A new way of looking at Cinema

Reposting a new version which includes the slides as requested by many readers.

Please do spread the message if it resonates with you !!


Here is a TEDx talk I did recently which is a crystallization of my thesis that Cinema needs to become an integral part of our education system- lifelong!

In my journey as a filmmaker this is an interesting and important milestone. One strives to express oneself through the medium but sometimes the medium itself needs championing in a new way.

I often call myself a Film Evangelist in jest but this is the gospel of cinema that I am so happy to preach.

I most humbly urge all of you to listen to the talk and if you agree, to please share the idea that Cinema is indeed Superfood for the brain, especially young brains. We would be failing our young generation if do not expose themselves to the transformative powers of a cinema that goes beyond entertainment.

I am very very grateful to have been given this opportunity to take this idea beyond the small groups that I have been sharing with.

Cinema – the medium of light and sound needs to be seen and heard in a new light..literally !!

PS: I have not been writing on my blog for a very long time. I have the usual excuses that bloggers have. But may I say that I have been busy serving cinema in other ways?

Thanks for all the love and support !!


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