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This song Treat You Better is amazing! This fic is based off of it. Charlie has become infatuated, a Gideon-esque if you've seen Gravity Falls version of himself since winning the girl he liked. She needs a hero, and Lucas wants to save her. She didn't see me coming, as I walked carefully down to her, where she sat on the floor, sobbing into her hands.

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I don't own Girl Meets World, or any of the cast. I just own this story, so please don't cop it. Please no harsh comments, if you don't like it, that's fine but please be nice.

This is a Rucas story. Thank you and enjoy! Riley walked home after covering her mom's shift at the bakery seeing how her parents were away on a weekend resort for their anniversary. The streets were lit up with lamps and flashing "open" signs on that dark Thursday night.

There wasn't a star in sight. The air was a tad chilly but nothing you wouldn't expect during November nights. Riley clutched the strap of her bag when she walked past the bar across the street. Only a block away a she would be safe in the comforts of her home, she thought. Even though she made this root everyday it scared her to be alone in a part of town that always seems to be on the news.

Her imagination started to get the best of her, when she heard footsteps behind her. For safe precautions she turned around, there was a tall man in a trench coat walking with his eyes glued to the ground.

Your fine Riley, your fine. The footsteps of the man started to speed up, "Miss? Can you help me, I'm lost. Riley turned around and pointed east, "keep going until the stop light and turn right. About five minutes down the road will be seventh ave. Riley started to back up, soon being stopped by the corner of a brick building.

Riley mad a bolt down the alley, the man's scratchy voice yelling at her. The man's rough fist collided with the back of her head, knocking her to the ground.

Riley yelped in pain and grabbed the back of her head; she reached for her phone, kicking the guy in the gut to get her more time. She could now see he was drunk for how he stumbled back.

I need you! The man started to rub his free hand up and down her thigh. Riley regretted wearing a skirt. The man replaced his hand with his lips, roughly kissing her. She kept her lips locked tight; tears were flowing out her eyes like a river. His hands traveled to her shirt, ripping the seams and exposing her body to the cold. Riley closed her eyes and prayed that someone would save her or that this would end soon. He was scratching her body and ripped her skirt off.

Riley used all her strength to keep her legs closed. She tried to scream but the man pushed her shirt into her mouth to muffle the sounds. Help, help, help. Riley begged in her mind as her sobs were silenced by the cloth. When the man finally pried her legs open, a familiar voice yelled. Rileys head pounded with every thought, she saw red and blue lights and hazel green eyes before everything went dark. Riley woke up three minutes after, with paramedics examining her head.

You're a little bruised and may have a slight head ache, you're a little dehydrated. You're very lucky that your friend called when he did. Her kind eyes relaxed Riley. The lady laughed and nodded her head, "Yes but be careful. Your boyfriend said that he will take you home. The lady pointed to a figure she couldn't quite make out, "That young man over there told us that he was your boyfriend.

He was very worried, was about to knock the guy that almost raped you out completely. The figure turned around, Lucas.

He ran over to Riley, embracing her into a hug. Riley felt safe in his arms. Though, the minute her head hit his shoulder she bursted out in tears, feeling dirty, humiliated, used, and completely venerable. Lucas' hand went to her head, stroking her curly brown locks and hushing her. Lucas swiftly picked up Riley as if she was his bride and started to walk. Riley felt protected and at peace with Lucas around, she couldn't be happier to have him here with her now. Lucas opened the Matthews door and stepped inside.

He set Riley down gently and looked at her bruised body. Riley looked away, embarrassed of her bruises. She quickly remembered something, that man ripped her clothes. Riley quickly looked down and saw she was wearing an old light blue sweatshirt that had "Texas" written across the front. When I got to you, you were bleeding and crying," Lucas's knuckles turned white from clenching them so hard. Lucas quickly relaxed to her touch and took a deep breath; he could see the subject was still very sensitive.

Lucas lead Riley to her bathroom, he lifted her up on the countertop and started the water for a bath. He turned to her, "Call me when you get into the tub, I'll go get you clean clothes. She looked in the mirror and saw all the bruises. Riley's memory was flooded with the events of the night. His dirty hands searching her body and the thought of the unknown of what would happen next. She felt unsafe and started to panic, "Lucas. Not even a second after Lucas came knocking on the door; she flung it open and raced into his arms.

Naturally he wrapped his arms around her. Lucas gentle sat her down on the edge of the tub. He grabbed a wash cloth, damping it with water and pressing it on her wounds. Riley hissed in pain, Lucas rubbed her back trying to ease her pain.

After cleaning Riley up, Lucas handed her a pair of pajamas and turned around so she could get changed. Lucas obeyed and sat next to her. She laid down in her bed, Lucas sitting at the end watching over her. He got up to move to the couch when her hand grabbed his. They faced each other in the dark of Riley's room, being able to make each other's faces out from the outside light.

Riley leaned over and kissed Lucas on the lips. Lucas reacted quickly, being gentile but passionate at the same time. When they pulled away Riley said, "Lucas, thank you for being my prince. I hoped you enjoyed my story, I stepped out of my comfort zone. Tell me what you think, thanks! Story Story Writer Forum Community. We all know Lucas is protective, but one night when Riley gets into a bad situation and needs a savoir, will Lucas step up to the plate?

Rated M one-shot. Riley laughed, "What are you doing? You saved me Lucas. Riley scooted closer, tangling their legs together. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Author's Note: So Riley got beat up pretty badly the question is…Who did it? Disclaimer: Gee I wonder what I might say here! Lucas was tending to Riley's very well, placing ice on her black eye but needed to find out what was going on with her stomach and leg. Lucas sat on his bed where Riley was laying.

I own nothing but the story And as she opened her mouth to call for help again she felt the side of the face slam against the lockers. He had smacked her, hard.

Throughout the entire fic, there will be a couple of very minor plot similarities to a season 1 episode of J. It's not a crossover. For those of you who have seen this episode, then you have a glimpse of what may happen to one of the characters in this fic. Riley and Lucas walked down the sidewalk, hand in hand, as they headed to the local bookstore. Matthews' birthday was coming up, and Riley had yet to find the perfect gift for her.

Every tradition starts somewhere. For Riley and Lucas the tradition of running into each others arms when the world was crumbling down around them started when Riley was being bullied in middle school. That night changed everything for them. Lucas was waiting for everyone to leave, knowing fully well that she will ask to be left alone. Riley won't want them to see her breakdown, to be anything less than her happy go lucky self. She is the fixer and would refuse to be the one that needs to be fixed. And just like clock work she tells them all that she is tired and would like to get some rest. Everyone starts to make their way to the bay window. Zay is the first one to leave after saying goodbye. Farkle hugs Riley and whispers to her "I'm always here for you," then walks out.

It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Riley Matthews, eldest daughter to Topanga and Corey Matthews began her day with an immense smile on her face and ready to conquer her new kingdom, High School. She will be joined by her best friend Maya Hart and cohorts of quirky individuals.

This story is sort of out of character but whatever.

This is going to be my second GMW story. I hope you all enjoy! Lucas Friar and his girlfriend Riley Matthews were walking home from school when they heard a voice coming from behind him "Turn around and put your hands in the air.

Riley Matthews sat alone in the cafeteria, waiting for Maya to join her. She had her head down as she patiently waited, hoping to not draw attention from him. She could not bare to hear his words again. His words caused some of the deepest cuts on to Riley's poor heart.

I don't own Girl Meets World, or any of the cast. I just own this story, so please don't cop it. Please no harsh comments, if you don't like it, that's fine but please be nice. This is a Rucas story. Thank you and enjoy! Riley walked home after covering her mom's shift at the bakery seeing how her parents were away on a weekend resort for their anniversary.


Oct 13, - Riley and Lucas walked down the sidewalk, as they headed to the local bookstore. Mrs. Matthews' birthday was coming up, and Riley had yet.








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