When the farewell party in my school was drawing to a sentimental close, my English teacher drew me aside and told me, “Never stop writing”. I nodded and plunged headlong into the rat race of earning a college education along with working full time through it. I became a tea taster by accident and then a MBA by design. I sought out an assignment in Africa and then in Europe, travelled to places most people can’t locate on a map and managed to do business there with the people. The journey of being a corporate executive has been good, my experiences definitely more varied and exciting than most but my writings remained limited to banging out emails and reports. My boss noticed the edginess of my corporate stuff and asked me to write the odd communication and I happily obliged.

My reading habits took a hit and I found myself becoming a film addict. From Bollywood to Hollywood to the French new wave to ultimately the very best of art-house cinema, I managed to give myself a decent film education. I started voicing my unsolicited opinions on films on Facebook and soon found myself becoming the “go to man” when my friends needed some celluloid magic to lift their spirits. My background as an avid quizzer and debater steered me to ranting on politics quite often laced with a “sardonic/sarcastic/perverse wit” (not my words).

So a blog focused mostly on cinema and my other interests namely politics, food, travel, photography, art and atheism seems the logical next step. How far I will succeed will depend a lot on me and what encouragement I receive. I can only promise to write honestly and from a deeply personal point of view.

I think for myself but ultimately I write for you…

Love to hear from you....

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