Dr. Girish Kasaravalli’s film Kurmawatara (The Tortoise An Incarnation) and Gandhi in the 21st Century


Some films remain relevant for a long time because they examine a critical period of time in a nations history.A new film called Kurmawatara (The Tortoise, An Incarnation), which came out last year by the master filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli is one such film.It marries Gandhian philosophy with a modern context and more importantly human nature at its most ordinary and nondescript to make a comment on 21st century India in a rare and sensitive way. Kurmavatara examines the turmoil in the life of a hardworking low level honest civil servant when he is persuaded to play the Mahatma in a TV serial being directed by an ambitious and amoral young director.

Anand Rao (played brilliantly by newcomer Shikaripura Krishnamurthy), the protagonist is emotionally blackmailed into taking up the role by his family, who see him as a ticket to a comfortable middle class existence. In his journey towards becoming a…

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