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The Master (2012)

The Master Dir:Paul Thomas Anderson Alfred Hitchcock was once asked who he made movies for. He thought carefully and answered,“The critics”. The Master was also made perhaps for the critics and most definitely for the director himself.By all accounts, it’s… Read More ›


A few pictures from our visit to Legoland Malaysia, a place saturated with creativity and colours.It was a hot, crowded and ultimately rainy day.But these pictures tell a happier story.Thats why pictures lie and tell the truth all at once,… Read More ›

The Sessions(2012)

The Sessions Dir:Ben Lewin Mark O’Brien (John Hawkes) is completely paralyzed, his body was afflicted by severe  polio at a young age and he lives inside an iron lung that helps him breathe.However, he retains all his five senses, and… Read More ›

Cloud Atlas(2012)

Cloud Atlas(2012) Dir: Lana and Andy Wachowski ,Tom Tykwer An atlas is a human contrivance, inherently inaccurate and reinforcing an old lie, that the earth is flat.And an atlas does one more thing, it refuses to acknowledge that the earth… Read More ›


Inkaar(2013) Dir:Sudhir Mishra The most difficult films are the ones that look at the lives of the most representative elements of the audience and try to hold up a mirror.It cannot be pretty picture.After all its a “dog eat dog… Read More ›

Mama (2013)

Mama Dir:Andy Muschietti In the opening scene we see a car parked outside a house.The door is open and the car radio can be heard, which informs us that like the last financial crisis this time too (2008) there has… Read More ›

Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths Dir:Martin McDonagh I used to love psychopaths. In movies that is, until they became so commonplace that they started popping up in real life, all around me, my boss, my best friends wife, my neighbours kid.Then Hollywood solved… Read More ›


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