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  • Elippathayam( The Rat Trap,1981)

    Unni is impotent to his moral and physical core.

    Elippatthayam tells the story of a family at a particular time in India’s history.It is set within the confines of a sprawling but slightly decrepit taravad or a traditional feudal home in Kerala, that very strange and and wonderful strip… Read More ›

  • Coming Home (2014)

    Nobody wants to be a soldier anymore..

    Dir.:Zhang Yimou Mandarin with English Subtitles, currently in theatres in Singapore. Zhang Yimou is one of the greatest filmmakers of our times and the tallest figure of Chinese cinema.On the surface his latest film Coming Home is a simple and… Read More ›

  • Kyuki Smriti Bhi Kabhi Student Thi..

    She won't be using any calculus she learnt  in there in any case!

    I have a pathological hatred for saas bahu serials.That even Phd’s watch them is a source of eternal mystery to me.These serials and pyjama cricket of which IPL is the latest and the most vulgar form keep us glued to… Read More ›

  • It’s about the opposition, silly(me)!!

    Waiting for Godot.

    The biggest human event in the history of the planet, the Indian General Election of 2014 is nearly over.Statistics have been repeated ad nauseum and it has been billed the most important election in the nations history.Not true, but that’s… Read More ›

  • Noah(2014)


    Dir.:Darren Aronofsky This is a film from the future, both mankind’s future and from the cinematic future of sci fi-films.It neatly presents a scenario that all scientists talk about- what if God is an alien? Yes indeed! I can hardly… Read More ›

  • Rosetta(1999)

    Rosetta cover

    Dir.:Jean Luc and Pierre Dardenne It’s not for nothing that “Dardenneseque” has entered the lexicon of the modern cinephile.The Dardenne brothers from Belgium, who have been making riveting social dramas for a long time now, burst onto the international stage… Read More ›

  • Funny Games(1997)

    They are not playing Funny Games!

    Dir.: Micheal Haneke Funny Games is the most horrifying film I have seen.There is nothing funny about it.When it was made it angered a lot of people.Some thought it was a cheap gimmick , others took it as a personal… Read More ›


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