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Friends list facebook hide

Facebook's currency is you — you and all of your personal information. That's one reason Facebook likes to keep most information about you public. By default, your profile information, posts, and even your friends are available for all to see. In practice, it's often convenient for your friends list to be public, because it can help people to find and connect with you, by verifying friends they also know. If you prefer, you can restrict who can see your entire Friends list using Facebook's privacy settings. You might not want everyone to see it, especially if you want to mask the identity of some friends from others.

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How to hide your Facebook friends list

The default setting on Facebook enables everyone to see your list of friends. You can change and customize this setting in different ways. First you have to log on to your Facebook account. Click on the Account tab at the top right-hand side of the page, and choose Privacy Settings. Click "Connecting on Facebook," and, under the option to view settings, change the setting for "See your friend list.

You can customize basic settings from this page to control who can find and connect with you. You can also create friend lists with different privacy settings. From the Account tab click on Edit Friends. Create a new list or add a friend to an existing list. You can customize privacy settings so that only members of a certain group share content. You can block individual friends or groups from seeing content and from appearing on your news feeds.

To control news feed entries, move your mouse over a news feed from a friend that you want to hide, and a "Hide" button will appear. You can hide the post or hide all posts from a particular friend. However, you can't avoid posts from friends on your Wall; you can only erase specific posts by going through them one by one or as they appear. If you go to the bottom of your home page, you can edit options to see posts by friends, by changing the news feed settings.

How Facebook Works. Facebook How Facebook Works.

How to hide your Friends List from the public on Facebook

Updated: January 2, Reader-Approved. This wikiHow teaches you how to prevent other people from viewing your friends list on both desktop and mobile platforms. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

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How to organize your friend list on Facebook (and hide people, too)

Frequently changing and complicated settings often result in people sharing a lot more than they intended. However, hiding your friends list from the prying eyes of people is quite straightforward. If you delve into your Facebook privacy settings , you can gain complete control over almost each part of your profile, including who can see your list of friends. By default, everyone can see all your friends on your list, but you can keep most of your friends list hidden and privy only to yourself. There are four options that you can choose from, which are:. Instead of adding individual users to these boxes, you can also add friends lists. You can also create your own lists.

How Can I Hide My Facebook Friend List from Everyone?

Did you know that you can even hide your friend list? And seeing common friends, other friends usually accept the friend request. This guide has been updated to match the new Facebook privacy settings , as Facebook made some major changes recently. So, follow this new tutorial and hide your Facebook friend list from others:. Subscribe on YouTube.

Posted on February 7, by hellosocial. Facebook is a great way to keep track of friends, family, and co-workers alike, but as your friends list grows, your news feed can become overwhelming.

By default, any Facebook user who can see your profile can view your friend list as well. With Facebook privacy being talked about in the news almost daily, many users are now hiding their Facebook Friend Lists from the public in order to protect the privacy of everyone on the list. Note: Your friends will still be able to see a list of the friends you have in common with them i.

How to Hide Your Facebook Friends List

The default setting on Facebook enables everyone to see your list of friends. You can change and customize this setting in different ways. First you have to log on to your Facebook account.

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For instance, when you add someone to your friends list on Facebook, you can see their friends and they can see yours by default. But for a variety of reasons, you might not want to give those kind of details about your private life to everyone. There could be a million reasons for wanting to hide friends on Facebook. In order to do that, take the following steps:. As mentioned before, this will completely hide your friends list from anyone on Facebook. The only information other people will be able to see is mutual friends.

How to Make Facebook Friends Private

In response to complaints, the social network now offers a way to keep friends lists from appearing on publicly viewable profiles. Here are steps for making that happen. Facebook last Wednesday announced new privacy settings that give users some additional control over what information they share, while taking away the ability to hide a few pieces of information from the general public. One particular piece of publicly available information--users' friends lists--caused a bit of an uproar from a number of sectors, including business people who don't necessarily want to expose their professional networks to the public and their competitors. It is also a concern to some parents who might not want their kids--or a list of their kids' friends--to be widely available. Facebook quickly backtracked. A day later, the company announced on its blog that users can now uncheck the "Show my friends on my profile" option in the Friends box on their profile so that your friend list won't appear on your publicly viewable profile. Unfortunately, they weren't very clear on exactly how you make the change.

If your Facebook account is public, your details are available for everyone to see. If you're privacy-minded, you may want to consider changing your.

When your Friends list is visible, it's shown as a section on the left of your profile on Facebook. These sections disappear when you hide it. It's very easy to change your privacy settings for your Friends list. You just need to know where to look amongst all the other privacy settings that Facebook has in place.

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How to Hide Facebook Friend List from Others




How do you hide friends on Facebook?



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