Hangover Part III (2013)

The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack

Dir.:Todd Phillips

They should have left the Wolfpack alone! But they did not and we have this positive spoiler of an outrageously funny first film. Everybody is a victim here, the cast, the director and most of all the audience.But yes the producers just may be laughing all the way to the bank.In these uncertain times a Hangover film offers an almost unreal escape into a world where there are almost no consequences of the most mindless actions at all. The film gives us one of those moments right at the beginning where a CGI giraffe gets beheaded.Totally not funny but a good example of how much leeway the makers think the audience are willing to give them.

Look at Bradley Cooper, he is back as Phil but his mind is on the Oscar that he lost just because there was a Daniel Day Lewis film in the fray. Ok thats not exactly true because this film would have been shot much before that but Mr.Cooper is clearly a man who is done leveraging Hangover.But he is here sullen, incredulous (gee whiz am I still doing this?) and hopelessly lazy.He has not much to do except look at Alan, the way some growing up children look at their awkward parents, with a mix of embarrassment and shame. Zack Galifiniakis is resolute.He will do everything that thrown at him with the exact same attitude that he has cultivated for the last 5 years. Except that he falls in love which provides an unusually warm moment in the film, thereby pulling it unwisely in the rom-com direction.

A publicity still..all dressed up and nowhere to go!

A publicity still..all dressed up and nowhere to go!

More unwisely the film is pulled in the slapstick action comedy direction with the appearance of Marshall ( John Goodman) who has been duped by Mr Chow who stole his 21million in gold bars (now that a bloody heavy McGuffin to lug around, as we will learn). He kidnaps Doug (Justin Bartha) and the wolf pack must retrieve his gold as the ransom.

The first Hangover film was flat out funny, the characters were fresh and the set up was insanely enjoyable.Part 2 was raunchier, a sex tourism advert for Bangkok and perked up entirely by the appearance of the Chinese gangster Mr Chow who was a badass over marinated in soy sauce and drugs.Now Mr Phillips tries to do a little back to Vegas caper.Phil says “They should burn this place down”.Ah the voice of reason! But within a few minutes he will hanging down the Caesars Palace glo-sign trying to gatecrash an orgy and Chow will be parachuting down singing “I believe I can fly”.

The only question worth asking is, will this film gross 210 million USD that it needs to break even? Sequels are a bad habit that fans need to shrug off, or we will continue to waste time and money not to speak of the huge lost opportunity to watch something better.This film is scripted and directed with too much caution and too less imagination.There is no drinking or drugs, the film is merely hungover on the success of the first two installments which does no service to the audience.And just a little tip, stay back for the credits for some small consolation attached to Stu’s chest!

Alan: “We can’t be friends anymore. When we get together, bad things happen and people get hurt”.
Mr. Chow: “Yeah, but that’s the point! It’s funny!”

Well it just ain’t funny no more..so pack up bitches!

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