Attenborough’s Gandhi with my 5 year old

A gentle reminder to those who think Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a great biopic, what a great biopic can be like.Gandhi is the greatest biopic ever made, in my considered opinion.



“Why can’t God make another Gandhiji? It will be good for our country”

“Why don’t you try to become like Gandhiji?”

To the second question from my 5 year old daughter I meekly reply,”But then the police may beat me up, just the way they beat Gandhiji, and then what will I do?”

“Be brave Papa… be brave!”

This conversation was the result of watching Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi several times with my daughter, I believe nearly 10 times, as I lay in bed with a bad back ache. I was trying to wriggle out of watching Cartoon Network, which was my fate as I was the baby sitter, not the easiest job to do bedridden.

At first it was just an experiment -subjecting a 5 year old to a film like Gandhi with mature themes may not be the wisest thing to do, but when I recalled the age at…

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