Ilo Ilo (2013, Singapore, Mandarin with Eng Subs)

As this film enters its third week in theatres in Singapore it feels almost like a national duty to see it.I really urge those who have not seen it yet to do so, and for foreigners it can be a great introduction to local cinema.



Dir.:Anthony Chen

Ilo Ilo tells a deceptively simple story with a lot of care and heart.The film is roughly set in the middle of the Asian financial crisis which also affected this small island nation.It chronicles a friendship which grows between a young and rebellious boy Jialer, who has just lost his beloved grandfather and his maid Teresa, who arrives from Philippines to help his pregnant mother with her hectic schedule. The boy’s father loses his job and his mother juggles the tantrums of the brat and the increasing demands of her job, which she needs to retain at all cost.

Ilo Ilo demonstrates that the role of a nanny and domestic servant is very special.The tightrope that both employer and employee walk in balancing “you are a paid servant” and “you are a part of the family”, can be so tight and the casualties so subtle that we don’t…

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