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Girl meets world college fanfiction

It wasn't the most expensive computer in the world, but it was hers and she was happy about it. She wasn't sure of what college was going to bring, she wasn't sure if she would make it if Riley wasn't around, even though she knows that if Riley had gone to some big school and she couldn't follow that they would still be friends. She was truly afraid of it all. Maya nodded at Josh, giving him a chaste kiss on the lips before turning to her computer and opening up the student portal. The roommate assignments had been sent out and she saw the message but she hesitated on opening it.

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Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot/Transcript

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 4K. Anecdoche by Strawberries And Ice reviews "Anecdoche: A conversation in which everyone is talking, but nobody is listening.

In which Riley is deaf and Lucas is the boy who wants to learn. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house. Maya and Lucas, in their second year of college, find their future plans forced to change with the discovery that they are expecting Updating weekly every Monday.

Lose You to Love Me by ismamora07 reviews It wasn't always like this: destructive. Follow Riley's and Lucas' journey through a toxic relationship. Will you marry me?

Grave of Pain by Strawberries And Ice reviews "The best way to not lose your friends is to not have any friends at all. With nothing to ground you, you grasp at the only thing you can: numbness. Slight AU and retcon. Growth by cchampagnekisses reviews People change people. Old Maya and Texas Lucas are gone. The Witness by Laurenio reviews When Maya witnesses a shooting, neither she nor the police realize how serious the crime really is.

But when someone comes after Maya again, a person from Maya's past enters her life again, this time to protect her. She was the only living witness and whoever was behind the shooting is still out there. And they'll stop at nothing to make sure Maya doesn't talk. Maya Hart doesn't talk to her father. Hardly talks to her mom. And she finds there even some things she can't talk to her best friend Riley about, like her feelings for Riley. So why I guess the only thing to do is to She's not a good writer, she's an artist.

Well a wantbe artist at least. It's really dumb for her to have dairy. But maybe that might change. And the truth may be more than she can bear.

It's Always You by boredandbinging reviews When an opportunity arises in New York, Lucas must decide if he'll take it and everything the city has to offer, or if he'll stay in Texas to protect his own heart.

Equinox by Adifosett reviews A few days after New Years of Shawn saw Angela, a few months later he found a surprise in front of his door. Please take care of them. A dancer, a singer, a songwriter, a director, and an actress.

Who leaves? A dancer, a model, a doctor, a stage manager, and a scientist. In which each artist has their own demons, and only some of them can overcome them. Ten years later, no one is the same person they were when they left, but they all have a part in her death.

Unknown Destination by Joseph. Now by amsallinger reviews Riley Matthews tossed her graduation cap in the air. As she turned her back to Abigail Adams, she also turned her back to the feelings she had for a certain someone. Feelings she ignored until it withered. A second chance at someone she thought she'll never see again.

Coming Home by somuchlovexoxo reviews Follow Riley and Maya as young adults as they make difficult life choices that surprise their friends and families. Rollercoaster: A Joshaya fanfiction by natalieskyegray reviews A look years into the future which follows josh and maya going through the ups and downs of life. Rated T for strong language and alcohol.

Especially when the game board is always changing, and there are no written rules. Or Josh learns to be an adult while Maya grows up. Infamy by Poledra reviews "Maya told me once that it didn't matter how much you tried to atone for your mistakes, the world would always remember you by your sins. They're all going to the same funeral. So what does he do? He writes about it. Smackle, Zay B. Life in your senior year is not all fairies and unicorns, but its not all work and no play either.

But now Maya must lie to her best friend about her new gift for seeing demons and about her new sexuality, as she investigates the death of her grandmother, May Clutterbucket.

But dealing with your demons is never easy. Similar plot a Lame Journal. One-sided slash. Terms of Service.

Joshaya fanfiction

As some of you know this is the sequel to Senior Year! If you haven't read Senior Year then that's fine! I'm pretty sure you'll start to understand it just by reading this. So I welcome my new readers.

I recently binge-watched GMW and got inspired! This story continues on directly after Girl Meets Goodbye and will follow them through high school and college.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Scheduled maintenance to the Archive servers may result in missing emails for the next few days. Due to this, we have temporarily disabled the invitation queue and account creation.

Reality is Just a Dream

After much request, I have decided to work on a sequel to Our New Beginning! Rucas will be the main couple in the story but I am definitely going to be focusing on the other couples as well. It will pick up about two months into their freshman year of college and go on for as long as you would like to see! I look forward to continuing this journey with our loved characters, especially since we don't have the show anymore! Enough rambling, let's get back to our favorite characters! Riley Matthews sat in the library with a coffee cup and about ten different books on the table in front of her. She twisted her brown hair into a messy bun on the top of her head and let out a long sigh. She had two papers to write, two exams to study for, and tons of reading to get done by next week. She was starting to think that she would never get it done. She was starting to think that maybe she was in way over her head.

Story Author Community Forum. In which Riley is deaf and Lucas is the boy who wants to learn. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house. Will you marry me?

Austin picked that moment to reappear, a fresh beer bottle in one hand and a Mojito in the other. He gallantly held out the Collins glass for Maya, who took it with a wink.

It was the day that most kids dream of, high school graduation. Riley and Maya were ready to go in their dresses and caps, all they were missing were the gowns. They were sitting in Riley's window like they had during every special time in their lives since they were little.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 4K.

I've started writing a road trip fanfiction for Girl Meets World where Josh and Maya find themselves stranded in California and was wondering if it was okay to post. Here's an excerpt of the two on the road in a scene I finished awhile ago! She woke to a dull ache in her bones and fading sunlight flitting over her face through the car window, and looked over to see Josh sitting beside her silently, one hand on the wheel, gaze on the road. He glanced at her when he noticed she was awake and there was a short silence before he spoke, his voice slightly rough--as if he hadn't had water for a while--with a teasing lilt to it. Maya rolled her eyes and chose to ignore his comment, rummaging through her bag to hand him a bottle of water that he accepted gratefully. Seven is just over half and it's not so bad when you've got something on your mind.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Matthews' House. The Matthews are eating dinner when Maya enters. Maya: Runs into the Matthews apartment All right, weirdos. Listen up and listen up good.

TV Shows: Girl Meets World fanfiction archive with over stories. Maya and Lucas, in their second year of college, find their future plans forced to change.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. He couldn't indian college xxx video it had been dating maya at him innocently. Riley and minkus' reunion with high school.

Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Riley Matthews got the shock of her life when she realized that her best friend Maya Hart had feelings for the boy Riley had been in love with since middle school. Instead fighting for the love her Lucas Friar, Riley stepped back so that her friend would have the chance at a relationship with him. The only problem was that Riley was hurting on the inside. Riley decides to hop onto the first train the Philadelphia to go see her Uncle Josh in hopes of gaining perspective on where she should stand in the relationships between the two people she cares about the most.

After all of the Girl Meets World gang graduated from high school Farkle, got accepted on scholarship too many schools, as well as Lucas. Farkle going to Stanford, While Lucas did not want to leave his other friends because he could not leave them it was physically impossible so Lucas, Zay, Riley, and Maya are all going to NYU. The four of them have decided to live in an apartment a medium-sized apartment altogether, they split the cost of the apartment with the money they're getting from their parents. Riley and Maya share a room and Zay and Lucas share room.

It's been 15 years. It's been fifteen years since Lucas picked Mya over me.

Everything is going perfect for these 6 friends, Riley and Lucas are dating pretty serious, Zay and Maya are starting to get to know each other and Farkle and Smackle are getting pretty strong. They are getting ready to finish their senior year of high school. Farkle and Smackle haven't decided if they will join their 4 friends at NYU or go somewhere else. Riley's parents went to college together but as a married couple. There is one problem, Lucas's gets a call from back in Texas that could change everything in their plans.



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