Rust And Bone

While we await the arrival of Cannes top prize winner Dheepan to a big screen near us, here is my review of his last film which the critics consider superior to Dheepan.A good time to catch up on Audiard!


Rust and Bone(Original French Title : De rouille et d’os)

Dir:Jacques Audiard

Ali takes Stephanie for a swim. Ali takes Stephanie for a swim.

Rust and Bone is gritty film mostly about “them”.I mean that vast swathe of humanity that we co-exist with without taking much notice.They exist to make the world function but their own existence perpetually remains on the fringe of our consciousness, if at all.This film gives us one “distant us” character and one “definitely them” character.The director Jacques Audiard and his co-writers Thomas Bidegain and Craig Davidson take them and changes them till “we” can no longer tell the difference, becoming for some time “somewhat like them”.

We have Ali played by Matthias Schoenaerts, a strapping muscular man and his son Sam.Ali is a drifter,probably with a checkered past, a definite “them”.The mother of Sam, Ali’s companion is not the picture.She used Sam to smuggle drugs.Ali seeks refuge in his sisters house.He…

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