Pacific Rim (2013)


Dir.:Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro does things his own way, takes his own risks and dreams his own dreams.Sometimes the result can be an all time great film like Pan’s Labyrinth and sometimes it can be as clunky and enjoyable as Pacific Rim.Like all films set anytime in the future this too has those hologram like things which have replaced glowing screens.But in Pacific Rim they not rendered in a monochrome grey or blue but in three tone Red Green and Blue with its light emitting projectors clearly visible.The monsters that rise up from the sea are unapologetically ugly and rough and very honestly born inside a computer.This film achieves a unique tone, one that is kitschy and synthetic like a video game yet operatic in its storytelling.

First off I was amazed at how fluidly Mr del Toro has borrowed from Iron Man, the man in a metal suit with a glowing core is now encased in a gigantic robot that looks like, well a gigantic iron man.But instead of one there are two humans controlling this beast and the monsters instead of outer space come from within the earths core.That scientists understand so little about the earths core and what elements it consists of, lends it just as much plausibility to the premise as aliens from outer space.This film has fun with the science fiction genre as a whole, nodding at landmark films like Blade Runner, Aliens and Jaws while catering to a whole new generation of sci-fi fans whose gaming consoles allow them to get in the middle of the action.It is this understanding of our increased ability to interact with our fantasy world that gives Pacific Rim its awesomeness.

While the films story is predictable, it wisely invests in its characters and gives us some gems like a JJ Abrams lookalike version of Charlie Day as a crazed, earnest and comic scientist or Ron Pearlman as the indefatigable dealer of the monster body parts.
Its leads Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba and Rinko Kikuchi have sensitively written parts.A complete lack of Hollywood big guns makes Pacific Rim a film whose real star is its director allowing him to create a genuinely entertaining film rather than a star vehicle like Oblivion.

Goya's Colossus which was used by the director for inspiration.

Goya’s Colossus which was used by the director for inspiration.

Pacific Rim is a solid genre film, an action packed sci-fi fantasy packed with a thumping soundtrack that does not hold back and tests all the state of art sound systems at modern theaters. The visual effects are raw and colorful and do not have a fixed theme and color scheme making them refreshing and boisterous. The special effects team literally gives us different horses for different courses making the competition this summer look a bit serious and uptight.At 131 minutes the length is not as stupidly arrogant as last weeks The Lone Ranger but a tighter editing would have enhanced its fun.Pacific Rim delivers unpretentious entertainment in a good old-fashioned way not shying away from making the valiant captain mouth lines like ”We are canceling the apocalypse!”. Roland Emmerich should definitely see this film.

#Do stay back for the end credits for some fun surprise!!

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