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Girl meets world fanfiction farkle bullied

Everything was normal for Riley Monday morning, She gets up and gets dressed in a floral dress and black booties. She does her makeup like usual and grabs her bag and walks into the kitchen to join her family for breakfast. She buzzes Maya in and they all eat breakfast. Riley and Maya head out the door to the subway going to school and meet up with Farkle and Lucas at her locker. Then the morning starts to get weird, starting with a text message.

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Girl Meets Flaws

The first day Billy made fun of him for his turtlenecks and being weird, it didn't really get to him. Farkle was used to being called weird so it wasn't anything unusual; he was proud to stand out. So he just went about the rest of his day normally.

Of course he didn't tell anyone, he didn't think anything of it. When it happened the next day, Farkle started to think. Maybe his turtlenecks were weird. He just decided to try and forget about it. It's not like they were costing him friends-he had three great friends who liked him. Farkle let out a long sigh and could feel himself frowning, but other than that, he acted normally and no one thought anything of it.

By the sixth day, Farkle cried. He felt like it was such a stupid thing to cry over but he couldn't help himself. He kept himself together for the remainder of the school day until he got into his room. He lied face down on the bed and started crying. He had to stay quiet because he didn't want his parents to know. They'd probably tell him to man up. So he cried and cried until he fell asleep. Farkle was still coming to class.

It's not like he sat next to Billy. Besides, they had class to focus on, Billy wouldn't just call attention to himself. During class, he let his mind and eyes wander. He looked at Maya and Riley-they were so pretty when they were paying attention and not thinking anything of it.

Then he looked over at Lucas. Farkle couldn't stop thinking about how pretty he was. Farkle knew it was weird, but he's only in seventh grade, he'll figure things out with time. Once social studies was over, Farkle had to go to the bathroom.

He hates missing class time so he never goes during, but he practically bolted out of there his bladder was so filled. Once he was done, he came out to see Billy standing in front of him, his arms crossed. I just want to go to lunch," Farkle sighed. He was so done with all of this, he didn't want to get into it again.

Just then, Farkle noticed two other guys from the baseball team guarding the door. Billy started walking closer, ignoring Farkle's plead. Billy pushed him back against the stall, using his arm to keep him in place. Billy let go of his arm, letting Farkle fall to the floor. After about ten to twenty minutes, Farkle stood up. He walked closer to the mirror to get a good look at himself.

Bruises were forming and he was bleeding from his cheek and his lip. He walked out of the restroom to his locker and got his hoodie and his backpack, putting his hood up. He walked out the school doors when no one was looking and headed to the nearest convenience store. He walked into the makeup department, looking for something that'd be able to cover up his bruises.

He got the cheapest one, hoping it would work, and started walking to the register, but he stopped and grabbed one of the small portable pencil sharpeners. He then continued on his way and bought both the items.

Once Farkle sneaked into his house, he went into the bathroom to try applying the make-up. He thought it looked pretty good and you couldn't really notice it too much, so he washed it off.

He went to his dad's desk and grabbed a screwdriver, quickly going into his room. He took the pencil sharpener out of the bag and, all while trying to see through teary eyes, unscrewed the blade out.

He took it in his hand, and held it against his wrist. He slowly dug into the skin and moved the blade across. He squeezed his fist and felt the blood coming out slowly. It felt good. Farkle felt he deserved this. Farkle made another mark before he decided he shouldn't make it in a place so obvious.

He took off his pants and decided to dig the blade into his thighs. He leaned back against his bed, loving the feeling of blood dripping out. After a few moments, he grabbed some tissues to clean himself up, got into his pajamas and cried into his pillow until he fell asleep. Farkle got up for school and pretended everything was completely normal. Well, mostly normal. He showered, wincing in the pain from the hot water hitting his new cuts, put the make-up on over his bruises, then got dressed.

He was still wearing a turtleneck because they made him feel happy. He gave his parents smiles and then went off for school. He didn't plan to tell anyone. He couldn't tell anyone. But he decided he wasn't going to class. No way. He wasn't going to risk it. He got there early, set up his desk, then went into the janitors closet, explaining only that he was being bullied. Riley came and he couldn't tell her.

He just couldn't. He kept rubbing his thighs-they still stung but he didn't care. Thankfully, his make-up worked and she didn't notice his bruises. He got all his work and he didn't go to class. He felt better that way. As he was leaving though, he ran into Billy.

Farkle tried avoiding eye contact, but Billy shoved him. Don't do this. Once there, he cut again, smiling at the relief. He always wondered why people did this and now he understood.

It did feel pretty good. He wiped up the blood and got ready for bed. He lied down, but no tears came. He fell asleep eventually, although it was weird to not be clutching his pillow. The same thing happened the next day. His friends came into the closet. He ended up telling them he was being bullied, but he didn't say who or what he did about it.

Farkle knew that they cared, but he just couldn't tell them. He promised he'd come to class the next day. But he didn't. Farkle was up on the rope. Billy outed himself.

Lucas defended him. It was all a blur from there. He fell, thankfully the girls put mats there, and he thanked them. He felt better. He really did. And the next day in class he was there. And Billy was being nice. He even wiped it away. And he admitted he was jealous. Farkle couldn't believe it.

Billy was jealous of him?

It aired on October 17, to 2. When Farkle is picked on by Billy Ross for not fitting in, Riley, Maya and Lucas rally him to show their classmates how to respect each other's differences. When Cory reveals that Farkle will be given the Joseph T.

This takes place after Girl Meets Yearbook and is only canon up to that point. I am also considering turning this into a larger story maybe taking them through high school.

The first day Billy made fun of him for his turtlenecks and being weird, it didn't really get to him. Farkle was used to being called weird so it wasn't anything unusual; he was proud to stand out. So he just went about the rest of his day normally. Of course he didn't tell anyone, he didn't think anything of it.

A couple of bruises isn't a big deal , Farkle kept thinking to himself in class. It's just a couple of bruises, you can't even see them. He felt a bead of sweat drip off his eyebrow and onto his hand. They were having an Indian summer. Just when it started to get cool again, they were hit with an eighty degree week and the school's air conditioning was busted. Farkle winced, accidentally brushing a particularly nasty bruise against his desk. Matthews said. He wordlessly followed Mr. Matthews into the hallway, ignoring the atmosphere of curiosity already brewing in the classroom. This was Mr.

Hey guys! So this is my first ever Girl Meets World fanfiction, and I'm super excited to see where this goes. This is just a short preview of the beginning, but I'll try to update again this weekend. Without further ado, let's get started! This is ridiculous!

Warning: This is not a happy story. It's nothing like the other Girl Meets World fanfics.

Summary: There is a reason that Farkle has never been able to choose between Riley and Maya. And the girls are going to find out why, will they push him away or help him out? Read to find out unless you don't like slash then don't bother.


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No one wants a bully ~ Farkle Minkus from the story Girl Meets World Imagines Girl Meets World Imagines. Fanfiction. "It's really over" *wipes away single tear*.








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