My Mandela


Not an obituary but a tribute written when the world was still privileged to have a living breathing Mandela on its soil.Lets keep the idea of Mandela alive.

Originally posted on mostlycinema:

N.Mandela in his cell on Robben Island (revisit} 1994

It was October 1990.Still hot and muggy in Kolkata even at 9 am in the morning.Perhaps it was a holiday or I would have been in school.I was exactly 14 years old then.My house was on the way to the airport, the name of the road aptly referred to as VIP Road even though formally it is named after Kazi Nazrul Islam, the legendary poet.Living on that road gave me the chance to see quite a few important people pass by.

I remember that morning well, for a 14-year-old fan of Mahatma Gandhi, the best thing next to laying eyes on the Mahatma was about to happen- a glimpse of Nelson Mandela who was visiting Kolkata.I perhaps stood for an hour behind the bamboo barricade, which had been erected though the entire stretch that his motorcade was to pass, along with thousands others, to catch a glimpse.When his car passed…

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