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  • Kaakka Muttai ( Crows Egg) ( 2015 ) 

    Tamil with English Subtitles Dir.: M Manikandan I have a vivid memory of when I had my first taste of the famous Maggi noodles which now sit beside banned narcotics in India. Television had just arrived in my 20 member… Read More ›

  • Rubbers

    (Mandarin with English Subtitles) Dir.: Han Yew Kwang A Durian flavoured talking condom, an old couple whose romance started in school with birthday celebration involving condoms and a sticky condom which refuses to come off leading to painful consequences.These are… Read More ›

  • Unlucky Plaza(2015)

    Dir.:Ken Kwek “You have a gun?!But this is Singapore!!How can you have a gun?! “This line is repeated quite a few times in Unlucky Plaza. I have been living here nearly 3 years and have never had a brush with… Read More ›

  • Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! (2015)

    Dir.:Dibakar Banerjee Once you have seen Rajit Kapur play Byomkesh Bakshi on Doordarshan its difficult to get him out of the head.I remember the restless wait for the show to come on air, those were not the days of binge… Read More ›

  • White God

    2014, Hungarian with English Subtitles, 119 mins. Dir.:Kornél Mundruczó We now live in the age of man, dubbed the Anthropocene by scientists who argue that it all started in 1610 AD, using Christopher Columbus’s arrival in America as its geological… Read More ›

  • My Son the Fanatic(1997)

    Dir.:Udayan Prasad Three teenaged British schoolgirls boarded a flight to Turkey last month and disappeared, presumably to join ISIS, the most deadly terrorist organisation on the planet.Grainy screen grabs of them at the airport in Turkey show a carefree trio… Read More ›

  • Tahader Katha (1992)

    Dir.:Buddhadeb Dasgupta Shibnath Mukherjee( Mithun Chakraborty) is a freedom fighter who was sent away to the Andaman’s for eight years.Solitary confinement (Kaala Paani) in the Andaman Islands was the most harrowing punishment meted out by the British and usually reserved… Read More ›