Month: October 2013

He suffered for the collective sins of humanity.

Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Dir.:Stuart Rosenberg Cool Hand Luke is a masterpiece of American cinema that proves that even a film with a big star and a stereotype prison setting can have enough intellectual material to hold its own against the most hallowed art… Read More ›

Portrait of a reluctant porn-star?


Dirs.:Rob Epstein and Jeffery Friedman I never imagined that reviewing this film would be such a complicated matter.A biopic about Linda Lovelace whose extraordinary skills at fellatio in Deep Throat, a 1972 hardcore porn film that became a mainstream success,… Read More ›

Its very lonely, quiet and dangerous up there!

Gravity (2013)

Dir.:Alfonso Cuaron What’s the ultimate birthday treat for a film fanatic on his birthday if he has been bedridden with a back problem for more than a month? A movie outing of course.And when the much awaited film from Mr… Read More ›