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  • It’s about the opposition, silly(me)!!

    Waiting for Godot.

    The biggest human event in the history of the planet, the Indian General Election of 2014 is nearly over.Statistics have been repeated ad nauseum and it has been billed the most important election in the nations history.Not true, but that’s… Read More ›

  • Noah(2014)


    Dir.:Darren Aronofsky This is a film from the future, both mankind’s future and from the cinematic future of sci fi-films.It neatly presents a scenario that all scientists talk about- what if God is an alien? Yes indeed! I can hardly… Read More ›

  • Rosetta(1999)

    Rosetta cover

    Dir.:Jean Luc and Pierre Dardenne It’s not for nothing that “Dardenneseque” has entered the lexicon of the modern cinephile.The Dardenne brothers from Belgium, who have been making riveting social dramas for a long time now, burst onto the international stage… Read More ›

  • Funny Games(1997)

    They are not playing Funny Games!

    Dir.: Micheal Haneke Funny Games is the most horrifying film I have seen.There is nothing funny about it.When it was made it angered a lot of people.Some thought it was a cheap gimmick , others took it as a personal… Read More ›

  • Mandela: Long walk to freedom (2013)

    Winnie Mandelas solitary confinement and its impact  is powerfully depicted.

    Dir.:Justin Chadwick I met Ben Kingsley once at a film festival in Vlissingen, Holland where he was being honoured with a lifetime achievement award.I asked him which aspect of Gandhi’s life would he like to see made into a separate… Read More ›

  • The Railway Man(2013)

    The victim and the perpetrator start to merge.

    Dir.:Jonathan Teplitzky Eric Lomax( Colin Firth) loves trains.He knows the timetables of trains in England verbatim.If you have missed your train he can guide you faster than Google and in any case in 1980 there was no Google.One day he… Read More ›

  • 300: Rise of an Empire

    300-rise-of-an-empire xerxes

    Dir.:Noam Murro Now this was a real guilty pleasure.The poster does not lie, the film is a tsunami of blood.But thats not why I walked into it.I have come to regard CGI heavy sandals and swords sagas with suspicion.The real… Read More ›


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