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Finding a mens coach

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And this got us thinking. But, who are the people providing this support? Specifically, who are the coaches that can help to guide men through specific issues or times in their lives, when they need a bit of help? I started my coaching career as a neuro-linguistic programming NLP practitioner and then later also trained in hypnotherapy.

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Sarah Jones. That was way more exciting and appealing to me. She wanted to become a coach herself. Jones finished training as a life coach in the summer of , and started working in Los Angeles with mentor and coach Adam Gilad. She then moved to San Francisco, and in she decided she would branch out and start her own company, Introverted Alpha , which helps "smart, introverted men become benevolent badasses and attract women naturally.

They're just a pleasure to coach because I'd been around them and loved them so much in my personal life that I think it flowed into the coaching. After completing Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch program in early , Jones launched her business that summer.

For the first few months, business was slow as she kept her job with Gilad and used her salary to stay afloat. It was very stressful and scary," she says. In October she brought in a few thousand, and November was when things started picking up.

Jones works one on one with her clients, who at this point have all been heterosexual men looking to have relationships with women. I just demystify the process. In the initial complimentary strategy session, she asks them details about their situation and what they want. The introductory session is via Google Hangout, and the rest of the biweekly sessions are usually by phone for an hour at a time.

All of the sessions are recorded so clients can go back and listen. Since the launch of Introverted Alpha, Jones has coached 24 clients. She estimates she spends about 50 hours a week on her business. First, get confident in your ability to help people, because if you're not, you're always going to feel lack of integrity when you're making sales. The second piece is business skills. I think a lot of people who want to do coaching have the spiritual thing going on, but the practical, systematic, structural, pragmatic side takes a lot of work.

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Providing coaching for men

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Life coaches are awesome. In case you don't know what a life coach is, it is a resourceful professional who can help you reach your goals and make long awaited changes in your life.

I felt a deep sense of shame. Like I should have it all figured out by now. And that I was failing at being a man. For me, that means playing the game of life by MY rules. Everything has to be on my terms, in my way.

How To Find Your Life Coach

There are also many options that you can use to narrow your search results. Find a coach to motivate and encourage you! Life coaching is helping more people find purpose and success. Using the directory, men can search by coach location, specialization etc. Searching by location, the results will include the coaches near you and will display their certification, location, and areas of expertise. However, TherapyForBlackMen. At TherapyForBlackMen.

Find Your Coach Now

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Like the fire that once consumed your very soul has been extinguished…replaced by frustration, dissatisfaction, and the exhausting monotony of working your fingers to the bone to fuel a materialistic lifestyle you no longer want or have never truly enjoyed? Look around you — this is as true today as it was then. Perhaps even more so.

The 10 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Men’s Coach to Breakthrough in their Life and Relationships

Visit Website info acstylecoaching. I always had a great interest in people and I have found the perfect combination for me. Style coaching gives me the opportunity to meet people, to make people feel good at the same time I feel good.

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Sarah Jones. That was way more exciting and appealing to me. She wanted to become a coach herself. Jones finished training as a life coach in the summer of , and started working in Los Angeles with mentor and coach Adam Gilad. She then moved to San Francisco, and in she decided she would branch out and start her own company, Introverted Alpha , which helps "smart, introverted men become benevolent badasses and attract women naturally.

He empowered me to go within, to find solutions, power, and become more of a self-assured man. I'm so grateful for the work we did, and for the man I've become.”.








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