have been faithful and willing to put up with choices he makes, even if they cause us stress. I have been there for her and I have been a good mother to my children. I was just a bit confused, having been in bad relationships for too many years.

I agree with what you are saying here, but we are truly all flawed and sometimes it takes love and commitment to bring out the person we were truly meant to be. I don't know how one tells that a woman is going to become the type of wife that stands by her man, is happy in rich and poor times, in sickness and health. I think digging deeper than surface stuff. I met my husband in graduate school and we have been married for 27 years.

Out of the four of us, the majority were not virgins What we all shared was our strong commitment to the institution of marriage. And guess what? We have all had similar issues in our marriages, because marriage is about commitment more than love at times.

How to Find A Nice Woman 101: A Guide For Nice Guys

The online world can be rough for women, but finding the best dating sites for women is its own type of intimidating. However, as the world increasingly moves onto the internet, finding a partner online has long been the new norm, and there are a bunch of dating sites that are designed specifically for women or have good environments for the female population. Finding the right dating site can be a challenge. Every woman has different wants when it comes to finding a match. Some are looking for a casual hookup , some are looking for their next long term relationship.

Well, I believe that this is a big question to ask yourself. Finding the answers can bring lots of positive change to your life, and I know that you will find a lot of truth right here in this article.

Time and time again I've seen nice guys pass up nice women and end up with women that aren't nice at all; in fact they've been quite the opposite. They end up with women that are unappreciative, ungrateful, drama queens, nags, demanding and high maintenance, rude, selfish, unfaithful and just downright mean spirited. What makes her think she knows so much? I may not be an expert on men or even an expert on dating, but there are two things I am an expert on: observation and women. If you need women decoded, look no further.

6 Secret Places To Meet Good Women (As Written By A Good Woman)

Yet, is that actually true? As you will discover from the video above, nice girls will like you if you are able to trigger their feelings of sexual attraction for you. They also want to feel sexually attracted to you. Watch this video to understand why…. As a result, girls now select guys based on how much sexual attraction he makes her feel and if he also happens to be a good guy, she sees that as a bonus. In most cases, a single guy will approach approximately 10 new women per year that he likes and wants to have as a girlfriend. Nervousness is an instant turn off for women because they are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness. Asking too many questions without giving enough of himself during the conversation.

Why is it so hard to find a good woman?

Dating can be a tricky business. What should you wear? Where should you meet? How much should you say? Who should pay?

Girls suggest six unexpected locales where men can go to find love.

Something I'm being asked lately is where to find a woman who checks off every box on your list. Where do you meet those truly amazing women who are everything you want and more? You know - a girl who isn't just good

Why Can’t I Find a Nice Girl?

The solution: 1 figure out what kind of women you want to meet, and 2 go to the places where they hang out. Is this approach too simplistic? Too vague?

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Along with key review factors, this compensation may impact how and where products appear across the site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Editorial opinions expressed on the site are strictly our own and are not provided, endorsed, or approved by advertisers. Our site is committed to publishing independent, accurate content guided by strict editorial guidelines. Discovering the secret to finding a good woman has been a topic of conversation since the beginning of time, and the answers are constantly being updated, refined, discussed, and questioned. We get bogged down in our routines, and sometimes we just need a little reminder to get back out there and continue the adventure. With that said, here are my top 10 places to meet good women.

Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

Whether you're willing to look close to home or roam farther afield, there are always opportunities for meeting women who share the same interests and are interested in you, too. To meet women, try setting up a profile on an online dating site to meet women with similar interests. Alternatively, take up a class or course on something you're passionate about, like art. However you choose to meet someone, look friendly and approachable when you introduce yourself by smiling and using open body language, like keeping your arms open and standing up straight. For tips on how to deal with rejection, keep reading!

Figure Out What Kind Of Woman You Want To Meet. Everyone's in the dating world for one of two reasons: to find a partner to have a long-term and serious.








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