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Difference between friend and business partner

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It is, of course, important to have business friends. These are people you work with and have come to trust. When you start out in business, other business people encourage you, and you may think that you are everybody's best friend. And you are until your business friends figure out how they can make more money working with someone else.

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The difference between a friend and business friend

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Going into a business with a friend is like alchemy. If the recipe is good and the ingredients play well with each other, the thing may just pan out. If not, you risk ruining your friendship and burning the business to the ground. Businesses cofounded by friends have mixed success at best. Some manage to get through their garage-startup phase. As friends, you probably understand each other without words. You have the same interests and preach similar life philosophies.

The short answer is: It depends on the friend. Here are some pointers that will help you decide if your buddy is solid cofounder material. Did you go to the same college? Maybe you enrolled in a course or attended a workshop together? One the driver writes the actual code and the other the navigator checks it for errors. You both share the responsibility for the wellbeing of the company, but each contributes different strengths and skills.

You both need writing skills and search engine optimization SEO knowledge to deliver a complete service. Two writers could technically pull it off, but a writer and an SEO expert would make a more powerful pairing. Are you really passionate about your business idea? We bet you are. But is your partner equally pumped for it? Before you commit all your time and energy to the project, be absolutely sure that your friend is ready to do the same. One of the partners may have the skills to handle the workload while the other can contribute financially to keep the show running.

But the contribution and commitment need to feel equal. Even the most aligned partners encounter friction and disagreement, especially when facing tough choices and stressful situations. Once you both become responsible for the company, conflict will come as a staple in your daily menu. You and your friend might have different opinions on customer management, division of labor or potential investments.

The key is to be able to dismiss trivial differences and solve big problems before they escalate. Finally, let your expectations be the ultimate test of business compatibility. For instance, you might prefer to keep things minimal and robust. But your friend could prefer aggressive expansion, hiring employees and scaling infrastructure. Discuss your short- and long-term goals with your partner early on so nobody feels disappointed, or wanes on commitment, when the company goes in a different direction.

To keep everybody on the same page, consider drafting a business plan. Not sure where to start? Check out our post on the five simple rules for writing a solid business plan. The benefits of taking your buddy along for the ride may far outweigh the negatives. The road to success is bumpy and, at some point, you will encounter problems.

If your friend is willing to go into business with you, it means they accept you with the good and the bad. Being a solopreneur often means doubling down as an accountant, client rep, marketer and the whole IT department. Instead of focusing on the work that really matters, you spend a chunk of your time on things outside your expertise.

Assuming there are no cloak-and-dagger scenarios where former friends backstab each other for the control of a business, a true friend will keep an eye on you and watch your back. Put in an all-nighter for a coding marathon? Your buddy can always double-check your code and quash the bugs you missed. Unlike formal relationships where business partners have to stick to business etiquette, you and your friend are free to use your own lingo. That means no unnecessary small talk, no beating around the bush and fewer misunderstandings.

Even if both of you start with nothing but a positive attitude, the rainy days will come. Here are some of the downsides you can expect when you decide to cofound a company. These days, the line that separates business and personal life is blurry at best. But when friends decide to invest time and resources into building a company, the line vanishes into thin air. Delicate, personal matters that you usually keep under wraps will manifest themselves in the office.

And when they do, you are more likely to falter and make poor business decisions. Work will become a staple in daily conversations. Can you take steps to compartmentalize? Are you ready to put your friendship at stake to make the business a priority? What if something goes wrong, and you lose both the business and your friend?

Depending on your characters, it may be difficult to decide who should wear the CEO hat and call the shots. You should be very clear on how you want to split duties from day one more on that in a moment , or the atmosphere will quickly turn sour. Going into business with a friend can be a fun and fruitful adventure.

The only thing you both need to do is follow a few simple rules. Defining roles and responsibilities is one of the most important steps when cofounding a company. We get it. It may seem too formal to put paperwork around your friendship. But when money and leadership are at stake, people behave in unexpected ways.

Remember: Every marriage starts out sunny and happy. But when it gets to a divorce, the gloves come off. The paperwork will protect you both should things get wobbly. The absolute must-have of every healthy business relation is putting everything in writing. Remember that you also need a proper business entity and business license or several of those to operate legally.

Some say that having a plan B is like preparing to fail before you even start. But the truth is a contingency plan can help preserve your friendship, or at least let you break up in a civilized manner when the business starts flatlining.

Your exit strategy should detail what will happen to company assets, the percentage each of you gets paid upon separation and what happens to clients. Are you going to continue on your own or close up shop for good? What happens to the intellectual property after separation? Launching a business is an exciting adventure, more so if you do it with your best friend. Will the business last a lifetime? Probably not. But if you remember to have fun and enjoy the work you both put in to make the company grow, then … who knows?

While the movie weaves in creative fiction with reality, the history of Facebook is an example of how a business founded by friends can go totally wrong and still succeed.

The good news is, not all companies with cofounders who were friends face dramatic breakups. In fact, despite the odds, some prosper under strong and united leadership, and maintain a healthy atmosphere.

Here is the email that started Airbnb. Over a decade after launching the company, its cofounders still hold on tight. Originating from Albuquerque, N. The pair set out to develop software for the then-fledgling market of personal computers, specifically the Altair microcomputer. Although the company became a major success, its cofounders became incompatible and broke up in In , Allen published a memoir, Idea Man , in which he exposed some of the problems that lead to the split, further distancing himself from Gates.

But back in , the company was just an idea waiting for execution. Going into business with a friend can be a great way to take your project off the ground. When your goals and priorities align, you might just make it happen and keep the friendship intact. A word of caution though: Keep eyes wide open to the potential risks that come with the package. Freelance Contributor Dawid is a freelance copywriter and blogger at OctoScribe where he helps B2B tech companies talk human instead of code.

When he's not writing about tech, he's enjoying the simplicity of analog photography and daring bike trips with his wife. Make sure you're both compatible and ready for entrepreneurship before going into business with a friend. Starting a Business. Ready, Steady Start a Business! When it's Time to Stop Procrastinating. Dawid Bednarski.

When Friends Make the Perfect Business Partners

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Angelica Kate pen name for Angela K. Naff writes contemporary and inspirational romances primarily but loves to pen a good mystery.

Posted by Contributor Jun 21, Friendships and partnerships are not the same things and the latter can seriously damage the former. The question is, does it have to be that way? Can you have a partnership and a friendship at the same time?

How to Start a Business With Your Friend

How do we interact with people in our everyday life? Who are the people we are connected to? What are the consequences of overlapping social circles and how people deal with the potential emerging conflicts? What are the structural and cultural mechanisms that regulate social worlds? Network science is a scientific approach to the study of network dependencies and associations which tries to answer these and many other questions. This book explores the underlying mechanisms that regulate social life as they are produced, reproduced, modified, and abandoned in the spatial and temporal patterns of interactions. The mixed methods approach, that combines formal network analysis with qualitative materials and statistical tools, shows the importance of contextualising structural mechanisms in their social and cultural environment, and allows overcoming the traditional methodological boundaries that shape the field of social sciences. Before arriving in Manchester in , she worked as research fellow at University of Turin and University of Bozen, Italy. She completed a Ph.

Going Into A Business Partnership With A Friend?

If you've ever considered starting a business with a friend, you've probably been warned against it. You've read horror stories about business partners turning on each other, friendships suffering in the face of financial stress, etc. While it's true that there are risks when mixing friendship and business, it doesn't mean you're destined to fail — you just have to choose the right friend for the right reasons. We had worked together in different jobs for several years, so we were familiar with each other on both a personal and professional level.

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Going into a business partnership with a friend can be an exciting opportunity. Some great businesses have been built by co-owners who started off as friends. However, before jumping into any business partnership with a friend, there are a few things you should consider so that you can start your venture together with confidence.

Everything You Need to Know about Going into Business with a Friend

Financial advisors stand at a crossroads. One path is grounded in traditional investing. The other path requires practitioners to adapt by embracing technology and goals-based solutions. Choosing the right road is vital for sustaining and growing advisory businesses in the years ahead.

In some cases, friendships prove to be the backbone of many successful businesses. A number of big-name companies in a number of industries are run by pairs of close friends — from the fashion-forward pals who launched Juicy Couture nearly a decade ago, to the moms and BFFs with a passion for healthy snacks who founded Tasty. That can make working a lot more enjoyable. You Need to Meet Marie Forleo. Amy Creel knows how important it to make an unemotional decision about who you go into business with: She launched Smart Mom LLC with her best friend only to have a huge falling out — to the point that she ended up buying her friend out of the business.

Michael Payton is a counselor and mental health administrator with over 40 years experience in mental health care from New Boston, Ohio. Michael is former administrator for the Ohio Department of Mental Health directing both hospital and out-patient services. He is a former professor of psychology and personal development, special needs instructor and currently group facilitator for a drug and alcohol recovery center in Portsmouth, Ohio. Michael writes periodically for local magazines and newspapers on motivation, leadership and success strategies, is a motivational speaker, life coach and has degrees in business administration, education and a Masters in Counseling from Liberty University. Michael is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

The corporate imperative to keep friendship and business was further reinforced at Motorola Central to the differences between the communal and economic managing a competitive business partner of another organization; 4) managing  by P Ingram - ‎Cited by - ‎Related articles.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. English Language Learners Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for speakers of other languages learning English. It only takes a minute to sign up. Partner can have many meanings, whereas friend normally refers to a specific interpersonal relationship.

Going into a business with a friend is like alchemy. If the recipe is good and the ingredients play well with each other, the thing may just pan out. If not, you risk ruining your friendship and burning the business to the ground.






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