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Soulmate found! You are a go-getter when it comes to your career and your personal goals; but not so much with your casual relationships. You can also read our another piece on 7 things that make Taurus the most romantic partner ever. As a Gemini, you often find yourself hiding behind some kind of mask when you interact with people.

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Who Is Your Perfect Love Match According To Astrology?

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Some of us might think astrology has absolutely nothing do con el amor. But truth is, there are certain guys and girls we get along with way easier than others, which makes relationships less work and more fun. You need an equal, someone who is as driven as you. You need a friend before anything else. For you, love is for life so you need to make sure you are with the right person before diving in head first.

You need stability, trust and a bit of romance. You crave intellectual stimulation and you love being around someone who challenges the way you think in a unaggressive way. You love hanging out with friends and family, so you need a sociable partner.

You love being at home and sharing that sacred space with your significant other. The king or queen of the jungle. You have no problem speaking your mind and drool over affection more like a perrito than a lion. Loving partners who are not afraid of PDA are your thing. You like physical, verbal and emotional loving affirmations. You seek beauty and a partner who will shine on your arm, without stealing your spotlight.

You need someone who will make you feel at home and give you amor incondicional. You seek fairness, balance and equality in all aspects of your life. You need a soulmate who is passionate, funny, smart and warm, but also independent. Libra needs to like their partner as much as they love them. When you fall in love, you overcome that fear of opening your heart.

Oh and sex is everything to you. You must have a partner who is a sexually inclined as you are. Liberty is a must for you. You value maturity and hard work. Anyone who behaves like a child can keep it moving. You take your time opening up to a person. For you, friendship is the base of everything. Your true soulmate is someone you can be yourself with, laugh with, share dreams with and even bring those dreams to fruition with.

Stimulation, playfulness and flirtiness are fundamental for you. Since you live in a fantasy world, you need a partner who can keep you grounded. You need to feel inspired by your partner.

You need someone who will lead you on a path of creation and discovery while making you feel like there is a divine connection between you two.

Who are we kidding: one of the major reasons all of us check our horoscope is to find out what the future has in store for us when it comes to love and lust.

Part of what attracts you to Aries is the fact that they do everything with so much passion. But Virgo, you can only function on their level for so long until you burn out. For you, a relationship with Aries takes work. Your pragmatism in the face of their emotional swings is what keeps them sane. And they remind you to stay in touch with your softer side. So you know what this means? You guys have fabulous , fulfilling sex. Leo can definitely test your patience, Virgo.

Then again, every couple has those moments, right? When people think Libra, they think social butterfly. When people think Virgo, they think shy. The both of you would really have to put in an effort to find your way back. While Scorpio and Virgo can build a really secure and safe relationship, you kids can come unstuck when it comes to your attitudes towards the bedroom.

Scorpio tends to be all about the real carnal side of the beast with two backs, whereas Virgo is more about connecting emotionally through sex.

That being said, they might get you to loosen up a little, which is never a bad thing in your case! The difference is that you strive for better because you want to do good, whereas Capricorn wants to be good — at everything they do. And that makes you good together! Does this explain a lot about your current relationship? Or, maybe more about what went wrong in your last romance?

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Shop the Not Your Mamacita pin here. Being a well-rounded human, Taurus, your sense of fashion tends to come from your desire to make practical choices. Pins are a great way for you to accessorize without compromising your practical fashion choices, Taurus.

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Who Is Your Perfect Partner Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

It is not with all people that you get along like a house on fire, but with that 'special someone' you feel light and on top of the world. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other?

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun?

There's a reason why "Hey bb, what's your sign? If you ask an astrologer about compatibility, they'll want to see your and your boo's entire birth charts. Your Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury signs play a major role in compatibility—it's not just your Sun sign. Still, while it's not the whole astro-story, your and your crush's Sun signs gives you some info to go on.

Relationship Compatibility

Searching for your soulmate can be tricky business! Finding a partner is hard enough, but how do we know which person is THE person? While there is no surefire way to find your soulmate, we can glean a little bit of guidance from the stars to find that magic chemistry we are all searching for. Being a natural-born leader, you are looking for someone willing to follow you anywhere! Your soulmate needs to learn how to keep up with your high level of energy and your fearless spirit. Search for someone with a competitive spark similar to your own, and find someone who is up to the challenge of keeping you on your toes! You are instinctively loyal, so a partner who can assure you they only have eyes for you is an absolute MUST. Your soulmate will love your ability to be impulsive, and should be someone ready for a few spontaneous adventures! Taurus, the thing you crave the most when it comes to your soulmate is devotion. When it comes to finding a partner, your insecurities can tend to get the best of you!

The Best Partner for Your Zodiac Sign

You know what the best thing in the world is? Not chocolate, bacon, a trip to Paris, or being kiss-attacked by a pack of pug puppies. Love is so powerful it makes you do crazy things — like getting married. Numerous times.

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Love might just be the most confusing—but beautiful—sentiment we experience as humans. But one look at our social media feeds, and it seems as though astrology memes and Instagram horoscopes proclaiming which signs are the most compatible are sending us the message that our love lives are predetermined by the stars. As an astrologer myself, the most frequently asked questions I receive from clients are about their relationships.

What are the features you look for in a partner, based on your zodiac sign

You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Singer Ellie Goulding fasts for 40 hours at a time: How many hours of intermittent fasting is considered safe? Mandatory use of face covers to physical distance, Health Ministry issues new guidelines for workplaces.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Horoscopes: Find the Perfect Partner Based on Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to having a crush, so much is unknown: whether they like you, what they'd be like as a partner, whether your dog will like them. But chances are, all of your crushes probably share at least one major characteristic in common with each other. According to experts, your zodiac sign can influence what kind of people you find yourself falling for. So how does attraction work, when it comes to your zodiac sign? Of course, this doesn't mean that every crush you've ever had has been a carbon-copy of all of the others. But maybe you have a type , and tend to fall for confident people, people who care deeply about their families, or those who are passionate about animals.

Quiz: What Zodiac Sign Will You Fall in Love With?: HowStuffWorks

Some of us might think astrology has absolutely nothing do con el amor. But truth is, there are certain guys and girls we get along with way easier than others, which makes relationships less work and more fun. You need an equal, someone who is as driven as you. You need a friend before anything else. For you, love is for life so you need to make sure you are with the right person before diving in head first. You need stability, trust and a bit of romance. You crave intellectual stimulation and you love being around someone who challenges the way you think in a unaggressive way.

We will all one day fall in love, but with which of the zodiac signs? If you would like to find out which one it is, then you can take this quiz! How would you like your partner to cheer you up? By making my favorite meal. By talking to me.

Love is powerful. It is one of the most popular reasons people turn to astrology — to better understand love compatibility. As humans, we have been conditioned to seek love in one another for myriad reasons.

Here Are Your Sign’s 4 Best Romantic Matches

Read what your sign's horoscope predictions mean for you right here , or check out your monthly horoscopes here. It's a wild time to date. Dating apps connect us to people we never would have met in real life. As our understanding of love, relationships, orientation, and gender evolve there are more ways than ever to find the right person or people for you.

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Has this tiresome activity left you wondering where to find your perfect partner? An Aries is assertive about what they desire, and if they want you, you will know it right away.

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself, including your dating style. Sometimes the stars can guide you to the right one, and sometimes they can hint at your dating strengths and weaknesses.




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