Jobs (2013)

The Apple does not fall far from the tree, or maybe it does!

The Apple does not fall far from the tree, or maybe it does!

Dir.:Joshua Michael Stern

If he could, he would turn in his grave.If he could, he would call it as utterly tasteless as a Microsoft product.If he could, he would have redesigned the fonts of the credits, for starters.And once he was done with all the changes he would present it in front of a highly influential audience and plug it as the greatest movie ever made, which will change everybody’s life on planet earth.But the makers of this film on Steve Jobs, who has been promoted to full fledged God from demi-God long time back, show zero aptitude in making something that comes close to doing the man justice.And Ashton Kutcher is not even the films biggest problem!

Jobs is painted as the most impossibly boorish, arrogant, selfish, short-tempered, manipulative, unemotional, self-possessed prick to walk the planet.Granted, he may have been a lot of the above in some measure or the other, but his ability to imagine the future and create product categories that have not been demanded by the market is completely ignored.Actually its reduced to a footnote about how he took calligraphy classes and then the rest of the movie shows him shouting himself hoarse about the font on the software.

A very smart way to start would have been to watch The Social Network multiple times.David Fincher’s film painted a none too flattering picture of Mark Zukerberg, but had the audience enthralled with its tight script and measured performances, which needless to say owe a lot to astute casting.The sloppy direction here is the second greatest weakness of the film, after its insipid script.Yes, Mr Kutcher does look like Steve Jobs, but he is also rated as one of the worst actors in Hollywood. This is perhaps his best performance ever, but its a long way off from portraying a Steve Jobs that will engage us for 2 hours.

The film opens with Jobs introducing the iPod and then goes back to trace his college days up to his spat with John Sculley. Does stopping at the iPod mean the producers hoped to make a sequel perhaps titled “Jobs 2S”?If yes, then they would be better off investing their money in Blackberry stock.If Jobs was a flawed man, this is a flawed portrait of a flawed man, as irritating as a circular reference error in a spreadsheet.

As the curtains went down my wife offered a conspiracy theory to lift my crushed spirits.Perhaps Bill Gates funded this folly as sweet revenge and gave himself an alibi by including a scene where Jobs phones Gates and lets loose a flurry of insults for copying his invention, the graphic user interface!Thats a delicious possibility for sure, but I would look to Samsung as the possible sponsor of this anti Apple film, which has the most to gain.

As Apple Inc. struggles to maintain its position in the smart phone market it could have done without a film that just diminishes the halo around Steve Jobs.No, people won’t be turned off Apple products on account of this film because the products are still good but suing the producers of this film is a better idea than suing Samsung.At least it will be easier to convince the judge.All it will take is a screening of Jobs.

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  1. Ouch! Sounds like it’s best avoided.

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