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How to find a mckenzie friend

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WC2H 9JQ. From 1 April you may be unable to obtain Legal Aid and, without funds, find access to a solicitor to assist you resolve a family dispute; for example with regards to parenting time with your children, separation or divorce. Without Legal Aid, or funds to pay a solicitor, you may well need an alternative way of preparing for a visit to your local court - without any idea of the procedures and legal etiquette you will need to follow. This can be frustrating both for you and the court as well as your former partner or opponent. The court have for some years allowed people representing themselves a Litigant in Person to be assisted by a McKenzie Friend. We have a selection of experienced and friendly McKenzie Friends able to assist you.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: What is a McKenzie Friend ? (2020) Alternative to a Lawyer or Solicitor in Divorce UK

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: What is a litigant in person, what does it involve and how could a mckenzie friend help them

McKenzie friends: there’s more of them, but what do they actually do?

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I went through a difficult divorce without a family lawyer and achieved a successful outcome. I have helped hundreds of litigants in person do the same.

With the right mindset, support and divorce advice you can look after your family finances, spend time with your children and avoid the high bills of family lawyers. Divorce and separation is stressful enough without trying to decipher the legal language family lawyers use.

I have successfully helped hundreds of clients through their child arrangements,divorce finances, non-molestation and occupation order disputes. You can achieve a lot as a litigant in person against family lawyers.

I Can help you:. He was honest enough to identify all the risks and possible outcomes and point out if ever he thought there was better way for me to handle any particular issue or situation. There's no way I could have done it without him. I was left with a huge solicitors bill following my divorce trying to sort out finances. When it came to arranging access to my Son I was told about McKenzie Friends as a cost effective alternative to solicitors.

I had an initial video call with Graham and immediately felt at ease as he explained the court process to me. I got the result I wanted which was being able to spend more time with my Son. I also am not left with a huge bill! Best of all he is clear, explains the legal jargon and how the courts work on practice.

Compared to the advice received from legal professional Graham covers what you really need to know. In terms of value for money Graham is fantastic. I advise anyone needing help with family court to contact Graham as he has proved invaluable" Mr Tom Cates 5 star google review.

Surely I need a family lawyer to resolve disputes with my ex-partner? No, you can achieve a lot as a litigant in person with my support. I have years of experience empowering people to understand the processes and procedures involved in child arrangements and divorce finances. Do you find the legalese langauge family lawyers vague and leaves you unclear as to whats involved? I'm passionate about sharing how I have seen family courts work in reality in straight forward, easy to understand language.

Is that what your looking for? Can you help me quickly understand my options? Yes, as a professional McKenzie Friend and Author on how family courts work I have seen many different ways in which disputes between separated parent can be positively resolved. Would you like to benefit from this knowledge and consider how you could apply it to your situation? My 5 Star reviews praise me for my solution focused support and how I always seek to help clients achieve a positive outcome as quickly as possible.

Are you looking for the support of someone with a real passion for helping separated parents work towards a better co-parenting future? Get the emotional support and impartial guidance you need to present your own case. I know exactly what it feels like to go through a challenging divorce to achieve a positive outcome. I now have a positive preanting relationship with my ex-partner. I did this all without paying high family lawyer fees. Would you like to know how I achieved this and see if my support and coaching could inspire you to do the same?

Would you like me to empower you to develop the confidence to negotiate with intimidating solicitors and keep focussed on the correct criteria that family courts are interested in? Divorce and Separation. Many people don't understand there is an alternative legal choice to a family lawyer in a divorce or separation.

I went successfully went through my divorce without a solicitor. C hild Arrangements Order. McKenzie Friends can help with Covid lockdown childcare arrangement orders and help with a c court application application if no agreement between the parents.

Divorce Finances. Most people don't understand the family law criteria a court uses to resolve divorce finances - Understand your choices without the legal jargon family lawyers use. Going through a divorce or separation can be very emotionally challenging. Solicitors use legalese language to obscure and mystify what is actually quite a simple process.

As your McKenzie Friend I can offer plain english explanations of the legal divorce process. I'll provide the right emotional support and empower you to feel confident to present your own case to a judge against family lawyers.

Child arrangement orders are how a family court structures the time that your children spend with you after a family separation. I help parents who find themselves denied access to their children after their relationship has ended and they have left the family home.

They are often faced with a ex-partner who is controlling and making allegations of domestic abuse. Divorce finances are often an area of great conflict and stress following the decision to separate. How to split the family assets such as the family home, debts and pensions are often not agreed and negotiations can become drawn out and expensive if you use a family lawyer. I help parents avoid high solicitor bills by explaining your choices in plain english and helping them refine their strategy, approach and negotiations with solicitors.

Parental Alienation. McKenzie Friends can help your family by addressing suspected abuse of your children in family court proceedings. Domestic Violence Allegations. Children can be impacted by witnessing domestic violence - McKenzie Friends understand how family court deals with children matters when such abuse allegations are made. Parenting after Separation. McKenzie Friends with personal experience of divorce without a family lawyer can offer new approaches to dealing with disputes with your ex-partner.

You may worry that your children's relationship with you is being harmed and feel that your ex-partner is trying to alienate the children from you. Due to the strong emotions involved you may also mis-understand what parental alienation is. I can help you act quickly to address these concerns in your C family court application.

If you are a father facing false domestic violence allegations from your ex-partner then you really need to quickly understand how family courts deal with such situations in child arrangement hearings.

Many litigants in person are so stressed by the allegations that they struggle to think calmly and logically. I help many fathers who have experienced domestic violence themselves but feel a social stigma in reporting it to the police or alleging it in court. Parenting after separation can present challenges if your ex-partner is full of negative feelings towards you. Sometimes the children can be exposed to this bad feeling and it can impact on your ex-partners ability to properly discuss important shared parenting decisions.

Sometimes making a c application is the only way to break the deadlock when your attempts to discuss or mediate have failed. I can guide you through this process. How does a McKenzie Friend help a litigant in person? McKenzie Friends empower you to understand how family law works, provide emotional support through the court process, give advice on paperwork and help negotiate with family lawyers. Buy my book on how family courts work.

McKenzie Friends help litigants in person save on family lawyer costs by helping them understanding how to present their own case. How much does my McKenzie Friend support cost? I'm helping parents re-unite with their children through calm, informed parenting approaches.

Graham Fletcher is a respected mckenzie friend and is an alternative to a family lawyer Graham Fletcher Mckenzie Friend. Read more. Would you like help to understand how family law works without the legal jargon? Call now and get the divorce advice you need.

If your denied access to your children. Consider your options. Deal with intimidating solicitors. Negotiate your financial separation. Understand how family courts work. Write relevant court statements. Cope better emotionally. Resolve shared parenting disputes. Services provided:. Pre-court support on how family courts are likely to view your situation Information sessions on how family courts work Informed advice during telephone court hearings.

Video call coaching and mentoring support Emotional and practical support to prepare for video court hearings Help preparing for cafcass interviews. Email support to help you understand court documents Help you negotiate with your ex-partners solicitor via email Help you to write your court statements to a high standard. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. McKenzie Friend - Divorce Advice on:.

Read More. Find Out More. Avoid the high legal cost of family lawyers in your divorce finances Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend. Are your children exposed to Domestic Violence? Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend. Contact Me Now.

McKenzie friend

Call our National Helpline on Check availability times. FNF provides a list of people who approach us wishing to offer services to our members. Please be aware that FNF does not warrant or accept liability for the quality of information they offer nor for the work they may carry out, and we cannot consider complaints about information given by MFs in relation to court proceedings as the law does not allow this. Currently listed and prospective MFs as well as those considering using an MF are strongly recommended to read the MF Guidance see link below which outlines what may be expected of MFs.

A McKenzie friend assists a litigant in person in a court of law in England and Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia by prompting, taking notes and quietly giving advice. They need not be legally trained or have any professional legal qualifications.

A McKenzie Friend is someone who accompanies a litigant in Court to provide moral support. They may also take notes, help the litigant find the correct papers and give advice on questions to ask witnesses etc. They cannot however speak for the litigant, or run the case for them. In that case, the husband was representing himself and wanted the help of someone who was not legally qualified in the English Courts.

Using a McKenzie Friend in Court

A McKenzie friend is someone who attends court in support of a party that does not have legal representation. This was a divorce proceeding where the husband had been legally aided in earlier stages of litigation, but his legal aid was terminated before the trial started. At the start of the trial the husband had an Australian barrister, Ian Hanger, sitting beside him who was not able to practise in England. The trial judge ordered Mr Hanger not to participate in proceedings. Later, the Court of Appeal found that the judge should not have prevented Mr Hanger from assisting the husband in the way that he proposed to do, and that justice was not done in those circumstances. McKenzie friends are widely used in the United Kingdom. Organisations such as Court Without a Lawyer have been set up to streamline the process and provide McKenzie friend services in a structured and consistent manner. In the Master of the Rolls and President of the Family Division issued joint Practice Guidance concerning the proper approach courts should take to the provision of reasonable assistance by non-lawyers to litigants-in-person in respect of McKenzie friends.

Going to court can be a stressful experience. It can be made easier by using a regulated lawyer such as a solicitor. But not everyone can hire a lawyer. Sometimes, the only option might be to represent yourself in court. If you represent yourself, having someone who can encourage and help you in court can make a big difference.

I went through a difficult divorce without a family lawyer and achieved a successful outcome. I have helped hundreds of litigants in person do the same.

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Welcome to family court support. Support at very low cost compared to solicitors and other services, Pay as you-go with no upfront fees on initial advice. Lay Lawyer with over 26 Years Experience. Helping parents in resolving child arrangements disputes and keeping your child safe, to maintain and re-establish contact after separation, for you to have support in court when you cannot afford a solicitor and the substantial costs, Family court support is here to help you overcome the problems that most parents find without having access to legal aid.



See below for when this might happen. • Provide moral support. • Take notes of what is said. This is very helpful because the survivor will find it difficult to do.








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