Go Goa Gone (2013)

Lets kill some dead people not blackbucks.

Lets kill some dead people not blackbucks.

Dir.:Raj and D.K.

Finally a Bollywood flick that beats Hollywood at its own game.Yes read that again if you wish,I mean it.While Zombie movies are struggling in Hollywood this film takes the Zombie premise and spins it into a very enjoyable and satisfying comedy.The promos had me intrigued despite the lame jokes like Zombies, which are not native to India, have appeared due to globalization.But the premise was alluring and the worst that could happen was a viewing as meaningless as Evil Dead who are referred to many times here.

It starts off as the archetype buddy movie, Hardik( Kumal Khemu), Luv(Vir Das) and Bobby(Anand Tiwari) are childhood buddies who live together. Perpetual Hardick, no Hardik and Luv are interested in dope,alcohol and girls while Bobby is serious about his career and serves as a de-facto ATM machine for the other two.We see Luv cleaning up his act only to get dumped by his girlfriend and the trio decide to drown their collective sorrows with a trip to Goa.They shuffle along to office on Monday mornings, looking like Zombies already.This is set to a wonderful song equating Monday mornings to a blood sucking vampire.They land up in Goa and Luv quickly meets a hot Facebook friend Luna (he has 2000 of them) played by a slightly Audery Tautouesque Pooja Gupta who indulges them with an invitation to a rave party organized by the Russian mafia on a private island.

If we use a condom you won't get infected!

If we use a condom you won’t get infected!

The trio schmooze their way into the party which turns out to be every spring breakers wet dream.White chicks,booze and even a mysterious glow in the dark party pill which they cant afford.Those that can do and turn into the living dead.When they wake up in the morning, with only Hardik having scored at night, their hangover quickly evaporates when they find themselves surrounded by Zombies. Luv decides to risk all their lives for his friend Luna( after all har facebook friend zaroori hota hai) and the trio turn into a gay quartet.The Ruski mafia is nobody but our Saifu who calls himself Boris(pronounced Barees) with a thick Russian accent and blond slicked back hair that must have been dyed using a cocktail of hair dyes and peroxide. L’Oreal/Garnier do not have “Boris Blond” in its repertoire for sure.

Since these desi Zombies are a bit behind the curve, “Johnny just came” if you please they walk at a slightly slower pace than their western counterparts lest one of out beloved characters get bitten.Since we are sentimental Indians collateral damage of the leads is something that we really take to heart.So the zombies shuffle along covered with gore, like a holi bash with tons of bhaang gone wrong.If you have seen the recent Hollywood zombie film Warm Bodies the zombie hero tries to teach his normal girlfriend how to walk like a zombie which she does it in an exaggerated manner.The filmmakers copy both that scene and her walking style.These are clearly a pack of amateur zombies.

The image is misleading.nobody needs to run to run this fast in Go Goa Gone.

The image is misleading.nobody needs to run to run this fast in Go Goa Gone.

Its good to see Saif trying something radically new here despite the Agent Vinod meltdown, he has a high maintenance wife and a big alimony to pay.Kunal Khemu’s comic timing is the heart of the film and Anand Tiwari as Bunny is always dependable to make you smile. Pooja Gupta as Luna blends in with the boys and thankfully never goes into the bimbo mode. The biggest strength of the film is its focus to remain a buddy zom-com without trying to be a stray into romance or horror or drama.The runtime of 110minutes is tight by Bollywood standards but a zom-com should ideally stay within the 100 minutes limits.I am not complaining though as the novelty of the premise and the freshness of the treatment along with the campy tone and lovability of the leads keeps one hooked.And thank the embalmed corpse of Lenin these Pappu’s can’t dance to save their constipated asses.

Dasvidaniya Barees, waiting for the Zombies of Wasseypore!

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