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Convince gf to lose weight

How can you make her feel motivated to lose the weight and to feel happy about doing it, rather than having to get into unnecessary arguments with her where you try to convince her to lose the weight and then, she ends up getting angry at you and it causes problems between you and her? What you need to understand is that her level of motivation to look good for you is directly linked to her level of attraction for you. She then starts asking you to put in loads of effort to improve your physical appearance for her. So the point here is that if you want your woman to lose weight, you first have to make sure that she feels enough attraction for you to actually care about maintaining your interest and to not want to lose you.

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How To Encourage Your Girlfriend or Wife To Lose Weight – Without Getting Slapped!

More than one third of American adults are overweight or obese. If your significant other is overweight, it can be a stress on your relationship. While you cannot make your partner work out, you can encourage them to lose weight and be healthy. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was medically reviewed by Jennifer Boidy, RN. Jennifer Boidy is a Registered Nurse in Maryland. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Explore this Article Encouraging Healthy Living. Talking with Your Partner. Motivating Your Partner.

Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Talk about daily routines. There can be many reasons for a person to be overweight, from inactivity to health concerns. Before you assume that your partner is just inactive, talk to him about his daily routine. Be sure to listen and respond rather than asking a series of questions because this may come across as interrogating. Do you feel tired when you wake up? Do you work out? If so, what sort of activity do you do? Encourage keeping a food log.

It is easy to underestimate how many calories we actually eat each day. National Institutes of Health Go to source Encourage your partner to keep a food log to report what she is actually eating per day. You can encourage your partner to do this by showing her your own food log and telling her that even athletes keep food logs.

There are many free applications available to help you keep a food log. Some even allow you to scan barcodes of food that will automatically enter information for you. Check out the pantry.

Pay attention to the types of foods your partner brings home and try to provide some healthy options. Check out what sorts of foods he has in his pantry and refrigerator.

It can be difficult to resist tempting junk food, no matter how good the intention. Soft drinks. Model positive changes. It might be easier for your partner to follow a program or make healthier choices if he sees you doing the same. Try and model healthy behavior by: Preparing healthy foods and perhaps sharing recipes with your partner.

Eating a healthy diet. Keeping an exercise routine. Encourage your partner. Above all, your are in a partnership. You need to be encouraging to the needs and goals of your partner.

Try to: Be a cheerleader, not a taskmaster. You should encourage your partner to be healthy and happy. Telling what they have to do or should do can breed resentment and unhappiness. Reward your partner if they stick with a program or change bad habits into good. Do not focus on food, as this might backfire, but consider a nice date or a small present. Care about them as a person, not a number. Remind them why you are with them and why you love them.

Method 2 of Start a conversation. You will want to avoid being too direct or hurtful to your partner. I hear it is really good cardio. Encourage your partner to talk to you by responding kindly. Do you want to talk about it? Do you want to hear what gets me going in the morning? Provide empathy. It can sometimes be difficult or daunting to an overweight person to hear a fit person talk about being healthy. Provide empathy to your partner by providing what you have struggled with.

It was so difficult and I wanted to give up all the time. But, I realized that would just make me feel worse. I kept getting so discouraged by the number on the scale. Listen, but do not judge. It is difficult to talk about faults and it can be hurtful to talk to someone you love only to be judged harshly.

If your partner is talking to you about a problem, be kind and do not judge. They are reaching out to you because they respect your opinion. Avoid nagging and harsh comments.

This breeds resentment and your relationship to suffer. Instead, focus on being supportive. Avoid pointing out when your partner fails or struggles. Be encouraging! Method 3 of Be active, together. Studies have shown that working out with a friend or partner is more beneficial than working out alone. To encourage healthy habits, work out with your partner. You can even make these activities into part of a date.

Try some of these fun, physical date activities: Walks in the park. Walks on the beach. Ice skating. Horseback riding.

Various sports American football, soccer, hockey, frisbee, golf, tennis etc. Cook together. Another way you can make healthy-living into a date night is to cook together.

Pick out healthy recipes together and cook them. Try incorporating healthy foods like: Healthy proteins including beans, chicken, turkey, and fish. Healthy carbohydrates including beans, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas. Heart healthy foods such as almonds, avocadoes, and yogurts. Fresh ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. Learn together. Being healthy is a marathon, not a sprint. There is so much knowledge out there about the human body and about fitness.

Take this opportunity to learn about your body and to learn with your partner. Read fitness blogs, magazines, and books.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Checking your own expectations , respecting your partner , focusing on the benefits of losing weight, and keeping things positive are all necessary for encouraging a partner to make a lifestyle change. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0.

Answers From a Hot Girl: Can I Encourage My Girlfriend to Lose Weight?

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Ok so my girlfriend weighs pounds, shes 18, and is 5 foot 6 or so inches. She is skinny as hell, but she is always telling me how she needs to loose weight and how she feels like a whale.

Is your girlfriend putting on weight and you are wondering how to ask her to reduce it without hurting her feelings? We will help you with the techniques of telling your girlfriend to lose weight.

I wrote this for real men who are genuinely concerned about their female partner, and want to help them steer towards change. I feel you. When you see your woman lose her goddess like figure right in front of your eyes, you feel helpless. You feel like you need to save her.

How to Tell Your Girlfriend to Lose Weight in a Nice Way

Experts weigh in on how to broach the topic without hurting your relationship. While her partner wasn't the catalyst for her weight loss, for some women, it's one of the worst things you could ever imagine coming out of a loved one's mouth: the words "you're fat. Hurtful, maybe, but in some cases, absolutely necessary for the person's own health and well-being. In cases where one is morbidly obese, it could even save their life. But for some people, excess weight serves as a shield, one that they aren't quite ready to shed. According to certified health coach Holly Stokes, "Weight can be a way of hiding who we really are from others so they don't reject us or get too close, and often, it's a way of insulating yourself from a partner's criticism. So instead of coming off as critical, try a more positive approach.

How to Get Your Girlfriend or Wife to Lose Weight

You have a girlfriend, who you adore and your relationship is solid and loving and it has been nearly x years since you become a couple. You need to tell your girlfriend to lose weight. At least 10 kg by your estimate. Recently, you have noticed that she is less confident in herself and her appearance. It happens to all of us in winter or when we stop paying attention.

More than one third of American adults are overweight or obese.

Q: My girlfriend gained weight. Is there a right way to encourage her to slim down again, or do I avoid the issue all together? But I would advise you to think very, very carefully about how you do it. Maybe something about more cardio each week?

Help Her Lose Weight

Every guy wants a sexy, confident, in-shape woman on his arm. If you want to help your girlfriend or wife effectively change her body but don't know where to start, then look no further. Step one is knowing what you're up against.

She was a bombshell when you met her, but as long-term commitment settled in so did a few extra pounds on her hips. We all gain a little weight as we age, but if she now ignores healthy habits altogether, it's time to help her realize the risks, without being cruel. There's a fine line between insulting her, and helping her. Learn how to approach the subject the right way. You'll never get anywhere if you say, "Looks like you've put on a few pounds" or "Are you really going to eat that?

How to Tell Your Girlfriend to Lose Weight Without Sounding Rude

I am a year-old man who has been in a relationship for nearly three years. My girlfriend has recently lost nearly two stone, going from a size 12 to 10, on an intermittent fasting diet and, while I am proud and pleased she did so, I have noticed I am less physically attracted to her than I once was. I then feel guilty for not being so attracted to her, which makes my internal situation worse. I had this issue with a previous girlfriend. She took it badly and would bring it up in every subsequent argument or failed sexual encounter, quickly ruining the relationship. My current girlfriend has an altogether dimmer view of my preferences and is quite old fashioned when it comes to sex due to her strict Christian upbringing. Your particular erotic triggers are not uncommon.

Feb 10, - How to be supportive of friends or family members who are beginning a weight loss plan.








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