Month: May 2013

The Wolfpack

Hangover Part III (2013)

Dir.:Todd Phillips They should have left the Wolfpack alone! But they did not and we have this positive spoiler of an outrageously funny first film. Everybody is a victim here, the cast, the director and most of all the audience.But… Read More ›

Nainital boy Rakesh slips into Ajay's life with remarkable ease.

Aurangzeb (2013)

Dir.:Atul Sabharwal Seeta aur Geeta meets Ram aur Shyam meets Don with shades of Karan Arjun for the final garnish, directed of course by that giant of a movie director who understood the need for escape in a cinema hall… Read More ›

The fleeting eye candy

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Dir.:J.J.Abrams JJ Abrams had wisely declined to direct this film initially, having delivered a critically acclaimed blockbuster reboot of the hallowed franchise in 2009.He however relented and we have on our hands another edition of the series which already appears… Read More ›

If we use a condom you won't get infected!

Go Goa Gone (2013)

Dir.:Raj and D.K. Finally a Bollywood flick that beats Hollywood at its own game.Yes read that again if you wish,I mean it.While Zombie movies are struggling in Hollywood this film takes the Zombie premise and spins it into a very… Read More ›

Bruce Campbell as Ash from The Evil Dead..ah the delicious campiness of it all!

Evil Dead (2013)

Dir.: Fede Alvarez It comes billed as “The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever See”, but it’s not one even by a long margin.The only moments of shock and horror are at the stupidity of the characters but then its… Read More ›