Oblivion 2013

Posting again for the jumbo US release.Watch out guys, don’t say I did not warn you!!


Oblivion 2013
Dir.:Joseph Kosinski

For its first thirty minutes I thought I was watching Top Gun and said a silent prayer for its director Tony Scott who committed suicide last year.Tom Cruise was cruising on a nifty pair of wings(balls actually), totally showing off, not listening to his bosses and shagging his hot teammate alongside.Then for the next thirty minutes I felt I was watching Soderbergh’s Solyaris (thankfully not Tarkovskiy’s original, another silent prayer- may Tarkovskiy’s soul rest in peace) since Tom was suddenly seeing his dead wife everywhere and the dude was not even supposed to have a memory.Then for the next few minutes I felt I was watching 2077 A Space Odessy when machines started getting confused. The last thirty minutes became a struggle to keep my eyes open even though I felt I was in one of the Matrix installments when the elder brother of Laurence Fishburne…

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